Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beijing Pangu and Paramount Work Out Disagreement

After a pretty strongly worded message (for corporations) from Beijing Pangu Investment Company demanding that all property and references to their Pangu Plaza Hotel be removed from Transformers: Age of Extinction, they have now announced that all is well. “After friendly consultations, the two sides have achieved mutual trust, and reached an understanding,” Pangu said in a statement.

The sudden about face means that Paramount either paid the company to go away as cheaper to avoid a legal dust-up in China less then a week before the movie's release or Pangu was leaned on by the Chinese government to make this go away. After all the country had invested a lot of time and money behind the cooperation agreement with Paramount over TF4 and doub they take kindly to anything that might disrupt current and potential future arrangements with Hollywood jeopardized. Oddly enough, not sure which possibility is more likely.

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