Sunday, July 23, 2017

Transformers at SDCC 2017

Hasbro kept most of their cards close as they are prepping for Hascon in September 2017 but they did show off a little bit of new stuff while at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con this weekend. Not really a whole lot of news. IDW briefly mentioned that they are working Transformers: Unicron comic for 2018 release. That is it. No artwork, no details on story, setting (movie-verse? comic-verse?), creative team or even if mini-series or ongoing. Just the tease. Maybe more will be revealed at Hascon. Sideshow Collectibles showed off Beast Wars Megatron that looks freaking awesome but if priced like other Prime 1 statues is in the $900+ price range. As for toys, hit the links below for videos and images to learn about Power of the Primes. Since its Comic-Con, also check out the video below of a fantastic cosplay of G1 Megatron.

The followup to Titans Return will be called Power of the Primes. This one is focused on the godlike power of the Primes including different matrixes and use of armor to increase the bulk or change a character. For example Hot Rod becomes Rodimus Prime by folding him into his trailer. Its a gimmick that 3rd party makers have been using for a while. The line is best explained in the video below. When done well it can be pretty cool even if seems slightly parts-forming. There are a still a few Transformers 5 toys to come like Cogman, Nitro and another Bumblebee but the overall impression seems to be that Hasbro is already moving on from the movie line (personally I can barely find new Transformers toys in stores as it is).

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