Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rosie Huntington-Whitely Joins Transformers 3 (Updated)

After a week of rumors, is reporting that Rosie Huntington-Whitely has been cast as Megan Fox's replacement in Transformers 3. This wouldn't be the first time she has worked with Transformers 3 director Michael Bay as he has directed her in Victoria's Secret commercials. Their source says "Rosie started training for the Transformers role already. She’s working hard."

It remains unknown exactly how much screen time she will have since the script is being adjusted to account for the change in circumstances and character. Training does indicate she will be involved in stunt work which indicates at least a supporting role much like Sam's parents but potentially larger. It also explains why she was added to the movies' insurance policy. Thanks to Brian for the link.

Update: Still nothing official from Paramount but Access Hollywood is now also confirming the story. Considering their tight relationship with the studios, this is nearly official confirmation.


  1. i knew it all along, told you it was gonna be her...i would have preferred olivia munn though :(

  2. OLIVIA MUNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yup..but hey she is hot..i just can't wait for the movie and gotta wait for the trailer ufff long way to go

  4. an unconfirmed source has said that the next movie installment will be entitled
    Transformers: Day of Reckoning

    sounds interesting!!

  5. Transformers: Day of Reckoning hmm... pretty cool...

    I hope bay doesn't put Unicron in the movie.. I mean I do?! but don't hes a series all in himself! hell why not? TF4 - 6 The tails of unicron hehe!

  6. This is a horrible picture of her. I thought "Oh sh!t, she looks like a horse."

    Google taught me better, but still, why this picture? lol

  7. Mr. Ed: Hello Wilbur!!!!!

  8. Mr. Ed: Hello Wilbur!!!!!!!!

  9. OK To Rosie (Carly), Glad Megan's Gone!
    Several Hundred Who Attend Conventions
    (SDCC, SciFi, StarTrek, BotCon...etc)
    And Most Of Them, Even Ms.Ward (Baroness/Screamers)
    Agrees That The Fembots/Omnicons Were Great In ROTF And That Most Bots (Soundwave, Sideswipe, Fems, Volt/Jolt And A Few Others Needed More To Say! But To Top It Off We ALL Agree That By Putting Rodimus In There Without UNICRON Is Just Dumb! Remember G1 Season 3, NO UNICRON--Just His Head! Everytime UNICRON Was Put Into A Crappy TF-Show, He Made Ratings GOLD Out Of Shows Filled w/Coal! All I'm Saying Is Yin/Yang, If There's No New Evil, There Should Be No New Good! And If CYBERTRON Turned Into PRIMUS And Fought UNICRON
    Torwards The End...WOW---GREATEST TF MOVIE EVER!

  10. Why not choose an actual actress!!! Shes a model not an actress and never acted before and you want her to be a lead in a movie? Wow Bay stop thinking with his dick!

  11. Transformers3 is going to flop or bomb at boxoffice. Without Megan Fox and with characters and plot continuity broken the franchise is dead.

  12. I hope she can act better than Foxy..

  13. This bitch..will not be Carlly....

    horrible choice ....

  14. People just hope she can act better than Fox, but like optimus always says, "There's more to them than meets the eye"

  15. I would've also like to seen Olivia Munn get the part shes cute, funny and energetic BUT she works on G4TV's Attack of the Show and they TRASHED TF2 and Michael Bay so their is no way he would picked her!

  16. Anonymous aka Star

    I think Megan and the director need to workout their differences, for the sake of the franchise. Besides, if you must replace Megan, at least hire a real actress. Someone with experience with live action movies. If anyone should replace Megan, it should be AnnaLynne Mccord. She was great in Transporter 2, CSI Miami, and American Heiress.

  17. I really think this will affect the attendance, I know I won't be seeing this movie. I really enjoyed going to the midnight movies. Way to go Bay! ! !

  18. it will for sure effect my attendance, TF1 I saw 4 times in the theaters, TF2 I actually traveled to another big city to see it on IMAX and I saw that twice. Being a huge TF fan I will still have to watch TF3 even though I'm sad Megan isn't in it, but I think I will only end up watching it once.

  19. wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'am reading now that ROSIE WILL BE MIKAELA..


  20. Finally, that is clear now :)

    She will get a difficult job to at least even Megan's performance in 2....

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Is The New Megan Fox ­ In ‘Transformers 3 That Is! The Victoria’s Secret model is taking over as Shia LaBeouf’s love interest ­ and her character may even be related to Megan’s butt-kicking student Mikaela Banes!

  22. So the topmodel is going to play a Mikaela Banes relative...
    Transformers3 is going to be a big failure. What a dumb rushed script rewriting.

  23. transformers 2 is the most retarded movie ever, maybe not the worst but as far as dumb movies go revenge of the fallen has downsyndrome. I couldnt care if transformers 3 only makes $1 at the box office as long as its good. People didnt even know megan fox when the first movie came out yet it made £700,000,000 worldwide, if megan fox is really selling all those tickets then why havent her other movies been huge box office hits? because theyre not about transformers. People watch transformers because of transformers not because of some whore.

  24. @"Anonymous 5/28/2010 3:09 PM"--Little kids watch Transformers just for CGI robots, adults, horny male teenagers and the majority of the general pubblic that made it a huge success accepted the movies mainly thanks to the Sam&Mikaela soulmates romance and Megan Fox.
    You and others on forums claiming that other movies with Megan Fox flopped are really silly, indeed. Those other movies didn't have Sam&Mikaela and weren't Transformers... you can't compare low budget movies to an high budget one.
    Transformers2 had flaws due to missing scenes caused by writers strike and on/off set accidents but it's far from a bad movie, instead it's quite good.. it could have been perfect if they didn't have production issues.
    This time they didn't have any production issues and Michael Bay created a devastating one by firing the lead female actress Megan Fox that he created and promoted as a sex symbol and he gave her the key role of Mikaela Banes.
    This is why Transformers3 is going to flop, because you can't change a winning loved formula all of a sudden like this, it's just unprofessional and retarded.
    Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Paramount screwed it up completely this time like a bunch of amateurish business men wannabe.

  25. Martinus Prime5/28/2010 3:29 PM

    A lot of you here can't read, it says nowhere in the article that she will play Sam's new love interest. She could very well play someone or something like Isabel Lucas played.

    Bunch of winers, if Megan isn't in it, TF will fail?? It's about Transforming robots, not about Megan Fox/Mikaela Banes.
    I'm also sad that she won't play her roll again in sake of the franchise en Mikaela's relationship with Sam.
    But isn't this Rosie also too Skinny????

    "Day of Reckoning" sounds awesome.

  26. "whore."

    it's your mom....

  27. Ummmm...Wasn't isabel lucas that kickass pretender that sedussed sam in his dorm room...i call that lust,
    and i would think that's pretty darn close to love?

  28. Hmmm isn't "Day of Reckoning" a WWE game???

  29. If some of the published reports are true, then it would seem Megan Dox didn't want to be apart of Transformers 3; why else would she be so skinny and pale so close to the start of production when she knows that's not the expected look of her character?
    I know it might have been awkward to recast the Mikeyla character but I believe the changing of the script to introduce a new romantic interest for Sam is all about Micheal Bay's ego. I can imagine him feeling betrayed by her insults and lack of interest in Transformers 3 because afterall, he created "Megan Fox" so now he wants to find an unknown, inexperienced actress and make her a star the same as he did with Megan Fox.

  30. @Ray: it's all bollocks about being her decision that she wanted to quit, Michael Bay fired her and every news site is reporting that actually. And it's bull her being anorexic.. all recent pictures of her just prove that she is as hot as ever, there is nothing to complain about there.. also.. Michael Bay now got a new topmodel that really looks anorexic compared to Megan Fox.. that is a really dumb thing to do...
    Transformers3 is doomed to be a big failure if Michael Bay doesn't get Megan Fox back and doesn't film the movie with the script that was written to be the final one instead of having ordered a rushed script rewriting that breaks down characters and plot continuity completely.
    These links prove that Megan Fox is not anorexic for sure:

  31. Ill put in in simple terms so you jack asses can understand why megan fox is not the alpha and omega of transformers.

    1) Transformers 1 had the highest opening ever for a non-sequel, thats before megan fox was even really famous. People went to watch it because the trailers showed amazing action scenes.
    2) Lord of the rings, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Star wars, all made shit loads of money. Why? because people wanted to see the special effects and action scenes not because of some slut OK.
    5) Megan Foxs films didnt make that much money because they werent about transformers but had her as the slutty lead.
    4) Transformers 3 is going to make at least 700,000,000 worldwide with or without her and your not going to get one cent so why do you care. If you care about box office and not entertainment go to the avatar blog.
    5) Wouldnt you rather the third film only makes one hundred million and it be the best action film ever. have awsome designed transformers, like prowl, hound, bruticus and give them good screen time as well as some other good human characters rather than make a billion and have mikela and sam play out that same half decent story again, agent simons and leo act like retards, lame ugly ass robots (twins, wheelie,).
    6) Yes some of the adult audience(you and your dad)go for the sam and mikela romance but do you think any one pays that much attention to it, its just there to pass the time between action scenes im sure they can think of a much better way to pass the time such as sam and carly or just have a decent story who knows

    Well fucking done michael bay, the first movie was awsome, story telling could have been much better at times and there could have been more action but what ever (still rapes most movies). Second one was decent, but wasnt really your fault for most of the stuff. Now you just need to get rid of agent simons, leo, that general guy (who played different parts in two films), get decent human characters, get some robots than can actually fight and not just make fun of people.

  32. @"Anonymous 5/30/2010 1:13 PM"--What are you a desperate Paramount employee trying to rip potential customers off?
    Transformers3 is going to suck simply because the heart and soul that is Sam&Mikaela is gone. The first two movies focused so much on them that only a fool would think that having Sam Witwicky with a topmodel is going to work the same.
    The first two movies weren't a success only thanks to amazing CGI and action scenes... without Megan Fox and the Sam&Mikaela romance they would have flopped badly, only a bunch of fanatics and little kids would have enjoyed the movies.
    Firing Megan Fox it's like firing Liv Tyler (Arwen) and Elijah Wood (Frodo) at the same time on Lord Of The Rings and replacing them with other characters played by some eye-candy topmodel and actor thinking that everything would work the same and no one will complain... Bay and Spielberg along with Paramount are really a bunch of fools.
    They killed the Transformers franchise. Only a fool fires his lead actress when principal photography already started and the script is ready.

  33. You realize that its a damn job! If you don't follow the rules of what they tell you then ur fired simple as that. Now I'm going to laugh at you all when the movie doesn't flop. You all are going to see it anyway.

  34. @Alpha: 1) No one knows why she got fired 2) Whatever the reason only a fool fires his main resources that are needed before having completed the product and placing the whole franchise at risk of failure 3) A $100million loss compared to the first two movies would be enough for Hasbro to consider the movie a flop, Hasbro wanted Transformers3 to reach $1billion or more boxoffice gross and now that won't happen, it will barely reach the $500-$600million at max without Megan Fox and characters and plot destroyed

  35. The images of Megan Fox on set during pre-vis/test shots posted on this blog 04-May at 7:08am show her looking thin and pale. There can be no denying that she looks nothing like the Mikeyla character in the first two films. Other photos posted here do not appear to be as recent.I wish she were going to be in this film, but that won't make it so.
    The fact is this film will get made without her. Even without the Sam & Mikeyla soul mates/love fest that some people claim to have experienced during the 1st two movies there is a chance Transformers 3 will be a very good movie. There is also a chance that even with Megan Fox as Mikeyla that Transformers 3 wouldn't be very good. The 1st two films illustrate this:Transformers was very good, ROTF not so much. And please spare me...I Know all of the reasons that apologists use to excuse the mess that ROTF was and I personally don't buy them. You can see the the same problems that ROTF had in Pearl Harbor, Armageddon and the Island. None of them were made during a writers strike were they?

  36. Alpha mad the best point...WE ARE ALL going to see Transformers 3 regardless of what happens between now and July 2011.

  37. I disagree with Ray about the posted pink bra photo. It looks recent but she looks pale and skinny. Mikeyla was tan and curvy.

  38. man will ya'll just shut the hell UP!! TF3 IS NOT GOING TO SUCK WITHOUT MEGAN FOX i mean come on!!.....................retards its named TRANSFORMERS for a damn REASON!!!

  39. Ah fuck no! She is damn ugly..ahhh, I am almost gonna throw up. Her nose is to big and her lips is too, ah fuck. No way she can replace Megan Fox, no one can!...Ah Michael Bay you need to sort out this stuff with Megan, or I wont see this movie. This is horrible and I feel ruined, this will complete destroy the movie. I certainly wont see it if she is to replace Megan..ah no..this is just..a shit...

  40. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! im tired of hearing this crap! about "oh know TF3 gunna suck without megan fox!!" ITS CALLED TRANSFORMERS FOR A DAMN REASON!!!! ITS NOT MEGAN FOX THE MOVIE FUCKTARDS!!! i know for sure the writers are gunna put a damn story reason WHY megans not there i know there not that STUPID.........but nooo!! you guys cant seem to get that through your damn skulls.....

  41. Any possibile explanation that Michael Bay will give to why Mikaela Banes disappeared, even if she gets killed on screen is going to destroy the franchise. It will be a stupid move done for a stupid reason. Firing your lead actress and ordering a script rewriting when you already started principal photography it's just dumb.

  42. At Anonymous (5/29/2010 9:54 PM)
    Hmmm isn't "Day of Reckoning" a WWE game???

    Yes It Is, And Who The Hell Cares About
    That Skanky Megan Fox...TRANSFORMERS Wuz B4
    Her, During Her And Will Stll Be Here Without Her! Heigh-Ho SILVERBOLT...AWAY!!!

  43. Megan Fox in the beach:


  44. @"Anonymous 5/31/2010 6:57 AM"---The Transformers franchise became huge thanks to the first two movies and the winning formula with Megan Fox. Changing a winning formula and pissing off viewers=customers is the way to ensure a failure.

  45. lol I don't usually comment but damn you people must be 10 or 12 years old to actually say Megan Fox being fired is going to destroy the franchise lol lol she wasn't the franchise she barely had any scenes in TF2 and the robots are the franchise you idiots not the humans they can do what they want with the human characters because the movie is about the robots...You guys are lame as they come for saying this movie will flop this movie wouldn't flop if they replaced Sam because its not about them its about OPtimus Prime and Bumblebee more than anything...and anyway Actors and Actresses are replaced all the time Terrence Howard/ Don Cheadle and Iron man still did good..These people thats saying that the franchise is destroyed aren't TF fans and they aren't fans of the movie so they shouldn't even be listened to if they are saying retarded things like that..everyones going for the special effects and the action..if u are going to see a girl you are a desperate nerd that has no life and no other women..and I must say I believe Sam should be by himself with the robots it would bring more screentime with the robots which is what everyone wants to see but those visuals cost money tho so they have to have human scenes...last let me say Megan Fox was not important to Transformers at all and why would you people want someone to play a role in a movie that she doesn't want to do..she is not going to give her best effort..I rather have a new person who is going to give a 100% then a old person who is going to half ass the role..I think this movie is going to do 800 million and if by chance it gets good reviews from the critics its going to do a billion...haha megan fox being important whats so important about her she is pretty but she didn't do anything great with her acting ..its a bunch of pretty women out there...when that trailer comes out you guys are going to forget all about megan foxx and another thing they changed the female characters in the Batman movies nobody seems to remember that huh? and The Dark Knight did better than Batman Begins

  46. Damn you guys are fucking stupid, no one gives a shit about mikela banes(apart from you and your dad). How can you compare her to frodo, maybe bumblebee and optimus are comparable to frodo but mikela hahahhahahah. Yes the human element of mikela and sam helped the movie but you could easily have 1000x better human characters its not the end of the world. And who gives a shit if it flops at the box office, star trek and district 9 are much more entertaining than transformers 2 and have critical acclaim, if you only care about box office go wank to the phantom menace or something.

    Its like you cant fucking read or something. How can transformers have been successful because of mikela if it had the highest non-sequel opening ever because of the trailers showing awsome action. Did you see the trailer and think wow i really need to see the awsome performance of megan fox?. Yes her character was good in balancing out the action in the first one but she was terrible in the second one. Why cant you just accept that they could easily think of a better character?. How about a girlfriend thats not a total slut... there we go better already.

  47. "Any possibile explanation that Michael Bay will give to why Mikaela Banes disappeared, even if she gets killed on screen is going to destroy the franchise. It will be a stupid move done for a stupid reason. Firing your lead actress and ordering a script rewriting when you already started principal photography it's just dumb."

    but no where near as dumb as having a 40 page script for a 2 1/2 hour film.
    Having offensive robots
    Having 3 female robots
    Having robots just to sell cars
    Having an old british robot
    Having the only decent looking robot say two lines for the whole film
    Having main characters from the previous film do nothing
    Having a main villain that just appears out of nowhere
    Having action scenes that have no geography or continuity or make any sence what so ever.
    Having dogs humping
    Having robots that dont transform
    Recycling robots
    Returning characters that were terrible in the first one

  48. TRANSFORMERS were HUGE from 1983-1989!!!
    Then went on a hiatus and RETURNED in the early 90's As GENERATION-2 (same episodes...REVAMPED!)
    And QUICKLY Lost Steam. Returned yet AGAIN as:
    BEAST WARS (3-FULL Seasons!) to HUGE Praise!!! Then Evolved into BEAST MACHINES and ARMADA ...and the series was slowly slipping!(featuring ONLY 13-eps per SEASON...WTF??? As this eposodic formula continued HASBRO Re-Launched the franchise with ENERGON which featured UPGRADED versions of CLASSIC G1-Characters! (SOUNDWAVE, RAVAGE, MIRAGE, INFERNO, JETFIRE, HOT SHOT, RODIMUS, ARCEE, UNICRON and OMEGA SUPREME!) And SONME even returned for the next go round called: CYBERTRON! FOX even had their own series mash-up which featured AUTOBOTS vs PREDICONS? It was kinda short-lived and was called: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE OR TF-RID (To US HARDCORE TFANS!) Yes, there were plenty OTHER shows in japan, =which were mostly in the 80's (HEADMASTERS, MASTERFORCE, VICTORY...etc!)
    Which DID feature G1-characters, But the storylines and dialog were mostly considered by MANY as laughable at BEST!

    @Anonymous (5/31/2010 1:24 PM)...
    "You said Having 3 female robots
    Returning characters that were terrible in the first one Having robots just to sell cars."

    While i AGREE with MOST of your statements/facts,
    the three above need to be dis-credited due to
    the fact that those are the PRIME staples of why the films are currently being made and funded!
    (As oppossed to why they wern't made before!)
    The fembots/omnicons were/are baced on three episodes from the second and third seasons of
    the show when it explains the GREAT WAR for CYBERTRON's freedom! (BETA and ELITA-1 are/were among the most well remembered! (Except ARCEE, who IS the most well remembered since she appeared in The ANIMATED Film AND ALL of G1-Season 3! (Plus most of the shows in japan!)
    BTW...CARLY was Ze ONLY main female in G1 (80's)

  49. I know there are female robots in the cartoon, if they actually did anything in the movie i wouldnt mind like maybe have names? but they just chased sideways for a bit then did nothing for the whole film. Every two seconds it was like Oh theres girls now, oh theres gangsters now, oh theres ones that look like cats now, oh theres ones that come from ball bearings. I dont mind them being creative but it was just like they got some downie to think of all of these things.

    I know they want to sell cars i dont mind that bumblebee, sideswipe, jazz werent thier original models but gm cars. However what was the point of jolt? how are you gonna defend fucking jolt, what a joke. Also i didnt hate skids and mudlap but couldnt we have you know... good characters?

  50. Yes, It Was VERY BADLY EDITED!!! But The Fembots DID Talk, Chromia Said: "Come with Us If You Want To See Optimus!" (Or Something Like That! (Chromia Was ONLY In 1-Episode Of G1!) I'm NOT, Nor Did I EVER Say That Jolt/Volt OR The TWINS Were Even Remotely Decent! But Mike Must Have Put Them There For A Reason...RIGHT???
    While Having Wheelie (Once An Orange Omni, Now Blue RC?) Was Understandable Since BOTH He And Jetfire Were Spychangers, But Wheelie Was Also Voiced By The Same Guy Who Voiced RATRAP In The
    Beast Wars / Beast Machines Shows! I Just Hope They Get Their Stories/Plots Straight This Time!
    (Not To Mention...CHARACTERS! I Don't Mind New Colors OR Different Car Models...But R-and-D!!!
    Bay Has Even Said That Dinobots Wern't Feasable Because It Was A Different Timeline Alltogether!
    HELLO...Muesems, Plus You Can Do A Back-History
    Like He Did In: ROTF...Such As:
    Jurrassic/Triassic/Cretaious...Period FLASHBACKS!
    Anyways...That's Just My Two-Cents On It!

  51. Yeh he put them in to sell cars. sheesh.
    1 line is no where near enough, its just stupid

  52. Ummm...I've Been AGREEING With You On That One!
    The Fembots, Sideswipe, Soundwave And Sideways
    Needed MUCH More To Say AND Screentime To Say It!
    Not To Mention When Jetfire Gave Himself So
    That Optimus Could Become Super/Wingsaber Just
    To Drop Off Jetfire's Parts Like They Were Some
    Sort Of Freakin' Bookbag...WTF??? But RAVAGE Was
    In There Just Enough And TWINS...Wayyy Too Much!

    Lets Start Off With Putting Lazerbeak In There,
    Then Visting A Natural History Mueseum And Having Flashbacks That Go Into The Territory Of Beast Wars Where Grimlock (Raptor), Swoop And Snarl Are Leaving The Preds To Join The Maximals. Then Go Back To Present Day Where
    The Fossils See Sam And Go Back To Their
    Prime Directive...Human Extermination, Leading Into The Events Of The Animated Film And Moving
    Into The Events Of Energon's UNICRON Saga, Which Has Cybertron Transforming Into Primus And Battling UNICRON Till All That's Left Is His Head. And Therefore Creating A Rift In The
    Time-Space Contineum Causing The Cration Of
    A Cosmic Space-Bridge! Which Leads Into A Mob
    Of Decepticons Taking Over Earth And Creating Global Chaos...Aka; ARMEGEDDON!!!
    (You See Where I Went With That, Bay Should Be Proud!)

  53. Im still not buying the whole Fox getting fired. I think its a misinformation campaign. There is absolutely nothing else being released about this movie.


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