Thursday, February 02, 2023

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Trailer Set for Super Bowl Sunday

In a little less then two weeks, we finally get another look at Transformers: Rise of the Beasts during Super Bowl LVII on December 12. The teaser trailer was released in the beginning of December but have not seen much sense. The big game will air on December 12 on Fox in the US but currently do not know when the ads will appear. At a cost of $7 million for 30 seconds, its a huge chunk of change to advertise a movie then usually 90 million Americans tend to tune into the game and even more if its a close contest.  Other movies expected to release Super Bowl trailers include Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, The Flash, Fast X, Scream IV, The Marvels (sequel to Captain Marvel), Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, and Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3. Its possible the trailer may come out before the game but generally the studios tend to think when spending that kind of money, want people to see it the game and then go online to watch it again or find a longer version.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas from Beast Wars Megatron and Primal

The now annual tradition of messages from David Kaye (Beast Wars Megatron) and Garry Chalke (Beast Wars Optimus Primal) continues. Both sing their own Beast Wars version of classic songs. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2022 to all.

Friday, December 09, 2022

Transformers: Reactivate Video Game Teaser Trailer

The Video Game Awards were held yesterday and with it came some brief Transformers video games  news. If not aware, its annual show held in December to honor the game industry. It also acts as a series of commercials for future video game releases. This time there was a teaser trailer of a new video game called Transformers: Reactivate. The game synopsis says "The gravest threat to humanity has arrived. And it’s already won. Earth is no longer ours; it belongs to them. All we have left is our hope for the Autobots, as we salvage them from the rubble left behind. Transformers: Reactivate is a 1-4 player online action game, developed by Splash Damage, coming to PC & consoles." Splash Studios is behind Gears of War 4, Batman: Arkham Origins, and many other games. A closed beta is planned for 2023.

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