Monday, June 20, 2016

Transformers 5 Finished in Arizona, Now in Detroit

As of Saturday, Transformers: The Last Knight completed filming in Arizona and as of today is now in Detroit for the next eight weeks. Mark Wahlberg posted a goodbye video to Arizona while a fan posted more pics of some of the Delta vehicles and Hound as they were likely getting prepped to either ship to Detroit or tossed. The full set at Seibertron.

With filming in Detroit we have some new images of a potential set and a perimeter that was set for filming thanks to @treinman. The main bit of new information comes from an Transformers_Contributions instagram which shows that the Decepticon drones last seen in Dark of the Moon make an appearance in the film maybe in action, possibly as set dressing of invasion debris since parts of that movie's fight sequences were filmed in Detroit despite the invasion being set in Chicago. (links via TFormers)

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