Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mark Walhberg, Sqweaks at Toy Fair

In a brief interview with the Associated Press while at New York Toy Fair, Transformers: The Last Knight star Mark Wahlberg briefly commented on filming TF5 compared to TF4 and his next film plans. The main thing is probably a good look at Sqweaks in the TV behind him. Thanks to Feris O. for the link.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Toy Fair Reveals The Last Knight Toys

This past weekend the New York Toy Fair was held. Hasbro was on hand to reveal their upcoming toys from Transformers: The Last Knight along with lines for Titans Returns, Robots in Disguise and more. The revealed toys for The Last Knight includes Megatron with his Cybertronian jet alt mode, Grimlock, Hound, Scorn, Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Strafe, Slash, Slug, Sqweeks and Steelbane (dragon? alt mode). Titans Returns continues with box sets and new releases including Overlord, Topspin, Quake, Twin Twist, Seaspray, Blitzwing, Octane, and more. For Robots in Disguise Season 3 about to premiere, Hasbro showed off their combiners from the line: Glavtronus combiner (Cyclonus, Cyberwarp, Skyjack, Threadshock, Riotgear). Menasor (Dragstrip, Heatseeker, Motormaster, Slashmark, Wildbreak), and UltraBee (BUmblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Strongarm). There is also yet another release of the MP-10 Masterpiece Prime mold with an animated-ish paint scheme and Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee which looks like the one from 7 or so years ago but is a new mold and much smaller.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mini-Dinobot Player Profile Video

Apparently at some point during the Super Bowl, the Transformers: The Last Knight Facebook account ran an intro on the mini-Dinobots whose average height is around 1.5 inches tall but in the video they seem to scale to be a touch smaller then a football so not quite that small but near pocket size. Mark Wahlberg spoke of them back in September so I assume what we are seeing is a version that will appear in the movie. Thanks to Feris O. for the link.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Extended Transformers: The Last Knight Super Bowl TV Spot

As promised Friday at the end of the Transformers: The Last Knight Super Bowl TV spot, here is the extended version that is almost a minute long. Thanks to Feris O. for the heads-up.

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