Monday, June 02, 2008

Tyrese On Set Pics; Cast On Site

In addition to the shoot prep pictures that Jason sent, he also took pictures of Tyrese as he gets into costume to reprise his role of Sergeant Epps. He also reports that other major Transformers II actors (exactly who else not yet known) are in town for the shoot and staying at a local hotel about four to five miles from Bethlehem Steel.


  1. Josh Duhamel is reportedly on the site, too. We have a post on our local blog.

  2. He sure is i got his autograph... and picturee =]

    shia labeouf isnt there yet though

  3. I wish I could trade places with Tyrese for the duration of the filming. Man! Especially since he worked with the FINE, the LOVELY Megan Good!!!!


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