Monday, January 05, 2009

TF2 Deluxe Sideswipe Info, Image has posted some information on the design of the deluxe class TF2 toy for Sideswipe. From ACToys is a potential image of his head. Sideswipe is the silver Chevy corvette Centennial seen on various Transformers 2 sets over the summer (potential movie design here). The more information we have about the toys look, the more information we may have about how the character will look in the movie. Below is also the two head pics of Sideswipe put together (left is toy, right is CGI version). Thanks to Minime for the Seibertron link to the info.

-dual shock absorbers for lower legs
-unique feet: formed from the front portion of the car (right front side of the car on the left, left front side on the right), each foot appears to be either a tire split in 2 halves with a stabilizer (foot) sandwiched in between OR a tire sandwiched between 2 stabilizers (meaning he would have roller feet)... probably the 2nd option...
-2 pairs of struts linking the upper legs to the lower torso
-chest is formed from the rear section of the car (outer parts) with a black section in the middle (exposed when you lift up the middle rear section) with a silver Autobot symbol on the right (think Alt. Meister when you lift the hood)
-clear blue windshield hanging off the back
-wheels (near the elbows) and rear car sections (pointing forward) hanging off the arms
-hands: 1 thick thumb and 2 thick fingers (a bit like Blackout)
-head is bit a Megatron-esque, but different... hard to describe... has blue light piping
-middle rear section of the car is pointing up on the back in robot mode (like Trans Scanning Bumblebee) and you can see 4 exhaust pipes
-hood halves hanging off the back as wings (front pointing down)
-red/orangy tail lights
-clear headlights
-blue knees
-car has long and pointy rear view mirrors (probably rubber)
-small molded Corvette symbol on front of the hood


  1. It's cool and everything but I don't like his feet as wheels everything else is cool though

  2. why they didn't they make him red like his G1 mode?

  3. why does everything have to be G1 looking? I honestly prefer him silver. Plus it ain't red because the color red is hard to film, its been said in the Transformers Two-Disc Special Edition.

  4. No kidding. I'm starting to get sick of the G1 bickering. In the movies, Transformers can hold multiple alternate modes as evidenced in the Nintendo DS games. So who knows? Maybe Sideswipe DOES have a red car mode downloaded. I dunno, but I still love the silver Corvette which I dub "Silver Bullet". lol Coors Light reference

  5. bay is making the transformers into battle bots.

  6. Yeah, I'm tired of all this comparison to G1, too. Like if he's silver or red then he HAS to be so-and-so character from G1. Like who the fuck REALLY cares? The kids don't. I certainly don't. Maybe 5% of the audience does?

    I'd honestly love to see new or completely redesigned characters brought into the TF universe.

  7. Selective Realism1/06/2009 2:17 AM

    Optimus Prime: "Autobots Transform! Get up the hill and we will have refuge from the Decepticon attack until we can regroup.

    Sideswipe: "Hey, Prime"

    Optimus Prime: "Yes, Sideswipe"

    Sideswipe: "I can't make it up the mountain. I have wheels for feet!!"

    Optimus Prime: "Aww Jesus.... Ironhide! Carry Sideswipe on your back.....again"

  8. this caracter looks cool..but sumething tells me that the guys from hasbro have made a shity toy for this caracter just as they did with jazz....look at the image closely it looks as if he as a a huge back and chest and probably as wimpy legs and arms

  9. my beef with bay is in the dvd transformers he says that to him the transformers are like japanese samurai. if the transformers look like most anime then the other projects made into film from japan will look no different from the transformers movies.

  10. for now the transformers look unique and cool but when other japanese based movies come out most people will compare the design and look to transformers.

  11. LionBoogy: You ask who the fuck cares? Transformers fans are the ones who fucking cares! You sissy WWF lovers just shut the fuck up, go on a safari and see some lions or shit. We love our robots :)

  12. You ask who the fuck cares? Transformers fans are the ones who fucking cares! You sissy WWF lovers just shut the fuck up, go on a safari and see some lions or shit. We love our robots :)

    Yeah, yeah, "raping my childhood", "ruined FOREVER" and stuff... Stupid geewuners. Stop living in the past idiots. I like G1 to, but i have no problem with Bay redesigning it, like it was never done before (BW, RID, UT, Animated...). Geez...

  13. After that toy new came here that new about Sideswipe's concept art changed also back to normal. Now there are Sideswipe's robot mode designs again.

  14. Here is his robot mode. This is most likely the full body concept art version of him for the movie not the toy. This showed up a while back. I think he looks cool as heck. It's slice n' dice time! :D

  15. tfw2005 has a video that hints that 'Alice' is some kind of scarying stuff . ( Pretender )

  16. That photo on link is just that concept art I was talking about. now all TF fans know that Sideswipe is silver colored Autobot who can move fast with those tyres on his legs and make powerful attacks wth his large arm blades.

  17. And you, one anynymous person, can you send a link of this video about Alice. If it tells more about her being Pretender.

  18. tfw2005 has a video that hints that 'Alice' is some kind of scarying stuff . ( Pretender )

    but giving the link to that movie, was to much for you, huh?

  19. Optimus Prime: "Aww Jesus.... Ironhide! Carry Sideswipe on your back.....again"

    Ironhide: "Prime, you hungry? How about a knuckle sandwich? I ain't your bitch."

    Optimus Prime: "But Ironhide, you know that he has wheels for feet, what's wrong with you?"

    Ironhide: "Look Prime, your the biggest Autobot here, just push him up the hill like a wheelbarrow."

    Sideswipe: "Hey! Both of you take a long walk off of a short space bridge! I can take care of my self!"

    Optimus Prime: "Take it easy Sideswipe, don't get your tailpipes in a twist."

    Meanwhile, 10,000 ft. above the Autobots........

    Starscream: "Perfect, they are all busy arguing over who's going to carry Sideswipe, now is our chance. Soundwave?....."


    To be continued.....

  20. I have to admit, Sideswipe looks impressive...I can understand the G1 sentiment as well, but I personally don't mind the way he *might* look in TF2, if the images are any indication.

    The only question burning in my mind is...if Sideswipe is in the film, does that mean we get Sunstreaker also? Primus, I hope so...the two are a package deal, of sorts...not to mention that they're The Twins.

    Any thoughts/ideas/hopes on Suntreaker?

  21. the concept image looks like Sideswipe in battle mode

  22. I don't think that Sunstreaker will ever appear in live-action continuity except as toy re-paint version of Sideswipe perhaps.

  23. Fan of Transfomers Armada1/18/2009 4:14 PM

    The Real SideSwipe doesnt look like that!!!Watch Transformers Armada!!!!

  24. hope the final movie render will look very much like this concept... its fuckin awesome

  25. Simple fact is, G1 would look stupid on the screen. G1 looks awesome in comics, a little shitty in the cartoon, and would look like complete shit in a real-time movie.

    If you don't believe me, look to power-rangers. The megazords have similar block armor like G1 transformers and it looks stupid on screen. I know that's a bad example, but you can refer to other things that look bad in real-life but good on paper..... spiky anime hair, blocky robots, wierd creatures, etc.

    They had to do this so it would look and feel real on screen. When's the last time you saw a military weapon shaped like legos?

  26. Yeah, G1 also had impossible transformations. For people to believe a transformer actually had cockpit space in vehicle mode, they couldn't use the G1 looks. No one would believe all those blocky parts fit inside the figure without consuming the cab-space.

    Yes there are some toys that accomplish that, but then again those toys don't look like cars when you open their hood like Bumblebee did in the movie.

    This new design makes it very believable that one form contains the same matter (in shape and volume) as the other form, just rearranged.

  27. ive seen the movie sideswipe is my favirote autobot

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