Thursday, April 06, 2017

Bay Confirms 14 Transformers Movie Stories, Direct Spinoff

We knew that last year's Transformers Writer's Room was considered productive but apparently we had no clue as to how productive. In a new interview from Michael Bay while at CinemaCon, he confirmed to MTV (video below) that "There are 14 stories written. And there's good stuff. So. I would like to do one of them though. It's a Transformers spinoff." He also said that Transformers: The Last Knight contains "Easter eggs for different things to come." In regards to the Bumblebee movie it would skew younger and would take place "earlier" but didn't specify if this means before all the movies or one of them.

Now this does not mean 14 scripts that are movie ready, it just means that 14 outlined story ideas that have the potential to be turned into complete scripts for future movies. Slashfilm put together what they though some of those ideas might be based on previous interviews. They included The Last Knight in the 14 story total. There are the already announced sequel/spinoff plans of the Bumblebee movie (2018), Transformers 6 (2019), Transformers 7 (2021), and Transformers 8 (2023) and Transformers One animated origin film. An an R-rated Bumblebee movie was mentioned by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura which he described as "would be really fun. Very Quentin [Tarantino]" which Hasbro would never allow to be made but could still count in the 14 total. First I had heard but the site said di Bonaventura has also once hinted at a Roman times set Transformers movie. Still the goal for Paramount and Hasbro is to try to have a Transformers film per year for the next 8 years so it seems the writer's room locked down enough main story and spin-off ideas to at least achieve that goal in script form even if a few of those ideas never make it to the scripting stage. Thanks to Feris O. for the link.

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