Monday, March 02, 2009

More Ask Orci Stuff

Roberto Orci continues his dedication to the transfans by occasionally dropping in the Don Murphy forums and answering questions. For those, like me, just a little tired of the same toy news, here are the latest that seemed worth posting about. As usual, my comments in parenthesis.
Is Ravage the only minion palling around with Soundwave this time around?
not exactly...
(Perhaps he is referring to the robot thing seen on the Princeton campus set)

Any truth to the rumor that Starscream is an independent player in ROTF?
(I think this is in reference to the Reign of Starscream comic where he did try to take over the Decepticons briefly.)

Any chance of another full trailer which might reveal more to the story than it's tone? It did a great job of showing off the frantic pace and darker vibes, but very little by way of story. Any revelations coming?
Yeah, I'm sure another trailer is in the works that shows more of the story. Don't know when it'll be out. Maybe in front of Trek?
(Honestly I will be absolutely dumb-founded at the stupidity of the decision makers if a new trailer doesn't debut with Star Trek considering both are Paramount projects and summer tent pole movies.)

Hey Roberto, an admittedly long-winded question here. When I watch TF1 now, it always feels like it's split into 2 movies, the first half being more grounded in day to day reality, and the second being a little more high concept sci fi. I would call the Autobot arrival scene the transition between the 2 halves.
My question is do you think that TF2 will have a similar transition? Because from what I've seen so far, I think it might, but you just might know better than me.

Interesting question. In a sense, yes, because both movies have a structure where the world changes at the midpoint. In the first movie, that meant the full arrival of the autobots. In this movie, there is also a mid point that changes the movie. Very perceptive.

So when was the last bit of writing done for TF2 or are you still doing bot dialogue and such?
Oh yeah. Last bit was last week! We'll be working on it until the bitter end.

Having fun?
Yes. Except when we fight with Bay. But in retrospect, that's also part of the fun.

Haha fighting with Bay? that must be intense... Does it happen a lot?
Every time!

Who wins?
50/50. But only because there's three of us against 1!
(I posted the bit about the fighting as found it amusing. That there can be fights at all means that Bay is receptive to ideas. After all he has the position to simply say "I don't want to hear it, just do as I say" like most bosses tend to do.)


  1. Killing Time3/02/2009 8:19 PM

    its not toy news! thanks!

  2. Thanks heavens for movie news and not about toys.

  3. Still no mention of devastator?

  4. Looks like starscream won't try to kill megatron!

  5. We don't have enough information to know if Starscream will try to kill Megatron right now.

  6. SILVERBEAKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i know that's why i said "looks like". i just want badass robots blasting each other so who ever starscream goes after is cool with me.

  8. what about superion? might he be in the film?

  9. whats worse, numbering your post or bringing up Superion? :)

  10. yay! no toy news! i love you! lol

  11. No shit if their would've been another toy post I might've jumped out my window... NAKED! now let's keep the movie news rolling.

  12. i wish if this guy has the power to interview Orci and ask him question ask him about some characters that might not have been mentioned or asked about like the breakway toy sighting and hey even maybe about another character some ppl would like to see like Hot Rod and Prowl

  13. Atleast Mr. Orci seems to be on our side....

  14. It's funny the way he talks about Ravage. I'm thinking he's as big as Scorponok and is made from those three Can-Am Spyders seen on-set. Maybe each can transform into alt modes, like Arcee?

  15. what i want to know is about the pretender(i think thats the name) was it really necessary to put too much characters in one film. we all need backround stories for every new character not just a random pop up character. i smell a spiderman 3

  16. Since when do you need back-stories for TF's? They're all the same! Less dialogue, more fighting!

  17. I have to disagree with the 'toy news' comments:

    Personally--any and all TF:RotF related news is FINE

    Thanks ADMIN!!

  18. At least we know that this is actually a movie blog and not a toy blog.

  19. Anonymous said...
    SILVERBEAKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!

    you mean LASERBEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. news:
    that can mean only one thing:

  21. Far prefer toy news to this which says pretty much nothing...

  22. Counterpunch3/03/2009 7:50 AM

    Would have been nice to know of new Autobot characters...

  23. Wonder if the Insecticons are part of Soundwave's minions. Sam was seen taking apart a mechanical bug, no?

  24. yeah, but that must definitly be a spybot or something like that, remember that the insecticons were able to eat metal and they were really nasty robots, seriusly doubt that is an insecticon

  25. "yeah, but that must definitly be a spybot or something like that, remember that the insecticons were able to eat metal and they were really nasty robots, seriusly doubt that is an insecticon"

    ....and soundwave was a tape deck, Bumblebee a VW, Megatron a gun...etc etc. Unless you hadn't noticed already they change stuff! It looks pretty much like a robotic insect (i.e insecticon) to me reguardless whether its a spy, eats metal or not.

  26. Bumblebee was a VW??? Now you are talking crazy...

    Just wondering why Ravage would have to turn into something else like the 3 "Can-am Syders"? Scorponok didn't transform from the scopian he was. (originally I thought he was the motor/engine for Blackout).

    And we don't need background stories for the other characters. they all came to earth either looking for the AllSpark or were called to earth by Optimus Prime or Starscream or Megatron. What do we need to know other than that. We see them land and we see them choose a form, done.


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