Friday, January 09, 2009

Super Bowl Debut for Transformers 2 Trailer

As Michael Bay had hinted, Variety is reporting that Paramount has purchased an advertising spot during the Super Bowl to premiere the first trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The Super Bowl this year is on February 1st, 2009 and probably show up online shortly thereafter.

The average cost of a 30 second spot is $3 million, which probably means the trailer is going to be more tease since usually theatrical trailers average a minute and half to two minutes in length. Additional trailers schedule to premiere during the game include one for Star Trek, GI Joe, Angels and Demons, Monsters vs. Aliens, Up, and a few others.


  1. Bingo I guessed it right another short teaser sort of like how Transformers 1 had with the Mars Rover.

    It will be similar along those lines since it is only 30 seconds long so dont expect anything epic.

    It probably be a bunch of quick scenes flashing possible of the movies battle sequences then at the end of it maybe a phrase like "REVENGE IS COMING" 6-29-09. Then show the Fallen's Eyes light up all red or a hand reaching out at the end of the credits.

    But yeah it will be a very quick teaser revealing very little and leaving us all stratching our heads even more.

    But you can not do much with 30 seconds anyways.

    So I expect the big trailer to be sometime in March or April then another one in May & June and toward the movies release date TV Spots like they did with TF 1 I think they were 13 or 14 spots on it.

    it will be like this:

    Teaser Trailer - Feb 1st 30 seconds
    Full Trailer 1 - March 1 or 2 minutes
    Full Trailer 2 - April or May 2 or 3 minutes
    TV Spots 1-14 - June towards movies release date

  2. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A quick teaser during the Superbowl, admittedly, is a pretty smart move on Bay's part for getting maximum viewing exposure. Considering that about 99.99999% of the male population and a decent amount of the female population will be sitting with eyes glued to the sporting event (and that includes commercial breaks, etc. which are almost as much fun as the game itself), the move seems to be a good one.

    I'm agreeing with the others here that the teaser won't be more than 30 seconds, unless by some miracle we get an actual 1-2 minute trailer, in which case Bay more than likely blew a decent portion of his advertising budget if he did.

    Looks like I'll actually be *watching* the Superbowl this year, if only to have fun with the halftime show and the commercials. Knowing our USA techies, the teaser or what-have-we will be up on YouTube in less than 15 minutes after it's aired, lol.

  4. it will be TIVO'd

  5. Im glad we'll finally be seeing something, but I hope its atleast a minute long and isnt like the Mars teaser for the first one!

  6. Yes! Now the world will begin to see the avalanche of advertising for ROTF!

    This movie better make like $800 million or more!

  7. The trailer for Transformers was said to come out as one of the previews before the Star Trek movie so we'll have to wait until May.8(release of Star Trek)

  8. great i dont evan wacth the super bowl and i have to wait until a comershal

  9. omg omg omg omg!!!! i cant wait till movie comes

  10. I wanna speed up time now! I can't wait for this movie.......

  11. OH MY GOD!!!! the tfw 2 trailer will come out during the superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well, it is only 30 secs.


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