Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transformers 4 To Break China Box Office Records

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it looks like Transformers: Age of Extinction is poised to unseat Avatar for most successful movie in China. Avatar made $221.9 million and the "industry people" are estimating the movie could land in the $240 million range before it leaves Chinese theaters. The likely factors that could lead to a new record holder in the country is an additional 10,000 screens added to the country since Dark of the Moon was released with its $177.9 million take in the country. In addition the cooperation agreement that lead to China locations featuring strong in the story along with popular China film stars Li Bingbing and Han Geng can only help.

More help is some of the theater chains in the country plan on having 50% or more of their screens dedicated to the movie. Box office success in China is a major component of Paramount's worldwide plan for the movie and part of their overall plan to be able to release more and more films in the country which has a limit on what non-China based films can be shown in the country unless they meet certain requirements such as being set in the country, using actors from the country and portraying the country in a positive light. Requirements Age of Extinction met and so avoided the foreign film limit. The movie premieres in China on June 27th just like it does in many (non-FIFA oriented) countries around the world.

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