Saturday, May 28, 2016

Josh Duhamel Talks Joining Transformers 5

In two new interviews, Transformers: The Last Knight actor Josh Duhamel comments on joining the cast. With the AP (video below thanks to Feris O.) he comments on how his experience on a Michael Bay set makes a difference. Over at the the actor has signed on as spokesperson for GMC's Building for America's Bravest armed services charity.
Mr. Duhamel was stationed to film his scenes 70 miles outside of Los Angeles in El Mirage, California. “I had never been there and it’s a trip,” he said of the far flung locale. “It’s this giant, flat lakebed with 40 MPH winds that didn’t stop all day, but Michael [Bay]’s set is unlike any other set. He has all of the gadgets and the coolest stuff, and the energy of that set is just really – well, it’s a spectacle, and it’s really changed my career. It’s helped me to pursue other little creative things. I love the big Transformer movies, but I also love these passion projects.”

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