Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TF Linkfest - Hoodies, Pinball, and Posters

This edition of TF Linkfest is an interesting hodge podge of Transformers stuff. We have hoddies, new poster art, "cheaper" pinball machine, and custom TF art. New (currently) Takara only toys have been announced along with galleries for the next Masterpiece toy. Last but not least is video reviews for not Reflector, TF Prime Ultra Magnus, TRU Exclusive MP Prime, Gaia Unicron, not Brawn and not Cosmos.

Optimus Prime and Grimlock Hoodies
Now available from 80s Tees is two unique hoodies that could double as an easy Halloween costume. Grimlock is currently sold out but Optimus Prime is available. They cost $60 each.

Custom Hercules
Hit the link for a gallery of images for a custom version of the 3rd party Hercules figure with a whole new and very sweet paint job.

FoC SDCC and Retail Combaticons Comparison
At the link is a gallery that compares the retail version of the Fall of Cybertron Combaticons with their SDCC exclusive version. So far I have not seen the retail version on store shelves but assume be out by Christmas.

MP-12 Sideswipe Official Images
Hit the link for Takara's official images for MP-12 Lambor/Sideswipe that should be released in the next few weeks for average import price of $90. The lower cost is due to smaller size of figure compared to MP-10 Optimus Prime as the MP will attempt to have the characters in scale to each other. Another gallery with MP-10 Prime is here.

Acid-Free Gallery TF Art
This is an example of a Transformers poster created by Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo for the New York Comic-Con being held from October 11th to 14th. It is one of several Hasbro related prints that will be sold by Acid-Free Gallery at the con for $65 and limited to 150 signed and numbered copies. Four TF prints and two GI Joe prints are viewable at the link above.

Stern Transformers Pin Pinball Machine
Stern Pinball has revealed a new edition of their Transformers line of pinball machines that is priced at a somewhat more affordable price of $3000. The previous edition was around $5000. "The easily assembled TRANSFORMERS™ Pin™ is built to last and engineered with genuine Stern commercial-quality parts including flippers, slingshots, pop bumpers, tempered playfield glass, and the traditional pinball plunger. The playfield is housed in a stylish cabinet with modern, high definition artwork. The all-LED playfield lighting provides optimal color and performance." You can preorder it at Amazon. If you do make sure to use link so site gets credit for the purchase.

Generations Gift Set
Hit the link for a gallery of images for Transformers Generations Ultimate Gift Set that was spotted in Singapore and may appear stateside (but unconfirmed). The set is a G2 repaint of Generations Optimus Prime and Jazz with Legends class Thundercracker and Motorbreath (aka Motormaster, guess Hasbro lost the license to the name).

New Takara Encore and Masterpiece TFs Announced
New images have revealed new toys from Takara. Encore G1 Devastator with Anime (cartoon) accurate colors is the third or fourth release of this mold in the last 10 years but a first in this color scheme. The import cost is $135 for January 2013 release date. Encore Fortress Maximus is the big daddy of all TFs as the largest and most expensive TF Hasbro had ever released (excluding Masterpiece line cost). At the time he was $100 to buy (unheard of for a Transformer) and now would set you back $1000 or more depending to get the original. The sticker sheet alone was the size of the nearly two foot tall, 1.5 foot tall box. The "early release" date is March 2013 for $400 or get the April release for $350 so still very expensive get and debatable if worth it (I say this owning an original). This mold has been released before but in a blue and red Korean edition, this is the first re-release in its original colors with the sword (something the Hasbro version did not have in the 80s). In addition MP-15 Rumble & Ravage and MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw are coming in March 2013 for $60 each set of two. They are redesigned G1 TF cassettes to go with the Masterpiece Sound wave that should be out by the end of the year. In the repaint department, the MP Optimus Prime 2.0 mold is getting another release in March 2013 with the Black Convoy look (black and grey paint scheme) but minus the trailer so the cost is $160. So basically a bunch of very expensive G1 stuff coming next year. Hit the link to get a look at all the new stuff.

TFC Photron Video Review
This is a review of not Reflector, the latest toy from 3rd party maker TFC Toys based on the mail order G1 Reflector from 1984. This toy is a unique reverse combiner as the 3 robots that combine into a camera. The average retail price is $125 and should be out by end of October. A gallery of the toy is here.

TF Prime Ultra Magnus Video Review
Review of the Voyager Ultra Magnus as part of the Transformers Prime storyline. The figure is online, so far have not seen it at toy stores. This is a new mold, not a repaint of Optimus Prime. Not sure but this just might be the first TF Prime voyager class worth considering buying.

Mastermind Creations Knight Morpher Video Review
This is actually a toy that has been out for years (with various repaints) but don't think posted a review of it. It’s the first Mastermind Creations toy based on the Hearts of Steel comic book and may inform on if worth it to get others in their line (especially since they cost a lot). I liked it and don't regret the purchase.

iGear Hench and UFO Video Review
Another video review of third party TFs this time for Hench (not Brawn) and UFO (not Cosmos). This is part of iGear's Mini Warrior line that will be re-creating all the smaller G1 Transformers but at a larger scale, more detail and greater articulation. The cost of each is $35 and available now.

TF Prime Gaia Unicron Video Review
This is a video review of a so far Japan exclusive Transformers Prime toy. This toy is so strange that I would be very surprised is Hasbro brings it over. The robot mode is a Unicron homage while its alt mode is just the face of Unicron or he can act as a cape for TF Prime Voyager class Megatron and Optimus Prime.

Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime
Out now at Toys R Us (I found it at one, empty spots for it at two others) is their Masterpiece Optimus Prime based on the 2.0 mold that Takara released last year. Below is a video review that compares the two versions. Considering the Takara version costs $250 and the TRU version is $100, definitely a deal. I do highly recommend this toy as to me it is simply the best Transformer made so far with cartoon accurate alt mode, great looking robot mode with a fun and satisfying transformation sequence that isn't too complicated so kids can enjoy it too. Based on previous experience, getting hold of the Masterpiece exclusives can be difficult with them sometimes popping up on shelves off and on for months (MP Rodimus) and sometimes see it once and never again (MP Grimlock) so if getting as a Christmas gift might have to consider getting it now and store later (being aware that it could bite you in the rear on return policy if duplicate gift or whatever).


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