Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bay: "I will never have a Twitter account"

A recent twitter posted from MichaelBay_Dir account indicated that a new trailer is coming soon. Technically this is true as, while not officially confirmed, I don't see Paramount missing a chance to advertise one of their own movies with the re-launch of Star Trek when it premieres on May 7th at 7PM.

However, it turns out that account is not the real Michael Bay, as Bay recently emphatically posted.
I will never have a Twitter account

Twitter. Never. What a waste of time.

I believe the source of the confusion was the admin for the official Michael Bay website linked to it (see photo), thinking it was real (link since removed). It is an honest mistake as it can be difficult to sort out the real from the fake on Twitter. On the plus side, some fake accounts can be amusing reads such as The_Megan_Fox.

In this case, it is also an example on why having a real account might just be a good PR move since the fakes can cause problems. If I ran a PR company, part of the "package" would be to maintain a star's various social sites so that people can easily add the real over the fake. Not saying post as the star (transparency always a must), just provide a destination for fans so they don't follow the fake accounts.

At least you know my account is real so feel free follow me.


  1. i read that yesterday as well

  2. Selective Realism4/14/2009 7:40 PM

    Bay really does have a Twitter account.

    It is Businessinthefront_Partyintheback.

  3. Ironically, his short post about not having a Twitter account would have made the perfect tweet. :p

  4. idk if you guys have seen these photos here r the links:

    ik i think this is Brawl but why would he be in the Transformers ROTF game??

    And i think this one looks like Black Out:


    and this one is Optimus Prime


    This is demolisher and Bumble Bee shooting him


    And this one i know its Optimus Prime, Some other robot possibley Iron Hide, but i have know idea what the huge thing behind both them is


    ENJOY,,,, SORRY FOR LONG MESSage oh and if some of them dont work if they have "cdn" in the front of it try it with out "cdn"

  5. I like this guy more now that he doesn't have a "twitter" account, I've even stopped watching TV shows that do nothing but promote using twitter as it's more than just a little annoying

  6. The image links you gave us didn't work for me, even when I put took out the "cdn". If you others are having trouble, replace the cdn with www and a 404 screen with Ironhide will come up. Then just go to the "media" section on the nav bar. There's some pretty cool pics in the concept art, including a few bots that I don't recognize. There's one that looks like Blackout, but I don't think it's him - he doesn't have the prop blades anywhere on him.

  7. Selective Realism4/14/2009 8:25 PM

    Those pics of Blackout and Brawl look like flashbacks.

  8. ya thats why i posted them in other words like the chief said if they dnt work just go to the transformers 2 game website and go to media and its right there but since the game trailer, alot of people think that the helicopter (previously taken br blackout,(MH-53 pavelow)) is just a helicopter the military uses in the video game, for example, in the first transformers video game, there are V-22 ospreys in the game but there isnt an autobot or decepticon who takes that alt form

  9. Kudos for bay, I will never hav a twitter account either. I just found out about twitter 2 weeks ago, googled it and found out I wasted my time, what a useless thing..micro blogging? Wtf ...sad that I saw it while watching cnn and then finding out that people stop what they're doin to send a "tweet" ...id get it just so I could send a tweet saying "taking a dump" "rubbin my balls" etc

  10. Christopher Cox4/14/2009 9:33 PM

    I don't understand the hostility towards Twitter. If you think it is a waste of time then you obviously are not the intended market for it. I find it very useful. I have an active social life and it makes it easier to get people together. Nothing like sending a tweet and all your friends know what location to hang out at every Saturday because it sends a txt to all subscribers no computer necessary. Sure beats texting 9 people the same thing all the time. There is also an awesome business use for it as well. Some places send tweet when fresh pastries are done so everyone subscribed gets notified. I sure wish krispy kreme did this! LOL

  11. Twitter's a stack of shit, and like he said, a complete waste of time too.

  12. I don't hate Twitter. But I do agree that it CAN be a waste of time beyond just doing the regular work email distribution and set schedule. I have a very busy work/life schedule and I simply have zero time to be texting people my life updates. I have more important things to do. Like actually talking TO people. hehe

    And yeah, nobody REALLY cares if I tweeted, "Dude, I can totally see Megan's bewbs". Well, almost nobody.

  13. Dude! I'd be all over that were it true! lol

    I half agree with Cox up there. There's definitely a good place in society for it, particularly if you're a business or you have something important to say on a regular basis. Marvel Comics for example has some good tweets sometimes about new stuff coming out or contests, but the rest of the time they're just gabbing with people - rather pointless.

    If you ever turn on a celebrity news show like TMZ or Entertainment Tonite, every other fucking shot of a celeb is them tweeting on their phone. What are they saying? Just crap like "on the red carpet at the CMA's. JLo's dress is hot" or "@AshtonKutcher yeah, I saw him too. Totally right?"

    Why does average subscriber to someone's twitter need to see crap like that?


  14. Ry you have some of the worst typing ever.
    how could you manage to get a typo in every URL you listed.

  15. twitter lets me keep my honeys in check!

  16. I signed up for Twitter and I never use it.

  17. I saw on Imdb that Mike posted on his website and he said the trailer of tfII will not be w/STrek but w/XMen Wolverine

    YEAH!!!!!!!!! A week earlier

    here is the web link:

    Alex W. from Jersey

  18. Two news:
    - ROTF toy list revelead (Leader class toys are not):
    - May 1st will release a new ROTF trailer:

  19. Screen shots from the Game :)

    Includes the Seekers:


  20. -TRA DLX FIG LOCKDOW (6-53569-46461)-

    Is this one from Animated? Or is Lockdown a new Revenge of the fallen charecter aswell.

    -TRA ALIEN FORM (6-53569-41612)-

    Megatron, The Fallen or someone new?

    -TRA MV2 DELUXE JET ((6-53569-45097)-

    Humm Starscream and The Fallen are Voyager class toys. Megatron is a Leader and Voyager class toy so who is this then?

  21. Scorp, i only see Starscream in those shots. where are you seeing anyone else you can call Skywarp and Thundercracker?

  22. Never found a use for Twitter either. Any friends I wanna send a quick message to as to where to be I just text on my phone. Got unlimited free texts anyways. What gets me though is that I read the BBC News site daily and their techy people seem to be obsessed with Twitter.

  23. Twitter is the bomb!
    Get used to it.

  24. Scorpio, Breakaway is a deluxe class jet.

  25. And still one thing, I think all toys of that list are from ROTF. So, I think Lockdown is too a new toy.

  26. -Scorp, i only see Starscream in those shots. where are you seeing anyone else you can call Skywarp and Thundercracker?-

    There is a picture with three flying transformers surrounding an aircraft carrier either they are the seekers or more Drones.

    -Scorpio, Breakaway is a deluxe class jet.-

    Sorry i forget about him. Although which are the other ones though.

  27. or normal US planes as they are the fighting on an aircraft carrier.
    zero indication of them even being transformers.

    might as well say the air craft carrier is Tidal Wave, just as much evidence.

  28. Who is the bot that Starscream is firing at in this shot:


    Just a drone or a new character? I don't recognize his red highlights.

  29. i just found out that IMDb posted that the next full-lenghth trailer for TF2 is before X-men Origins and also Mr.Bay and Steven Speilburg sat down in a huge theatre just the two of them and watched the opening seens

  30. -or normal US planes as they are the fighting on an aircraft carrier.
    zero indication of them even being transformers.-

    Except there are two of them in robot mode. see this image:

    Either they are Decepticon robots or they are Autobots drones (Most likely drones as they seem to be firing at Starscream. Also who is this:

    There is only 1 of him so it is most likely a boss fight he seems like a cross between Ironhide (Feet), Jazz (Body) and Optimus (Head). Either he is Sideways or he is a new charecter.

  31. Christopher Cox4/15/2009 12:23 PM

    Point is ... if you can't find a use for Twitter it doesn't make it crap. I find absolutely no use for a jackhammer but don't bag on silly construction people using them. For me, and lots of others, Twitter is one of those things that make life so much easier. MUCH better than texting 9 other people every time the same damn thing. Lots of other uses for Twitter besides getting people together though.

    If you don't need it, don't use it ... it's as simple as that. But bagging on it simply because YOU have no use for it is kind of silly.

  32. Christopher Cox4/15/2009 12:29 PM

    "What gets me though is that I read the BBC News site daily and their techy people seem to be obsessed with Twitter."

    Another use for twitter is more professional. I do contract IT jobs for extra money, and it is a quick way to distribute leads with your buddies than texting everyone you know. Rather than texting a bunch of people all the time asking to see if someone wants to write a back end script for something, I tweet and everyone subscribed gets a text message. If someone has the time to do it, they respond. It lets me service customers much faster.

    The only people that really seem to have problems with Twitter are people who have no social or professional network of people or have no need to get information to a bunch of people at the same time. If that isn't you, you don't need twitter ... just go about your life.

  33. Christopher Cox4/15/2009 12:34 PM

    Lockdown is not a new character for ROTF. He is from the Transformers Animated series. He is a rogue with no allegiance to Autobot or Decepticon, but in the toyline he was labeled as a Decepticon.

  34. How you know that?

  35. Christopher Cox4/15/2009 12:53 PM

    How do I know he isn't a ROTF character? Ummmmmmm because I have seen him in an episode of Transformers a long time ago? And a quick search of Lockdown will get you pictures from the cartoon as well as old Lockdown toys?

  36. I am thinking they are gonna get Simon Furman to write the third film. Or at least have him supervise everything. Who else could pull all the peices together? Except for myself and Scorpio?

  37. replying to whoever said speilberg and bay watched the first few scenes. They watched the whole movie and steven said it was bay's best work to date. bay said trailer comes out with wolverine. awesome!

  38. TRAILER____________________!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY 1ST MAY 1ST MAY 1ST MAY 1ST,MA- I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  39. -Who else could pull all the peices together? Except for myself and Scorpio?-

    True but are ideas are based on our opinions while film makers are based on the troubles of making the script into a real film. Here are a few who could possibly write the 3rd film:

    Me and Essex: Who knows maybe if we post a good script they may like it and use it :)

    Russel T Davies: Good at long plots but lacks on short ideas could be good if hinting at a bad guy or introducing Unicron.

    David S. Goyer @ Christopher Nolan: Both are good writers and helped to portray plot good although they lack a bit on emotion and portrail they are very good at action scenes.

    Personally i really hope Bay gets Fan opinions for the third film as if he follows the fans ideas he will get more people who want to see the film.

    Also a bit about the trailer based on Bays words:

    A while ago Bay said he hated seeing a film where he had seen all the good parts in the trailer. This basicly rules out major plot points and most likely Devastator from making an appearance.

    Also here is some more Screen shots from the different games and information on the gameplay :)


    Bye :)

  40. After going through the interview and searching through records i have made an interesting discovery of a Transformer shaped like a Scarab beetle. It is unlikely to be an Insecticon as they are two small and it is not the Fallen as he makes his first (And probly only) apperance in egypt.

    Who could this new Transformer be? A Constructicon maybe?

  41. don't call skyfire jetfire, for the love of god this is a sin. call him by his original name.


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