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The Fallen Poster Again, ToyFair Q&A

Along with the true visage of The Fallen (sadly pic is that small), The Transformers Club has posted the results of a Q&A held during Toy Fair 2009 buffet held for executives and toy retailers. The Q&A was with Brian Goldner (Hasbro CEO), TF Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tyrese Gibson, and TF Director Michael Bay.

The Q&A didn't allow recording devices so the results are paraphased so for those that like to parse every word for meaning, tread carefully. Below are a select answers but the full post can be found here.
WC: Michael, the first movie was such an amazing success how is Revenge of the Fallen going to be different?
MB: From learning the mythos, to figuring out how to make the robots transform on the big screen, the first movie involved a lot of discovery. In addition, it was a story about a boy getting his first car and finding his first girl friend. The second movie is a coming of age story, encompassing global issues, and bringing the robots to a new level. If every boy in the world didn’t want a Bumblebee in his garage from the first movie, they will from the second. All of the robots in this film are superhero tough. I’ll tell you I am very passionate about this film.
LdB: Yes, in the first movie, boy gets car, boy finds girl, but this one really explores the idea of responsibility as Sam leaves for college. He thinks he wants to lead a normal college life but finds out some of his decisions don’t work out so well for not only him, but also the whole world.

WC: ...how does this film evolve the mythology?
BG: We all know that everyone is hungry for the next level of mythos, so we really want everyone to wonder what Revenge of the Fallen means.
LdB: It is a very deep mythology and most people just don’t know how deep it is.
MB: Yes, this film will satisfy all types of fans as I have included my trademark humor, more intimacy with the humans and robots, and Moms will think it is safe enough to bring the kids back out to the movies.
TG: The humor often times is created on the spot. Something happens on the set and Michael lets us keep it in the film. I know I still get comments from kids about my “left cheek”. I don’t know if that will ever go away and that was a spontaneous comment that just came out when we were filming the first film.

RA: Special effects software and camera technology have made advancements since the first film. How has this empowered you to further realize your vision for Revenge?
MB: The developments in technology have allowed us to have the robots show emotion. This is a robot movie and this new technology allows us to explore a greater depth of personality from these characters.

RA: No other director has the kind of relationship that you have developed with the US Military. What piece of hardware did you get access to that are you most excited about for this coming film?
MB: It’s like I have a direct line to the Pentagon. This is the first movie where actual F16’s have made a bombing run on a movie set and coordinated with special effects explosions. We were on a working nuclear submarine and working aircraft carrier. The military loved the first movie. It really helped with recruiting and promoting a positive image for them. Now they are happy to do just about anything they can for my films. We also found out that in Afghanistan the Buffalo(s) (Bonecrusher vehicle from the first movie) have all been nicknamed different Transformers characters by their personnel. We also worked with tanks firing real rounds and you have not lived until you have heard an actual tank firing. We have so much access - I am appreciative and excited about all the military vehicles we use.

RA: Filming at the pyramids must have been amazing! What were the greatest challenges you faced?
MB: This is the first time in 30 years that anyone has filmed at the pyramids and the first time ever anyone has filmed from the top of Petra. Steven filmed Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade from the base of Petra. It took 21 very heavy helicopter loads to get all our gear to the top. We had all the access we wanted in Egypt as we found out that the head of Egyptian Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass is a big Transformers fan and was very helpful. We also filmed in the desert where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed. Very challenging conditions.
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  1. a submarine? hmmmmmm...

  2. when do the toys come out?

  3. NightShade872/18/2009 12:55 AM

    If what not only Bay but the others are saying in this interview is true, then the movie looks to be one mind-numbing, box-office-smashing hit. Deja vu all over again.

    The only summer sequels that are actually the second movie in the series are: Night at the Museum 2, Angels and Demons and Transformers: ROTF. Everything else is in the threes or higher. So, it's safe to say it'll be the biggest sequel for the summer.

  4. "...as I have included my trademark humor"


    if there is anything we could see less of, it's the cheesy "humor" in bay's films. i thought this was supposed to be darker?

  5. Talk about live action. Real bomb runs, actual tank fire. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

  6. you said it AliBaba007 groan indeed does anyone else think bay should shove his direct line to the pentagon up his high and mighty asshole. Its such a love hate relationship with bay,he makes the eye candy we all want to see but hes such a douche.

  7. sounding good. good year for movies, methinks.

  8. It’s like he has a direct line to the...

  9. Videos of the AUTOBOTS @ 2009 Chicago Auto Show here..




    Enjoy!! Please rate and comment when possible!! i have a TON of pics also. i will just have to find a good source to put them up on the web, instead of my own personal photo pages.

  10. "in Afghanistan the Buffalo(s) (Bonecrusher vehicle from the first movie) have all been nicknamed different Transformers characters by their personnel"

    It nice to hear this

  11. "It’s like he has a direct line to the..."


  12. This interview sounds promising indeed! One of my favorite things he said is that technology has allowed them the ability to give the TF much more emotion. That would be a great improvement.

  13. I like that Fallen poster.

  14. wonder when this fallen poster will be bigger to copy.

  15. "...more intimacy with the humans and robots, and Moms will think it is safe enough to bring the kids back out to the movies."

    Im really hoping they misphrased this...its kindof conflicting

  16. Submarine....Hmmmm....

    I'm guessing one of two things....(1)they used onboard and external footage to establish that it was with the battle fleet during the decepticon attack AND more shots of the underwater "destruction sequence"....
    ..the Sub also may be destroyed in the attack...(dont wanna leave any witnesses/opposition alive right???)

    Or (2)The Sub is dispatched during/after the attack to find out what the fuck is going on
    and then promptly gets its "ass snatched up in a beartrap" and becomes the alt mode for one of the attacking 'Cons!!!

    What say you people???

    And by "you people" i mean...you people!!!


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