Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New Unicron Video as Project Falters to Reach Goal

Hasbro has released a new video to show off the robot mode of War for Cybertron Unicron. The $575 project is sitting at around 30% of its stated goal of 8000 purchases before its September 1 at midnight deadline. As it stands, it isn't going to meet it goals unless there is a sudden surge of interest. The toy looks amazing but asking for $600 is a bridge to far for many. For comparison the average Sideshow Collectible statue is in the $550 range and they usually only manage to sell around 3000 copies of each of those (when total both versions they typically release). Of course their stuff doesn't transform and this one does. Any case if you are on the fence, it seems its time to step up if you want the largest (official) Transformer that has ever been produced. You can find the order page over at Hasbro Pulse.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Hasbro Reveals War for Cybertron Unicron, Their Largest Transformer Ever

Last week, just in time for the San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro has revealed their largest Transformer ever in the form of a newly designed Unicron. This is not the mold they have spent the last decade re-releasing over and over but a brand new design that almost could be called Masterpiece Unicron with the real effort put in to make it match the Transformers: The Movie version of the character. There is a massive caveat though. The toy is being released via Haslab at a retail price of $574.99 and requires a minimum of 8,000 orders before midnight on September 1st. As of this writing its about 21% of its goal. That is on the US side. TakraTomy is also allowing for crowdfuning orders via TakaraTomy Mall but its unclear if that campaign goes towards the 8k order or if its got its own separate goal. Below is some of the details and a video announcing the project along with its SDCC display. You can also find pictures here and here.

If wish to consider pre-ordering the 27 inch tall behemoth, head over to Haslab.

Robot Mode
- Cower in fear as you come face to face with the mighty Unicron in his intimidating robot mode, standing at over 27” tall.
- The legendary fiend moves methodically with more than 50 points of articulation.
- He sets his intimidating glare on his enemies with movable eyes.
- With his articulated fingers, he clutches the air menacingly and makes fists full of his infinite fury.
- He insults pitiful lesser beings through his articulated mouth and grins malevolently with his movable teeth.

Planet Mode
- Convert and bring forth the terrifying planet mode of Unicron, a stunning 30” in diameter.
- His iconic planet-eating jaws are geared to open so the vicious Planet Eater can devour unassuming worlds.
- The Chaos Bringer’s imposing presence is amplified by his massive posable planetary rings.
- To support the substantial weight of the approximate 19-pound villainous planet, Unicron requires a custom stand.
- Do not be fooled. The premium detail and deco are, indeed, inspired by classic 1986 movie, but it is not, in fact, The Lord of Chaos himself.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Everything Wrong With Bumblebee in 22 Minutes

Took em awhile but the CinemaSins finally got around to turning their snark onto the Bumblebee movie. The list of "sins" is quite long, maintaining their Transformers movie tradition. Its done for humor and not meant to be taken seriously as it nitpicks even details like the Alf episode chosen for the TV. Having said that, some of them are spot on so up to you to decide which are whatevers and which are plot and character holes.

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