Saturday, January 03, 2009

TF2 Leader Class Optimus Prime

Found by Minime, is the below picture of the Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime, that is the $40 or so version. In general the toy looks about the same but it appears the transformation has been modified just a touch a lot. I don't have the TF1 Leader version so unable to make a direct comparison.

Update: From reading the comments, including the below image, it appears that the TF2 Leader Optimus is not the re-release I assumed but a nearly complete re-design that has made the toy match much closer to the movie design and much better looking toy overall.


  1. maybe its different in order to combine with jetfire .

  2. I have the TF Leader version. HOLY CRAP! It is MUCH more accurate to the movie now. I'm SOLD. The areas of accuracy to be pointed out are the chest, rear wheels on the thigh, arms, and head sculpt. This is truly a must-have. Oh god, make it come out nooooowww~ So excited dude~!

  3. Keader Klass ;-)

  4. "In general the toy looks about the same but it appears the transformation has been modified just a touch."

    Dude...the only things that are the same as the '07 model are the few things they got right. This '09 model is a huge leap forward both in the accuracy of the robot mode and the transformation. Here's a comparison:

  5. A vast improvement on the original!

    The arms are not so chunky now, and looks like the arms become the top of the front of the truck now. That flipped over panel on the left arm will become the top of the hood. The blue on the upper arms will become the doors of the cabin. The knee plates must fold away completely on this one. The grey step for the cabin folds upward from the front wheel guard to become the side of the upper legs.

    The foot transformation from the front grille doesn't look like it has changed at all.

    The chest now rotates slightly so it is not just a box. The cabin is not so long anymore. I would guess the head is stored in the blue section behind the cabin and flips up when the blue part is separated. I can't see where the top of the blue section goes when in robot mode, but I'd say that will be the "clunkiest" part of the robot mode. Must end up on his back. It looks like the top rounded part of the grey stacks come off, or descend down into the thicker part, then the top of the blue part flips down then inward, and then rotate slightly to create his back.

    The wheels flipping up on the hips look cool. This must mean the rear wheel guards fold in to become the back of the legs. I think you can see a bit of the right one behind his leg.

    Overall it looks like the truck mode is a lot shorter than the original movie version, which is probably the original's major downfall, and the robot mode is a lot more rounded and not just a box on legs.

    I actually thought I'd be able to get away with not buying the characters I already had from the first movie, but it seems I was wrong. This one looks great!

  6. Wow, definitely going to get this! I loved the first one, but this one wins.
    I especially like the double-blades.

  7. Sneak Peek at TF 2

    MORE: LaBeouf, Fox come under fire, for real

  8. To the guy above...

    Yeaaah, that was a news about week ago, and we already saw that, ya know?

  9. For the first time in years, I'm actually seriously thinking about buying myself a toy. This looks astounding, standing ovations for the developers at Hasbro. Amazing.

  10. That toy is cooler than TF1 toy of Optimus Prime. Bumblebee's new version was too better than TF1 Bumblebee toy. Optimus, Bumblebee and Soundwave are ROTF movie' only character whose about I've seen real toys (Megatron and Jolt have apprenaced only as Fast Action Battlers). FAB toys are so ****!

  11. Bumblebee's new version was too better than TF1 Bumblebee toy.

    Better how? It's just LITTLE remolded...xP

  12. Tell one thing that says TF2 Bumblebee toy worse than TF1 Bumblebee toy.

  13. I'm not saing, that it's worse. I'm just saing, that it's not so much diferent, from Premium Bumblebee version :P It's just litte remolded, that's all. But this Prime? He's way better than the first one, much more detailed and stuff.

  14. Fantastic, but we need more pics. The picture on the packaging doesn't do it good justice because Hasbro is too lazy to take the time to actually transform it fully (his left shoulder is sticking out farther than his right).

  15. I totally agree with the last comment. It's like with Ultimate Bumblebee, it's a terrible rendition of the actual CG figure and just adding on all this interactive shit is just not doing any justice to the figure, as well as Hasbro themselves not posing them correctly.

    I'm sure the toy designers are all AAAUUGHH MORONS!

  16. From Seibertron, info on Deluxe Sideswipe toy, and a photo of his(?) head:

  17. HOLY SHIT!!! That TF:ROTF Prime figure is TONS better than the TF1 figure. DAYUM!!!! It looks damn near 100% identical to ILM's CGI version that we saw on screen last year. I don't have the TF1 Movie Prime, but I've got Masterpiece Prime (20th Anniversary) and I will have to get my hands on this one. Damn!!!!

  18. While I never got to buying the figures of the 2007 line, i did watch video and image reviews constantly. One thing that always pissed me off was the terrible inaccuracies in ALL of the version of optimus prime.
    Even leader class megatron, in all its ugliness, was a better representation of the on-screen image, than the 2007 leader class prime.

    Other than the obvious superiority of the robot mode, another thing that has impressed me on this 2009 figure is that it looks like the truck mode will actually be complete. Every previous toy for this guy has had a big hole in the back of his truck mode, exposing robot parts; but it looks like that problem is finally fixed here.

    On another note, I'm building a figure of megatron from his 2007 appearance. It is NOT a repaint, nor a kitbash.. but a FIGURE BUILT FROM SCRATCH.

    check it out:

  19. the wheels are smaller... so in truck mode is not that in scale (Actually in movie all the wheels for all robots seem resized after transfomation...).... hope in robot mode it's also in better scale and won't leave so many things on the back...

  20. Anyone know when this toy will be out? Bumblebee and Soundwave are supposed to be out late April/Early May...

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