Friday, September 16, 2016

Hopkins, Wahlberg Hang on TF5 Castle Set

While there is little real news on the Transformers: The Last Knight front since Bay has successfully lowered an Abrams-like cone of silence on his production, we can at least confirm that Sir Anthony Hopkins does have a human role in the film and apparently it comes in the back half of the film is the much worse for wear look of Mark Wahlberg is any indication.

The pictures were shot at the castle grounds of Alnwick Castle in Northumbria, UK which included some of the usual Bayhem explosions filmed in part with a drone. Based on Hopkins' costume, I am betting he is playing someone who is an expert on Arthurian legend, sucked into helping Walhberg and company track down the film's McGuffin. The full gallery of the two hanging out on set can be found here. Thanks to Wynton Ray for the link.


  1. I predict Anthony Hopkins is playing a history buff, a Museum Curator, OR an MI6 Agent. Maybe Laura Haddock is the MI6 Agent and Anthony Hopkins is her right-hand Man. . .

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