Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Mark Ryan Comments His Movie Characters, Transformers 5

Actor Mark Ryan recently spoke with TFW2005 member Olivus Prime about two of his recent voices at the Wings and Wheels show in the UK. The voice of Bumblebee, Jetfire, and Lockdown commented on two of his roles and mentioned that TF5 is likely to start up next year with Mark Wahlberg and company expected to return.
Jetfire – Apparently he based this performance upon his friend Ray Winstone. When Winstone saw the film, he called Mark and said he owed him a beer.

Lockdown – Mark talked about the improvisation he’s allowed to do on set, and Lockdown was a case in point of this. Before shooting, Mark was pondering how to approach the character, when he saw a Jaguar advert in his hotel room that acted as inspiration for the voice. Apparently when he then used it in the dock scene when Ratchet is killed, his voice echoed around the docks (sounding like “the voice of God”!) and everyone was in awe. His facial expressions were also a big influence upon the character, especially in the “You think you were born” scene.

Upcoming sequels – I don’t really follow this much so I don’t know if this is new, but he said filming for TF5 ought to start next year and that the films will follow two directions now, one of which focuses upon Cade and co.
My guess is the other direction is Optimus Prime in space but a lot of that will probably depend on what Michael Bay wants to do (assumming he chooses to not direct) and what the Writers Brain Trust came up but to hit Paramount's goal of a summer 2017 release the film would have to start principle photography by summer of 2016.

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