Friday, February 19, 2016

Transformers 5 Casting Call, Filming In Detroit and London

Transformers 5 is starting to rev up its engines to begin principle photography. With it comes news about possible filming locations and that means calls for extras. CBS Detroit (via TFW2005) is reporting that Transformers 5 (using code E75, where TF4 was E74, TF3 was E73, etc) has started its extra search in Detroit. The plan apparently is to start filming in London, England around June 2016 and also in Detroit.

It seems a bit early to start looking for extras and crew if Detroit is after England so suspect the shooting schedule is still being ironed out. Filming in England doesn't come as much of a surprise as the country offers tax breaks for movies (they almost snagged The Hobbit films with those breaks until New Zealand passed a 11th hour sweetheart deal) and is also a reason the Marvel movies (and Walking Dead) have been filming in south Georgia (which actually is a bit of surprise Paramount isn't pushing to film there for additional tax refunds). Any case if in the Detroit area click here to find out about auditioning for the movie and here if want to try to join the movie crew. There is also a rumor TF5 may film some in Iceland but no confirmation.


  1. Hey, do you have a link for London? There was a deal years ago with Tmobile here in england to win a chance to be in TF2 but i couldnt enter it at that time, gutted! but i definitely can now, so a link would be amazing



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