Monday, August 01, 2016

New Transformers: The Last Knight Poster

From the Transformers UK twitter account we have a good look at the New York billboard for Transformers: The Last Knight. It appears in the top left is a portion of Cybertron while in the bottom right is an Earth city (Chicago?) while Prime takes his sword against a three headed enemy. Maybe a single dragon-ish thing but now can see the details it looks like it either very skeletal or reminds me of the swarm ships from Star Trek Beyond where a huge volume of smaller enemies come together to form a shape. Also of note is the space station and Decepticon-like logo flag. Thanks to Feris O. for the link.


  1. Doesn't the image under Optimus's arm look like an underwater shot....a ship broken in half with a sub diving down with head lights coming out of it?

  2. WOW! the poster looks great.. Is that a 3 headed hydra? Waiting for the movie..

  3. A predacon maybe? Or a terrorcon?


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