Friday, February 13, 2009

Devastator Officially Confirmed by Hasbro

Its a good weekend for Transformer fans. The new teaser trailer is out and Toy Fair 2009 begins this Sunday and in anticipating, Hasbro sent out a press release on the various toy classes that will be available for the Transformers 2 toy line. Most importantly, they have officially confirmed that Devastator is in the film and is made up of six Constructicons. The first of the toy line will be officially released on May 30th with the rest following in August, with the preview toys of Bumblebee and Soundwave about a month before that.

Additional confirmed toys include Bumblebee Voice Mixer Helmet, Bumblebee Plasma Cannon, Power Bots, 3 different Human Alliance toys (first is Bumblebee and Sam), and RPM Mini-Vehiciles. Here is a portion of the release.
...And, long-time fans will be thrilled with one the most powerful DECEPTICONS, the new TRANSFORMERS MOVIE CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR figure, a monstrous robot that combines six vehicles into one giant robot.

(Approximate retail price: $99.99; Ages 5 & up; Available: August 2009)
The largest and most powerful foe the AUTOBOTS will encounter in this summer’s TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is sure to be DEVASTATOR, a monstrous DECEPTICON robot made up of six separate construction vehicles known as the CONSTRUCTICONS. The TRANSFORMERS MOVIE CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR allows kids to re-create the film’s awesome action sequences.

(Approximate retail price: $22.99; Ages 4 & up; Available: May 30, 2009) Designed to enable easy play for younger fans, TRANSFORMERS MOVIE POWER BOTS are 10-inch robot-only versions of favorite TRANSFORMERS characters. These large-scale, chunky action figures include lights, sounds and battle features. Two new POWER BOTS figures featuring robots from TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN will be released in 2009. TRANSFORMERS MOVIE MEGA POWER BOTS (Approximate retail price: $34.99; Ages 4 & up; Available: August 2009)
Taking POWER BOTS to the next level with a second mode for “mega” action! Robots include OPTIMUS PRIME and DEVASTATOR. When the DEVASTATOR POWER BOT figure is face down, he appears to be six different vehicles, but when standing upright, he is the monstrous DECEPTICON, DEVASTATOR.

(Approximate retail price: $39.99; Ages 5 & up; Available: August 2009)
Created specifically for the new TRANSFORMERS R.P.M.’s line of mini-vehicles, the TRANSFORMERS RPMs DEVASTATOR TRACK SET provides fast, mini-vehicle play within a dynamic track set by leveraging the iconic battle and high stakes drama found in the new movie. The track will bring DEVASTATOR to life and enable fans to re-enact the climactic movie battle between the AUTOBOTS and DEVASTATOR.
I have been naysaying his appearance for a while, its good to be wrong. The currently theory is the RH400 forms the torso, a dump truck is the right leg, bulldozer the left leg, front loader for the right arm, crane for the left arm and cement mixer for the head, as seen in pic here.


  1. First..

    That's it, just first...

  2. Ok there we go! Now we need to see this baby!

  3. Wow. but retail of 99 bucks? Will this be sold all 6 together, or is that a combined retail for all 6 seperately, cause if it indeed is composed of 4 voyagers, than yeah i can see that happening, with the 2 deluxe being the last 20 bucks.

  4. Counterpunch2/13/2009 3:22 PM

    Six is more like it!

    Wonder who will take Bonecrusher's place?

  5. Hey i think Barricade return's in this movie as the mustang

    ''Twelve mini vehicles will be available in single packs in 2009, and include OPTIMUS PRIME/Semi Truck, BUMBLEBEE/Camaro, and BARRICADE/Mustang.''

    ^^ this was from the realese thingy Hasbro just sent uss

  6. Counterpunch2/13/2009 3:35 PM


    well Barricade is a Saleen Mustang in the 1st movie! what are you on about???

    you must be one of them fans who think the Audi R8 being Barricade huh??

  7. August??
    What the hell, thats like 2 months after the movie!
    Haha the reason i bought so many of the first movie's toys was because i was watching the movie during the same time frame.
    Now im kind of like "how the fuck did i get into toy debt".
    Oh well i'll probably still buy them anyway. I've always had to have them anyway.

  8. does this confirm that the picture is fake? Because in that picture it says there are 7 contructicons

  9. Hot damn! Confirmed! Wow guys, this movie is gonna be epic! And as the Autobots get thier ass handed to them, and no hope is in sight, DINOBOTS ARRIVE AND SAVE THE DAY!! "Me Grimlock no bozo! Me kick but! Me king!! Lol!

    Just wishfull thinking....



  10. Ok so i would have wanted to have 7 constructicons for that price. But atleast it is now confirmed. Here is my idea of devastator:
    Excavator: Lower chest and midsection £19.99(Rumored name Scavenger)
    Mixer: Top chest and head £19.99(No robot form, Mixmaster?)
    Crane: Arm £19.99(Rumored name Hook)
    Articulated Dump truck: Arm £19.99(Rumored name Longhaul)
    Bulldozer: £9.99 (Rumored name Bonewrecker)
    Wheel Loader: £9.99 (Rumored name Scrapper)

    I would have wanted atleast 5 voyagers and a deluxe for that price however it sounds cool. It seems since this link below was posted they have dropped the idea of 2 dump trucks:

    Sorry if this is a long post!

  11. well Barricade is a Saleen Mustang in the 1st movie! what are you on about???

    you must be one of them fans who think the Audi R8 being Barricade huh??

    He could still easily be the Audi in the movie dummy

    All he has to do is reformat

  12. Scott C said...
    does this confirm that the picture is fake? Because in that picture it says there are 7 contructicons
    Scorpio says:
    Good point the image we saw of Devastator was most likely made before the idea to cut out the second Dump truck so that would explain the seventh space. This also means that part of devastators design on the image will be wrong as it was mostlikely made with all 7 parts instead of the newly confirmed six.
    Replying to Snortpocket above:
    I agree he could easily reformat but when the three Saleen mustangs painted like barricade were scene along with a camera crew. It will probably mean that someone will fight Barricade and then he will reformat later in the film.

  13. hey counterpuch...if u read correctly i'm actually saying the contrary....juz read it again...i'm juz tryn to say that BArricade will apear as the mustang in Revenge of the Fallen

    Now if he will reformat into the audi....that's a all diferent topic,ok?

    so were on the same level, right? I'm not one of those fans who thinks barricade is the learn to read carefully before u post sumthin.....


    I posted this on Twitter but wanted to make sure all the boys and girls here get to see this too!!

    Take care and keep up the good work!

    Andrew, London, England

  15. How is it posiable for Barricade to be the mustang and then reformat into the Audi? For that to happen he would have to be the Audi, reformate into the Saleen, then reformat back into the Audi. Why? Becuase the scene with the Audi in the asian town is at Bethlehem which is supposed to take place at the beggining of the movie. Then I believe I read somewhere that the Audi is also seen at the pyramids. I may be wrong on that last part though.

  16. Best version here at this site:

  17. OK OK... I was wrong, I was one of only a few that thought Devastator wasn't going to be in the movie because it would've been to big for the screen and it would look like an ant fighting Shaq. I can admit when I wrong unlike some people on this site but thank god I was wrong cause it's gonna be great!

  18. I would love to see all of the individual constructicons be leader class. I wish there were more leaderclass because of the size. I love having some of the newer leader class toys that make the transformation sound. I would love to see the bigger robots like blackout, starscream ironhide ect, not to mention Jetfire. can you imagine the size of devastator with 7 leader class robots? I would pay the money to get them.

  19. Devastator complete for 99$ looks promising, then the German Price can be suspected to be 99€, judging by their past retail-listings.

  20. Come On guys from Hasbro the toy line its just great BUT the prices are way to high for us the fans you guys are gonna rip-off our wallet.


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