Monday, September 23, 2019

Haslab Unicron Poster Video, EU Purchase Site

The quest to get Haslab Unicron over its minimum order limit continues. As of this writing it sits at 71% towards its funding goal of 8000. In an attempt to assist with that goal, Hasbro and Kapow Toys are working together to make the figure available for the UK/EU market. The price there is 605 pounds. The price is high but when consider that the just released Masterpiece Optimus Prime v3 is $450, suddenly its $575 price tag isn't as unreasonable by comparison. I am still on fence about both cause the price is hard to get past. However with its October 6th end date fast approaching, decision time is coming. Below is also a video that shows the making of the Unicron poster. If interesting in purchasing Unicron, here are the official purchase sites:

USA - Hasbro Pulse | Japan - TakaraTomy Mall | EU/UK - Kapow Toys

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