Monday, September 24, 2018

New Bumblebee US and International Trailers With New Footage, More Cybertron (Updated)

Here is the latest trailer for Bumblebee that shows off new footage including hints at more action from Cybertron (with appearance of Shockwave) that does include the footage from the teasers released yesterday. After that is a very short international TV spot that teases the origin of 'Bee VW alt mode. Thanks to Feris O. for the link. While the movie is clearly set in the Bay-verse of Transformers movies, it is also clear that Generation One is the key source for the design decisions such as the seekers transforming into triangle shaped jets which is directly from the very first episode of the cartoon series back in 1984. What do you think of the new footage?

Update Turns out the brief TV spot is from the international trailer (3rd vid below) for Bumblebee that includes even more new footage. Here are links to screencaps - US: TFW2005, TFormers | International: TFW2005


  1. Was about to send you link for international trailer. Lol. Looks really good.

  2. The third trailer is fantastic.

    I'll bet one of the opening scenes is Blitzwing and Bee fighting, leading to the dropping from the cliff, leading to the memory loss, leading to our new main character finding Bee.

  3. This is how Transformers was supposed to look and feel like Bay.

    I just hope the movie is going to be as good as I think it will be.


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