Monday, December 29, 2008

Empire Magazine Spoilers

Empire Online, to promote their magazine, posted a few pictures from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen set but sadly not their article. "Alienbot" provided a summary of some of the information in the article:
- Bay and LaBeouf confirm the Fallen is a separate character.
- Egyptian hieroglyphics ...turn out to be depictions of Transformers who visited Earth.
- Bay claims Megatron is not coming back and the tank is just a new toy.
- Around 40 robots.
- Budget is $200 million.
- Ramon Rodriguez is the one holding on for dear life to a pole while cars are flung.
- Devastator appears at the pyramid, he's probably 50 feet tall because that's the height of the camera crane they used on location.
It looks like Empire was able to get some good bits of info, likely because their reporter knew what questions to ask while the USA Today one was probably rather clueless on the whole thing.

Now I know people will want to say "misdirection!!" but as a general rule of thumb, lying to credentialed press (vs. a fan site) is just a bad idea and not something even Michael Bay is going to risk doing (just makes promoting the movie later harder).

Transformers visiting ancient Earth (and not conquering it?) should make for an interesting story line. Makes you wonder if the Fallen is found here and woken versus arriving and starting to do violent things. The Fallen as a separate character makes the most sense and personally I am relieved. Just returning a dead TF doesn't sound nearly as interesting. The idea that Megatron doesn't return actually surprises me a great deal but I do like the idea of just moving forward with new problems and new villains but that doesn't explain the leaked Megatron images.

As for 40 Transformers, my cheat sheet has around 28 TFs currently listed, the Decepticon list is probably missing half the cast so 40 sounds like a very plausible number at this point. Further confirmation of Devastator is always good but I will be glad when more details about him comes out (how many TFs, design, etc). I just hope the trailer (whenever it comes) teases at this and more.


  1. 40 Transformers?!


    I hope they picks good Autobots/Decepticons

  2. Looks like those lininguptv pics might be legit with this new information that's been revealed.

  3. WOW, that's a s**tload of Cybertronians walking on our planet!!!

  4. I've only been posting that "the fallen" is a real character for the past 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    why no one believes this when it comes from one of the writers own mouth!


  5. Selective Realism12/29/2008 5:15 PM

    You wouldnt be so gung ho about "The Fallen" if you had the read the comic book storyline he comes from.

    Id rather have "Unicron" than some robot boogeyman.

    And yet another "Aliens and the Pyramids" angle?
    Orci and Kurtzman got how much for writing this again?

  6. As long as Devastator kicks some ass! God I can't wait!

  7. What the f? Is Megs coming back or not?? UGGHHH, i want to break something!

  8. Can I ask which part in this post/article is spoilers, because it really doesn´t feel like spoilers.

  9. The plot line could work BUT I wouldn't be so sure that Bay telling that Megatron doesn't get back to life and appear in the movie it's a confirmation of it. Not a good thing to lie about that to the press you say? I don't think so. Rarely directors tell the whole truth to the press when promoting a new highly anticipated movie like this, it's part of the viral marketing campaign to promote it.
    And I'd speculate that Bay might have told the press half truth about Megatron... simply because if Megatron turns into or is turned into Galvatron by the Fallen.... ?
    Why not use the Fallen powers to let Megatron turn into Galvatron and get back to life?
    After all that would fit with the original anime storylines because the Fallen originates from the Unicron core and has enough power to turn Megatron into Galvatron--actually the Fallen could be used as an appendix of Unicron on Earth.... and I'd even keep speculating that the awakening of the Fallen could allow Unicron to detect Earth and that would be the perfect set up for Transformers3 ... the destruction of the Fallen at the end of the movie, which is highly likely to happen, could cause Unicron to go full speed towards Earth seeking revenge on the Primus legacy of the Autobots...

  10. I want Megs to come back... it's just not the same without the main villain :(

  11. I dunna think that they could introduce a character like unicron in a film . Unicron already got his own movie ( although it is animated )

  12. "And I'd speculate that Bay might have told the press half truth about Megatron... simply because if Megatron turns into or is turned into Galvatron by the Fallen.... ?"

    This is what I was thinking too. But I'm thinking maybe by Soundwave instead of the Fallen......but who knows? BRING ON GALVY !!!!! :)

  13. I'm gonna pee in my pants when I watch this movie. AAAUUUGGH~!

  14. son of a PIG..i was right..revenge of the fallen is actually the character the fallen..i've posting comments here since july but most of the people here are againts to my opinion.they really believe that the sub-tittle revenge of the fallen is about the defeated decepticons in the first film...

    ya'll wrong my niggas..and i was right bawawawawawawa........

  15. Well, since Bay said it, its probably false.

  16. id guess that megs does come back.. i remember reading storylines back in october, that megs even helps the autobots vs the fallen.. then again that can be more misinfo.. if anything im sure megs returns at the end... would be cool to see starscream and soundwave going at it. Also the story that jetfire is older, and what not, kinda makes sense. and his "crutch" is probably the reports of him and prime combining. Regardless, were all probably wrong, only thing we can agree on is we want a trailer,, and we cant wait til this comes out!!!

  17. That picture of Prime is great.. although looks like he just got his ass handed to him... Would like to see more info on Ratchet & ironhide,, its like nobody cares bout them since we already seen them.

  18. Does anyone else think that Devastator being "50 feet tall" is a bit small?

    If Optimus is approximately 30 feet tall, and Devastator is made of multiple construction vehicles, then wouldn't a height of around 80 feet or more seem more logical?

    And maybe with a $200 million budget, Michael Bay will transfer some of that cash over to the visual effects people, so that we might actually see more than snippets of robots.

    Hopefully they develop the characters of the 40 robots. (And {fingers crossed} they may get speaking roles!?)

  19. "Anonymous said...

    That picture of Prime is great.. although looks like he just got his ass handed to him..." in the first movie.

  20. Sweet news!

    My personal guess about the whole Megatron-is-not-in-the-movie is all about the following:

    Starscream returns to Earth after learning about the Fallen from someone on Cybertron, and he thinks he can use the Fallen to reclaim his "rightful" place as the leader of the Decepticons, and leaves with his army.
    Jetfire is in fact one of the old 'cons stationed on Earth to guard/stop the Fallen from awakening, as soon as he learns about Starscreams plans (possibly from Soundwave) he tries to stop ol' Screamer himself.
    Soundwaves forces arrive on Earth only to be forced into submission when the Fallen awakes and possesses the crushed body of Megatron.

    Since Jetfire is one of few who have seen the powers of the Fallen in action, he leaves the corrupted decepticons and beg Optimus to help him destroy Megatron/The Fallen, in the end combining with him to be powerful enough to fight the beast that is the fallen and bring him into submission, possibly using something in the vicinity of the pyramids.

    That's just my take on things. :)

  21. ^ that sounds rather convincing... :)

  22. Ah, yes. Strandh's theory sounds like something I could be happy with.

    But then again, what the other Anonymous said before, maybe Bay was telling the half-truth about Megatron, becoming Galvatron...I like that idea, too.

    I mean, really, what would Transformers be without Megatron, anyways?

    40 robots seems a bit absurd, but the more the merrier. Perhaps more are in store for scenes on Cybertron? Maybe that could explain the big budget as well.

    But nevertheless, great info. Would love to see some more. :)

  23. Aris raptorclans & Anonymous (last one):

    Thanks. :) Maybe I should pick up a new career as script writer. :P

    I thought some more on the Galvatron-thing, and it could very well be the explanation.
    The Fallen recreates Megatron as his herald, Galvatron, like Unicron-Galvatron in the 1980's movie.
    Thereby everyone starring in/making the movie can say that Megatron is not in the movie, it's Galvatron.

    That could very well be the explanation why Hasbro has made the toy's alt mode looking very much alike Galvatrons alt mode.
    Bay's claim that it's just for the toy could very well be just that, "just for the toy", maybe Galvatron/Megatron/The Fallen simply doesn't use it in the movie.

  24. Ooops. Sorry for the over use of certain expressions...

  25. Have u wondered if Megatron returnes in the movie , just in a some kinda playback on cybbertron ?

  26. But kinda confused now cos the toys are clearly labeled "Megatron"

  27. Counterpunch12/30/2008 7:51 AM

    Well whatever it is Im still hoping we will see an Autobot gestalt team to counter Devastator. Screw that Prime Jetfire combo. Honestly.

  28. But kinda confused now cos the toys are clearly labeled "Megatron"

    So what? He will be in IDW comics, and that's just enought reason for Hasbro to try to sell another toy.

  29. can't wait to see sideswipe kick some decepticon's ass..can't even wait to see the trailer..bring it on bay!..bringggggggggggggggg ittttttttttttttttttttt onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

  30. I don't care about the plotline or whether or not Megs comes back, I just want to wet myself in the theater.

    Then I'll be satisfied.

  31. I also have a thought, When I was checking out the fallen on Transformers Wiki, they show the Alt Mode as a it possible that the Fallen is a tank that was shown in earlier posts??
    As far as all of those Decepts and AutoBots, I hope they have programs to keep track of who is where!!!

  32. "aris raptorclans said...

    But kinda confused now cos the toys are clearly labeled "Megatron" "

    So was "Brawl" but he was called "Devastator" in the first movie. Probably another f**k up OR just more "misinformation" crap.

  33. Was wondering bout the Devastator snippet too ..

    50 feet sounds a bit too small for a combiner.

  34. Wow! 40 robots is a lot!

    With that many CGI characters, I would like to see more of Digital Domain's VFX work showcased.

  35. MILLER95talon12/30/2008 1:48 PM

    SHOW HOW MUCH WAS SPENT ON 'Spider-Man 3'???

    $250-255 Million?

    So 200 MILLION USD is not that bad really!

  36. The Devastator bit, seems to point to that one rumor. The one that said he would be based on a gorilla. That way he's fifty feet tall but, massive. If he was humanoid in form, if knocked over how long you think it would take for him to get back up?

  37. Megatron will emerge at the end of this movie, only to spark news of him finally returning in the third movie (as a tank-a-like thing)

  38. I like the idea of Megatron coming back as Galvatron. I think this is likely.

    Or maybe Galvatron could be a related robot, similar to Megatron. If I remember correctly, in the Marvel comics, Galvatron was a different character from Megatron.

  39. Unicron transformed Megatron into Galvatron

  40. ^ Maybe the Fallen could have some connection to Unicron?

  41. Maybe Unicron will be mentioned in the movie as the origins of the Transformers are explained.

  42. have u wondered if those new scout-class toyz are actually new transformers in the movie ?

  43. I'll say it again: I was cautiously optimistic about this, but after reading this update, my cautious optimism has risen to higher levels. Why? Hollywood, in my opinion, needs to stay the hell away from things that it, (and most of the general US population) fails to completely understand - and yes, I understand this is a fictional movie, but even in "historical" movies, hollywood still doesn't get it right and refuses to, much more so favoring making a buck at the expense of accuracy. Let me explain.

    First of all, while sometimes hieroglypics and reliefs may be combined, hieroglyphics themselves DO NOT DEPICT PEOPLE. While there are characters that do, those specific characters depict titles given to the Ancient Kemetans(Egyptians). It is RELIEFS that depict the people (real or mythological) as well as ancient events/ancient mythological stories.

    Second, the words, "hieroglyphics" as well as,"pyramids" and "sphinx" are ENGLISH versions of GREEK words. Now, knowing that, isn't there something wrong with that picture? Figured it out? Here it is: the concepts AND ANCIENT PEOPLE those words are describing aren't English or Greek in origin, but yet many people act as if those english or greek words and interpretations are the end-all be-all. The word "Egypt" is also an English translation of a Greek word, "Aegyptus". How do I know this? Look at ancient Biblical maps and you'll see the word, "Aegyptus". The ORIGINAL words for those other aforementioned things are Medu Neter(which means, "Words of God"), Per Neter (which means "House of Nature/Energy"), and Her-Em-Akhet (meaning Heru[Horus] on the Horizon). The Greek word "sphinx" basically translates to "the strangler" as in the GREEK version of the myth, the Sphinx would strangle you if you didn't solve its riddle. That was not so in the original version of that myth: Her-Em-Akhet symbolizes humanity, specifically Man, rising above his bestial nature to commune with his higher nature. There's even Female versions of this mythical figure. The Man in question oftentimes is the mythological God Heru(Horus, which again, Horus, Isis and Osiris are GREEK names for non-Greek things, of which the ORIGINAL names are Heru, Aset, and Ausar)who has MUCH in common with another deity (or I'll say more exactly 15 OTHERS as written about in books by people such as Kersey Graves). The word "pyramid" comes from the Greek "pyramidos" which means, "fire in the middle", "hieroglyphics" means, "divine writing".

    Thirdly, while I too, believe that there are aliens, I refuse to believe that aliens (or SLAVES) built the Per-Neter(pyramids). Why? a)no one EVER questions or claims that ancient monuments or structures in Greece, Italy or England were built by slaves or aliens, but yet many will jump in front of themselves to claim that the opposite is true in regards to Ancient Kemet; b)This whole, "slaves built the pyramids" thing IS A MYTH. Several historians and archaeologists have disproved that myth, one of them a Mark Lehner. In the on-line version of HARVARD MAGAZINE, July/August 2003, writer Johnathan Shaw wrote an article titled, "Who Built the Pyramids? Not slaves. Archeaologist Mark Lehner, digging deeper, discovers a city of privileged workers". The article has pictures of living quarters that were unearthed around the Per-Neter that were pretty well-furnished, and it has also been found out: that there were medical accoutrements in these quarters, that the workers were WELL-FED, HIGHLY-SKILLED, and that they were an ORGANIZED, rotating labor force, given such names as, "Friends of Khufu". The article even states itself (to paraphrase) that this evidence deals a, "serious blow to the HOLLYWOOD version of pyramid building". The article was also the cover story for that issue as well.

    Fourthly, while there have been SOME bodies found in pyramids, there are no ancient Kemetan documents stating that the Per-Neter were to be used for this purpose. Again, look at the meanings of the words "Pyramid" and "Per-Neter".

    Fifthly, while I really don't expect hollywood to ever get it right when it comes to dealing with history, I hope and expect that more of the general public would wake up and stop accepting everything they're being told and fed as if it's the gospel.

    Last but not least, find out for yourself what I've stated above and you'll understand why this whole, "Transformers built the pyramid" plot element and hollywood's historic dealings with same pisses me off to no end, because it basically amounts to appropriation: people co-opting something they don't fully understand, and don't take the time or effort to do so.

  44. ^^

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Who said Transformers built the Pyramids?

  45. Megs will probably come back in the third movie but as galvitron. ROTF will probably end with something like the first one ended with starscream flying into space, it might end with a short video of megatron or better yet and hopefully galvitron leaving the sea. As for devastator, hes gonna kick some major ass if that is legit that hes in the movie. THe fallen, well i just hope that he looks and mennasing and evil and he should look. Actually the story of the fallen being found in a pyramid could follow the original storyline of the original 13 transformers. The Fallen was banished into a void, that void can be ancient earth and when he arrived he was some how deactivated like megatron was and something reactivated him.

  46. Megatron is not coming back?

  47. Megatron is not coming back.

  48. Megatron is coming back.

  49. Megatron is coming back.

    Megatron is not coming back, you stupid fanboys.

  50. Megatron is coming back, you stupider non-fans.

  51. Megatron is coming back, you stupider non-fans.

    Your mom is s***** Megatron right now, so he don't have time to be in the RotF.

  52. Megatron is coming back since I found out, that when the cast and crew were filming on a ship, that was a scene showing Megatron's last appearance. But their was an offical pic of megatron in his tank mode and robot mode. Megatron is coming back because I think Michael Bay is just playing tricks on everyone.

  53. But their was an offical pic of megatron in his tank mode and robot mode. Megatron is coming back because I think Michael Bay is just playing tricks on everyone.

    It was not official, the only picture of him we saw, was just his toy. And even that means nothing, because as all know, he will be in a comic book from IDW, so there you have it, a commercial for his toy. He doesn't have to in the movie, and it wouldn't even have sense for him to be.


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