Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Now A Baker's Dozen for TF Writers Room

Yet another has joined the Transformers Writers Room as Daredevil and Spartacus writer/showrunner Steven DeKnight has joined the Transformers Writers Room which convened its first meeting today. The purpose of the 13 writers is to hammer out a Transformers Cinematic Universe based on the various story treatments they develop and get approved to become scripts if approved by Paramount, Hasbro, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and a few others. To early to say if this approach pay dividends. In my opinion, as long as Michael Bay continues to be the primary guiding hand behind the current look and feel of Transformers I just don't see how the franchise can evolve no matter how good the scripts might turn out to be.


  1. Hater's silence this is good i think :)

    1. In addition Bay goes Box Office bigger and bigger every time :) Another silence ;)

  2. I think it's mostly that since shooting isn't going on people aren't as active. Trust me as soon as shooting starts people will start bashing without even having a clue.

    I'm not bashing when I say this. I did really like all four Transformers movies. The fourth was a bit too long and like many wasn't a fan of Optimus saying "I'll kill you" but I do disagree with the blogger. They arent' really Michael Bay's fault. While he does have some say so in it,he can't very well grab the approved studio script and say "Well,I don't like it so toss it" He has to work within what he is given. You have to keep in mind that the studio is all about the money and as long as the Transformers brand is grossing big money they aren't as interested in changing the formula. However,now we do have something different in the form of several brand new writers. Writers such as Kirkman,are interested in telling a story. So here's hoping for an even better movie than the last one's.


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