Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2 First Five Days: $390.4 Worldwide (Updated)

Update: The final numbers are in and the estimates were close enough that Transformers 2 will fall short of defeating The Dark Knight's five day record. The domestic gross total dipped a touch from $201.2M to $200.1M. The five day international gross for the film is actually $166.1 million but once include the previous weekend gross from early opening in UK and Japan the total international take in the first week is $190.3. It seems to me that as a result the five day total is actually inflated by $24.1M as the $390.4 million is actually the worldwide total of the first full week of release for the movie from 6/19-6/28. I forgot next weekend is a holiday in the states (Independence Day), but Ice Age 2 and Public Enemies will be out so I wouldn't be surprised if Ice Age and Transformers 2 post impressive numbers but it will be a close race for number one.

If your interested in a record tally in a way that only box office statistics (like baseball) can provide, click here for a breakdown of the various ways that Transformers 2 broke some records (depending on how you tweak the numbers).

The weekend isn't over but the number crunchers of box office statistics have released the total for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen worldwide haul as $387.3 million dollars. In the US alone the movie took in $201.2 million just a few million short of The Dark Knights $203.8 million which is the current record holder for most successful five-day and three-day opening. Internationally the movie raked in a five day total of $186.1 million. IMAX's sales for the five days were $14.4 million. All these values are still estimates with final numbers expected tomorrow.

For Sunday's numbers the US estimate is $34.6, an expected drop-off and enough to prevent it from topping Dark Knight. The three day weekend totals for the movie in the US was $112M and internationally it was $106.1M which places the movie as 7th in the weekend record list, just behind Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

For comparison to this year's other hits, Up just passed Star Trek as the top movie in the US with a gross of $250.2 (31 days in theatres) to Trek's $246.2 (52 days in theatres). I expect Transformers 2 to pass that total by Wednesday at the latest, in only 6-7 days. Worldwide Up's total is $285.5M and Trek's is $369.2M both already blown away by Transformers 2 in just a few days. Worldwide the top movie is Angels & Demons with a $461.0M total ($330.8 from overseas sales) in 45 days in theaters. Transformers will probably pass that total by Thursday.

If compare to the first Transformers, its worldwide total was $708.3 and already in just 5 days the sequel has earned 54.7% of that total. Suffice it to say May, Paramount and company are probably very happy. A third movie is a definite if there was any doubt before. As for next weekend, I expect around a 65% drop simply because those kinds of numbers are unsustainable nowadays.

Box Office Totals (in millions)

*estimate of sales, **no day to day breakdown available


  1. wow, i knew this movie would open massive, but i never expected anything like this, hopefully the estimates are slightly off and it can get the record

  2. ROTF's U.S. box office gross should be respectable next weekend since it's Independence Day weekend.

    TF2 rocks!! :)

  3. Wow, that is a great opening and nice figures there.

    I, to be honest, was a bit disappointed though :(

  4. nice numbers, i saw the movie a second time, the second time seemed a lot better for some reason

  5. I really hope hope this movie beats The Dark Knight. Even though TDK was good, it was highly overrated and did what it did only because of Heath Ledger's death.

    Here it Malta TF2 was the number one movie the whole weekend!

    Maltese Falcon

  6. All the obsessive fanboys that were saying the movie would be an utter flop purely for it's inaccuracy to G1 will probably be kicking themselves now...

  7. Although ROTF was a GREAT movie, I wouldn't say it was better than The Dark Knight or that the latter was overrated. The Dark Knight is in fact an equally GREAT movie, has a powerful story, and stars a flawed character that we can somehow relate to.

    They are both great movies that stand up by themselves and that's what counts.

    Anyway, I've seen ROTF five times now! And then I got distracted with ROTF toy shopping again. haha

  8. what about the international gross on the 26th and 27th??

  9. @ Anonymous at 2:23

    I also saw the movie for a second time yesterday, it also seemed a lot better the second time aswell

  10. @Charlo - The first TF movie was like that (for me). Second time around, it was easier to keep track of what was going on in the battles and stuff.

  11. same here Crackle.
    i left the movie a bit empty. kind of a be careful what you wish for. more robots, more explosions didn't make a better movie.

    what i missed was getting involved with the robots, really wish they had more genuine talking points. depth.

  12. It's official, 200 Million domestic in 5 Days, ROTF made 33 Million on Sunday, but the Worldwide numbers were estimated a little too low!!!

    The worldwide take through Sunday is $390.4 Million

  13. today i saw it the second time and i taked my toy (prime) with me to see himself and hoe much he is hero :)

    tomorrow willbe the third cause my little brother and sister want to see it and i promise them to take them

    this is my best movie ever , i love optimus
    and thanks BAY million times (;

  14. Doesn't surprise me. A lot of hype went into this movie. I was very disappointed with the movie. Loved the first one though.

    Hopefully more effort and time will be giving to the 3rd TF movie.

  15. Hey, I just wanted to give a big thanks to the site admin. You've done an amazing job over the last year or so. I know that everyone who visits feels the same, but I just thought I'd take the time to say it.

  16. @ AD

    maaaaan, I want to do that (and take Bumblebee too!) but I'm afraid I'd look weird. I mean, what's a 16-year-old girl got to do with a transformers toy? I'm already afraid the staff will eventually start recognizing me... I've seen the movie 3 times in 5 days and will go see it many many many more times.

  17. That is absolutely amazing. I cant wait to see much it makes over a years time.

  18. Love TF.. i watched the movie 2nd time too..and want to watch it again..:)


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