Friday, June 16, 2017

Roll Call TV Spot, Movie Stills and World Premiere Images

A new TV spot does a roll call of the main Transformers in the Transformers: The Last Knight that includes some new scene snippets for each. As for the movie, we now have an official length thanks to British Board of Film Classifications (via TFW2005) 148m 53s (2h, 28m, 53s) which previous reports pretty much nailed. However China is going to get 2 extra minutes with a running time of 150 minutes (2h, 30m). Its unclear if that means additional scenes or just long credits.

If you like movie still images, has posted several which are also mirrored on his Flickr account. You can also find his gallery from the World Premiere screening held in Guangzhou, China on June 13. Between investors and box office, China plays a huge part in Paramount's plan to score another $1 billion box office on the Transformers franchise.

A final note, the folks at i09 tried to make sense of Transformers history on Earth based on the four films and released hints for The Last Knight. The result is accurate to my knowledge but does highlight that they definitely did not have a continuity in mind.

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