Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Duck Meat Snack and More Part of Transformers 4 Chinese Product Placement

A news report (below) indicates that the very heavy Chinese specific product placement planned for Transformers: Age of Extinction will include at least water, car and duck meat snack along with more unspecified products. The heavy product placement was assumed for a while now, especially after the co-finance deal, E-Jet vehicle and more that we have learned about over the last year or so. The co-finance deal and product placement is partly to increase the films profitability but also part of Paramount's efforts to get in the good graces of the Chinese government as Hollywood is desperate to increase their presence in the country and current law make that difficult with foreign film quotas and limited number of days a non-Chinese film can be shown in theaters. As pointed out by io9.com, Transformers: Dark of the Moon also had its share of Chinese brand product placements that probably was missed by most audiences that included a plug for Lenovo computers, t-shirts and milk. I would not be surprised if every shirt, car and billboard seen in the film for Chinese set portions of the story are all pre-approved and purchased advertising for the film. At the very least it will be interesting to see if it is handled well or not.


  1. I just read somewhere that in Australia their Imax tickets are coming out on may 29th 10am. Is that true????

    1. I am from Melbourne, Australia, IMAX (Melbourne) tickets will be able to the general public tomorrow (29th May at 12pm).

      Just to tease you people, I have already got my tickets and I am watching it next week!!!! HAHAHAHA!!

    2. able ----> available** (corrected before the grammar police arrive!!)

    3. http://www.imaxmelbourne.com.au/movie/transformers_age_of_extinction_3d

  2. Woah woah woah i thought the admin would alert us on things like imax tickets coming out, like thats kind of a big deal!


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