Monday, July 14, 2008

MTV Interview Matthew Marsden

MTV has scored the first interview with Matthew Marsden since he scored a lead role as SAS Graham in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The full interview with video is here. Thanks to Chris for the link.

The highlights:
- Avid comic book reader who collected Transformer comics (probably UK version written by Simon Furman) as a child. "I was an avid comic book reader as a kid; I used to get literally one every day. I'd get Spider-Man,' 'X-Men,' mainly all the Marvel comics, and Saturday was 'Transformers' day. ... I was a real big fan of 'Transformers,' and I went opening day to see the first [Michael Bay movie]. I loved it. I thought Shia was amazing. He's a very talented actor, and I think they did all the Transformers justice."
- His role of Graham is member of British Special Forces attached to Lennox's (Josh Duhamel) team, "there's two of us initially. And we're battling the bad guys."
- "I just try to be real," he said. "My character is not an amusing character. He's a soldier, so all the stuff that I did is very much rooted in reality and what I know from the experiences of my friends [who are in the military]. So, it's just very real and nothing ├╝ber-spectacular."
- ""We went to Pennsylvania and shot at the Bethlehem Steel Plant, which was really amazing," he recalled, discussing a moment when the soldiers battle a Decepticon. "We had this scene where it's, like, 'That's where he is!' and you have to shoot at him. 'He's going that way!' It's quite a far distance away, so we had to use a laser pointer [to stand in for the robot]. It's all fun; I love that stuff."
- So far has not met Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf since his scenes has intersected with theirs yet.
- He has not received the entire script to the film; I am assuming he has only seen the pages for the scenes related to what he is doing.
- "They're going to be bringing more Transformers in," Marsden revealed. "And there's definitely [some] in the scene that we do, different Transformers, so fans should be very excited."
- Hit it off with Michael discussing the military (both fans) and that led to the role of Graham being expanded and "I know I don't that can't be bad, can it?"


  1. wonder what other ones they will bring in mabe ultr mangues or springer

  2. Awesome stuff. Still waiting for a trailer though...

  3. i hope they bring back cliffjumper

  4. (So far has not met Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf since his scenes has intersected with theirs yet.)

    Wasn't he standing next to Shia in front of the cube in the first movie?

  5. To anonymous:

    This guy wasn't in the first movie. He's only in the 2nd movie(so far).

  6. Noticed that he said " there was two of us initially:..then he says that He knows he doesnt die....

    Does that perhaps mean Lennox does?



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