Friday, July 21, 2017

Titans Return Cartoon Adds Cullen, Nelson, and Others

I pretty much forgot this existed but Variety is reporting that Hasbro has hired new casters members for Transformers: Titans Return. Machinima is reporting that the first series generated 135 million views (curious how that breaks down by region and platform). The plan is for 10 episodes of around 11 minutes each (so almost triple in length of first season) for Titans Return. I didn't put it together until Kotaku put it together but Machinma cast "Youtube Influencers" to help drive traffic to the first season and continuing that for the second. For the not mid-20s and under crowd these are sorta famous people within the niche that is YouTube. Very useful for driving traffic to other online videos, probably would accomplish nothing if trying to drive traffic for typical Hollywood movies or TV series.

- Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime
- Judd Nelson - Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime (yep same guy that voiced Hot Rod in 1986 animated movie)
- Nolan North - Metroplex (done a ton of video game voices)
- Wil Wheaton - Perceptor (guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation)
- Jason David Frank - Emissary (yep one of the original Power Rangers)

YouTube "influencer" cast:
- MatPat (COMPUTRON): YouTube influencer and creator of the web series Game Theorist, Film Theorist, GT Live and MatPat’s Game Lab.
- DashieGames (MENASOR): Popular YouTube gamer with more than 6 million subscribers.
- Rob Dyke (DEVASTATOR): YouTube influencer best known for Seriously Strange.
- Tay Zonday (CHORUS OF THE PRIMES): Viral and award winning YouTube sensation known for his ‘Chocolate Rain’ video
- Abby Trott (WINDBLADE): Voice over actress with credits including video games Halo Wars 2 and Killer Instinct
- Lana McKissack (MISTRESS OF FLAME): An actor and YouTube vlogger
- Frank Todaro (STARSCREAM): Voice over actor with credits including video game franchise LittleBigPlanet
- Jason Marnocha (MEGATRON) Actor from Bat In the Sun’s popular YouTube series Super Power Beat Down

The series will premiere in November on

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