Thursday, January 15, 2009

Target's DPCIs for Transformers 2 Toys (Update)

TFW2005 has posted about the DPCIs that Target is using to describe the various classes and sub-lines for the upcoming Transformers 2 toy line. I have no idea what a DPCI is; the main thing is the labels. There will be deluxe figures ($10), scouts ($6), Voyagers ($20), Leader ($40), and return of Ultimate Bumblebee (I imagine with updated body). There are also new classes such as Helmet Roleplay, Power bots, and Gravity bots. There are two listings for combiners, one is probably for Superion and Bruticus but what is the second DPCI for (the Constructicons perhaps)?

Target's DPCIs
087-06-0111 TF MV2 Deluxe Figures
087-06-0115 TF MV2 Scout Figures
087-06-0119 Transformers MV2 Optimus Prime Helm
087-06-0120 TF MV2 Voyager
087-06-0122 TF MV2 Leader
087-06-0125 TF MV2 Gravity Bots
087-06-0127 Transbattler MV2 FAB
087-06-0128 TF MV2 Robot Replicas
087-06-0131 TF MV2 Robot Hero Scene
087-06-0139 Tran Weapon MV2 Robot Weapons
087-06-0141 Trans Helmet MV2 Helmet Roleplay
087-06-0146 TF MV2 Combiners
087-06-0162 TF MV2 Ultimate Bumblebee
087-06-0163 TF MV2 Power bots
087-06-0164 TF MV2 Mega Power bots
087-06-0171 TF MV2 Legends
087-06-0294 TRA Combiner TF MV2

1/29 Update: For the list of SKU numbers for Toys R Us click here. It isn't really that much different from the above.


  1. bring on da fackin teaser

  2. "$40 for a toy.


    Welcome to 2009.

  3. bring on da fackin teaser

    Bring on da f**** brain.

  4. DPCI:

    DePartment Class Item

  5. DPCIs are the location of where they are in the store.

    :] I should know I work there. We're supposed to be getting some in by March but can't put them out till late April.

  6. $210 and you complain? here in my country they are $460


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