Sunday, July 06, 2014

Steve Jablonsky Video Interview, Full Score Available Now

The full score for Transformers: Age of Extinction The Score album is available now on iTunes, Amazon and probably your other favorite digital download retailers. There is also a separate release that has 4 tracks the main score release does not have (Amazon, iTunes). Below is the full track list for both. In addition, below is a video interview with movie composer Steve Jablonsky as he discusses his motivation behind the music. Thanks to Feris O. for the link.

Transformers: AOE Score
1) Decision
2) Best Thing That Ever Happened
3) I'm an Autobot
4) Optimus Is Alive
5) Cemetery Wind
6) His Name Is Shane and He Drives
7) Hacking the Drone
8) Transformium
9) Galvatron Is Online
10) Your Creators Want You Back
11) The Final Knight
12) Punch Hold Slide Repeat
13) The Presence of Megatron
14) Galvatron Is Active
15) Have Faith Prime
16) Hong Kong Chase
17) The Legend Exists
18) Dinobot Charge
19) That’s a Big Magnet
20) Drive Backwards
21) Honor to the End
22) Leave Planet Earth Alone
23) The Knight Ship

Transformers: AOE Score EP
1) Hunted
2) Tessa
3) Autobots Reunite
4) Lockdown



  2. when I saw the movie I thought the score was pretty weak, however listening to it here I realize it's a lot better than I thought.

  3. Score was very weak in my mind, nothing much memorable except 'Autobots reunite' - nothing special like 'Sam On The Roof', 'Scorponok', 'Sentinel Prime', 'You're a soldier now', 'N.E.S.T' or 'Arrival to Earth'

    1. yes, the score from the first movie is untouchable...


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