Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Constructicon Toy Video Review

Below is a video review of the Constructicon toy from the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen toy line as seen in the trailer. The toy is smaller then I thought it would be but as the "peaugh" indicates; his size seems to be halfway between Voyager and Deluxe class toys. Overall good detail, creative transformation, and definitely a new unique way of designing Transformers (still not sure if I like the change). Amazingly enough this guy has three copies of the toy, not sure who his supplier from China is (where toys are in production) but they must be good. Thanks to Minime for the link.

Based on reading websites and the like, it seems that Transfandom has reached the consensus to call this character "Scavenger" after his G1 counterpart until a verified name is released. It’s a good a name as any so I will probably do the same.


  1. Fake!

    You can tell hes just photoshopped that constructicon. Infact i believe this guys doesn't own a single transformer.

  2. i think he makes the upper body not a arm. in my mind i see it like this: mining excavator upper body and arms, cement truck mid chest (making that turbine weapon), mining dump truck lower body and thighs, bulldozer one leg, front loader other leg, truss crane attaches to one arm making a whip type weapon, and the articulate dump truck as the head. it probably isn't anything like this but it's just my opinion.

  3. I'll have to agree here and say I think it's the arm of Devastator. It just looks like such a good fit.

  4. Fake!

    You can tell hes just photoshopped that constructicon. Infact i believe this guys doesn't own a single transformer.

    You just didn't know how to write "first!@!!1", huh?

  5. how do they get these toys so early

  6. how do they get these toys so early

    Nice people from China let other people COUGH steal COUGH them from the factory, and then, they sell it on eBay.

    No, realy.

  7. looks horrible! Devastator doesn't have shovels for hands, he had HANDS! The only thing good about the vid was seeing the G1 Scavenger, what a cool bot that was.

  8. I'm just interested in seeing how all the constructicons transform by themselves and to form devastator on the big screen... That is going to be so awesome...

  9. you gotta realize, this is meant to look real in real life. The hands cant just cant be a accesory like it was in the g1 toy line or in energon, they gotta make do with what they got. Toy line yes, looks bad with it just being the shovel, but imagine what they'll do with this guy as well as devastator in the movie.

  10. Unfortunately, some people don't have imaginations and instead fill up their brain cells with unrealistic and outdated expectations. ^_^

  11. As per the hand comment, you can see from the trailer that his each side of his shovel 'hands' splits into several fingers.

    Of course, it would be quite hard to replicate that on a plastic toy, thus it'll have to make do with bucket hands.

  12. news: Bay: next trailer will spoil most of the movie. strage interview, it seems he is drunk or something....


    here you go... either hes very exited about his movie or drunk...

  14. We all should be definitely sure about that Terex RH400 excavator, Kobelco CK2500 crane, Mack cement mixer truck, Caterpillar 992G wheel loader, Caterpillar 773B dump truck, Caterpillar D9L bulldozer and Komatsu HD465-7 dump truck are Constructicon alternate modes. One of them is confirmed, but how could be possible that other ones are not just rumors? Besides. I would be interested, if more information about every transformer robot in this movie could be released. Here should be article about ice cream truck robot's identity. Only one thing is sure about it. It truck had a Decepticon symbol, which means Chevrolet Trax and Chevrolet Beat are only Earth alternate modes of the Twins.

  15. That's a sweet toy.

  16. "Fake!

    You can tell hes just photoshopped that constructicon. Infact i believe this guys doesn't own a single transformer."

    What a fucking retarded asshole

    Qwailo should kill himself

  17. hes probably not a part of the combiner

  18. I think for the movie, this character's concept works well. For the toy, however, a lot of kids and collectors are going to have this one issue, there's not really a good way to keep this character standing. If they made some "kickstands" or something just for the toy, that would solve the issue. You would just have to imagine they're not there. Kids would have no problem doing that, I think. They're already using their imaginations in the first place.

  19. "i think he makes the upper body not a arm. in my mind i see it like this: mining excavator upper body and arms, cement truck mid chest (making that turbine weapon"

    This is my thought also. To me it doesnt make sense that they would design the excavator the way they have if all they were going to do is use his alt mode as an arm. In bot mode it looks like the main body of a bigger bot.

  20. hes probably not a part of the combiner

    Hes propablys is.

  21. Spoilers:
    To answer questions:

    1. The video is real
    2. He is a constructicon
    3. It is a deluxe size figure
    4. It forms the arm of devastator
    5. It attatches at the back and clips onto the shoulder of devastator.

    Devastator news:

    Most of this is rumors but it is believed that the constructicons are the ones seen crashing into the aircraft carriers.

    Toy devastator news:

    Dump Truck - Right Leg, Voyager, Longhaul

    Bulldozer - Left Leg, Voyager, Unknown

    Wheel Loader - Right Arm, Deluxe, Scrapper

    Truss Crane - Left Arm, Deluxe, Hook

    Excavator - Right Shoulder, Deluxe, Scavenger

    Articulated Dump Truck - Left Shoulder, Deluxe, Gravedigger

    Cement Mixer - Head and top body, Voyager, Mixmaster

    The names arent final except for mixmaster and longhaul. It is also rumored that there is a seventh voyager sized constructicon who forms the lower body of devastator.

    His toy size is apparently 2 feet and it may be true if he is made of seven parts.

  22. to see just exactly what Scavanger will be go to, type in Terex O&K RH 400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator and then go. He's gonna be pretty fuckin' big, and I personally think that this film will have an Emipre Strikes Back ending, I think something bad's going down.

  23. what an indredible geek....

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