Monday, February 02, 2009

USA Today Rates Transformers Commercial (Updated)

USA Today did a second by second ad meter that tracks viewers from various demographics as they watched the 52 Superbowl ads. The Doritos crystal ball ad took the top spot with a score of 8.46. Transformers 2 commercial came in 37th with a score of 5.93 not exactly a something to brag about.

The exercise isn't exactly scientific, but going for Transformers is where most of the other ads leveled out quickly, Transformers kept climbing becoming one of the few to touch the fourth row. I have a feeling that if the ad had started straight into Transformer action instead of human character reactions the ad might have taken the top spot.

Update: Other websites ran their own polls and what not to score the Superbowl trailers.

From Richard, poll had Transformers on top among the movie related trailers. 83% found the Transformers the most memorable and 23% said it encouraged them to see the movie this summer. The remaining top five was Star Trek (79%), Monsters vs. Aliens (78%), Fast and Furious (77%) and Land of the Lost (75%).

Bloomberg also did its own ranking of the commercials and the Superbowl. As far as ratings, the game had 95.4 million viewers and 42.1% of US homes with TVs making it the second most watch Superbowl ever (last years was #1). According to Tivo, Transformers Revenge of the FAllen trailer was the fifth most watched commercial of the night, "was the first movie trailer to reach top 10 since 2003." Overall, considering the instant awareness the trailer clearly brought to the movie, I am thinking Paramount is pleased with the results of that $3 million commerical. Thanks to Chris for the link.


  1. 5.93? morons!

  2. Just like Nielsen ratings for tv shows... this stuff is so much flawed. Statistics is no magic and there are too many money interests behind it. It's just so silly, there are so many people against Bay and the Transformers franchise... It's just like the Oscar awards where they stated the The Golden Compass CGI was better than Transformers--simply pathetic.
    I hope Bay, Spielberg, Paramount and Hasbro won't care about these flawed fake statistics.
    The Transformers2:ROTF teaser trailer is the most downloaded,viewed,traded online right now.. that is the best indication of its success. Forget the silly statistics based on a bunch of families and flawed calculus tweaked to praise only those that pay to be praised!

  3. Year One and Land of the Lost is above Transformers. Give me a break

  4. You got to be kidding me year one and land of the lost beat revenge of the fallen.The hd version of the commerical online before getting taking off youtube was well over 369,000 veiws.That ratings system is screwed up.

  5. Stupid rating tests. You know in the end it's all about the actual ticket and toy sales. You can rate and hype shit all you want, but the numbers of spent dollars speak for themselves.

  6. These stats don't mean nothing. We will find out in June.

    Also, even if they have all these humans in this teaser, the only reason why they are there is because of the war between the Bots & Cons, so it's all about the Transformers either way.

  7. What the hell land of the lost beat transformers!

    Hopefully Transformers beat GI-Joe.

    These statistics are wrong though an earlier trailer leaked on youtube on saturday go over 2,000 views in that day and was taken off the net due to something to do with Infringement also youtube has joined forces with this evil USA Today reviewers as they are banning all music from the Transformers Trailers and previews!

    I cant believe that it came behind Land of the lost it was a trailer that beat land of the lost by millions.

    The only problem with the Cgi in the first film was a scene where prime was watching megatron come towards him and optimus was silvery and less believable.

    They have probably just done this because they know land of the lost will be Crap and want to boost peoples ideas of the film so they will see it.

  8. Most Memorable Super Bowl Movie Trailer?

    Transformers ranked No. 1 =)

  9. I think USA today hired a bunch of morons to do this poll, I think it was only a pool of 250 people, plus it did not take into account how many times people reversed their DVRs or Tivos and watched it again,


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