Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Transformers One Prequel In Works?

Deadline is reporting that two more writers have joined the Transformers Writers Room and their task may be to write a prequel movie set on Cybertron. Ant-Man writers Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari have been tapped to potentially write the movie for "Transformers One" that will act as a prequel to the Transformers franchise. It might be an animated movie but to start it will be written with the goal of live action. The cost to produce will likely be the determining factor since it will be a CGI movie. There is no additional information about the story or the plans but it seems that Hasbro and Paramount is so heavily invested in the Michael Bay movie version of Transformers I doubt whatever is developed will have little to do with the "official" canon that Hasbro has developed for their video game and comic book properties.

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