Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Two More Writers Join Transformers Writer's Room

Two more writers have joined the Transformers Cinematic Universe writer's room. Christina Hodson and Lindsey Beer have signed on to help create the future of the movie franchise and probably write a script for one of the movies. From what I can tell neither writer has a released movie script out there to compare against but both have several movies in the pipeline. Hodson is currently writing a remake of The Fugitive and apparently 3 of her scripts were on Hollywood's Black List. The Black List is a rather odd honor that basically points to some of the best scripts of the year that for various reasons (budget, politics, whatever) didn't get made into a movie. As for Beer, she is writing the remake of Short Circuit and The Wizard of Oz. These two will join already attached writer's room members Akiva Goldsman, Robert Kirkman, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Andrew Barrer, Gabriel Ferrari, Zak Penn, and Jeff Pinkner.

Exactly what part they will play in the brain trust is not revealed. Based on Wonder Woman, Ms Marvel and few other movies Hollywood has developed this odd thinking that if a summer tent pole movie features female characters it should be written and/or directed by a female (as opposed to just choosing females because they are best fit for the project regardless of the sex of the characters it is focused on). This makes me think that a female 'bots movie might be on the agenda for the TFCU. If they maintain Bay's very loose movie continuity that means the main ones we are familiar with, Arcee & Chromia, died in Revenge of the Fallen so Windblade is a likely candidate.


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