Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bay Talks Favorite Transformers

MTV has posted another snippet of their interview with Michael Bay. This time he discusses his favorite Tranformers in the movie.
"The Fallen is the ultimate bad boy," Bay explained of the mysterious evildoer glimpsed briefly in the trailer for the June 24 film, whose vengeful mission gives the film's title its double meaning. "He goes way back in the Transformer world. He's one of the first Transformers."

"The twins are quite fun," Bay said of the comedy-relief duo, remembering his inspiration for including them. "I just kept thinking, 'What if we have two dumb Transformers that are young and dumb?' ... They are just irreverent, dumb Transformers."

"[Devastator is] the most complicated model that George Lucas' company has done in 30 years," Bay marveled. "In all the 30 years of [Industrial Light and Magic] making movies, it's the most complicated digital model — and it's tenfold in terms of the most complicated. It's taken a long time to do.

"There's a lot of great new characters in this movie — some funny ones, some devious ones, there are some little teeny ones that are a little irreverent," Bay said of a robot group that includes such newbies as the four-legged Ravage, sleek Sideswipe and others. "You know what is better in this movie? The acting of the robots. It's just evolved from the last one, and in terms of the animation we are able to put these robots' [emotions] in."

Such acting innovations have also helped a big breakout robot from the original "Transformers" film, who Bay insisted remains his favorite Transformer of the group. "Bumblebee is great in this movie," he promised.


  1. nothing new hear but still pritty cool to know

  2. i wonder how its going to work for SideSwipe and the other wheeled bots in egypt wont they like sink in the sand or something???

  3. To Micheal Bay:

    The Fallen shouldnt be your best bad guy. Your Micheal bay king of the action, lord of the explosions. For your next Transformers film you should have Unicron. He is the real ultimate bad guy of transformers. He can destroy a planet by simply crushing it in his hands. He can wipe out all life on earth with a flick of a finger. He is the ultimate bad guy. Please use him along with the following in the next film:

    Thrust (Perfect enemy for Sam and Mikela and the Autobot Bike bots)

    From, Scorpio

    Devastator is meant to be hard he is the ultimate combiner (Other than maybe Bruticus)
    If he wasnt the hardest to do he wouldnt be the best.

  4. i agree with Scorpio 100% on this one

  5. -i agree with Scorpio 100% on this one-

    Thanks :)

  6. No prob Scorpio your like the best Blogger on this blog

  7. JEEZ----Why don't we just have every transformer ever created in the third film so noone will be disappointed. There is NO WAY in hell we will ever see Dinobots----let it go G-Whiners

    If you want Dino-bots go to Jurassic Park 4

  8. theres a jurrasic park 4 being made?????????

  9. Not the way you spelled it but.....YES

  10. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. RY - At the end of the day just remember they are extraterrestial robots. Obviously the robots will adapt to whatever conditions they are in. They are called " Transformers" anyways...

    PS - Dinobots hopefully will be in TF 3. Nothing to do with being G1 or not. Heck, Prime & Megatron are G1 Transformers.

    Bay could've gone with Lord Zarak as the bad guy & having Cerebros as the Autobot commander, BUT DID HE? NO.

  12. i just relized that the beginning of ROTF is similar to the 1st transformers movies; in the 1st 1 black out trashes the military base, in ROTF demolisher/scavenger trash Shangai they both open similar but i hope demolisher/scvenger survive Shangai mabye as stupid as this will sound,, "play dead"

  13. ^^ They are not similar at all ^^

    Blackout was looking for the location of the All-Spark and wanted to destroy the base leaving no survivors---hence the reason he sent his minion Scorpy after Lennox & Epps

    Demolishor {who is NOT scavenger} is being hunted by the A-Bots & N.E.S.T.----he isn't out to destroy Shanghai he is just being cornered {just so happens an overpass is in his way}

    C'mon man----do your research----AGAIN!!

    Alex W.

  14. OMG i just mean they open with a decepticon causing HAVOC!!!!!!!!

  15. I understand what you mean wasn't Denolishor's plan. In the trailer you see him trying to hide when the military finds him and then he is forced to transform and fend for himself. Blackout had every intention of destroying the Soccent base and everyone that was there. This is Bay-Hem we are talking about...did you expect some romance to start the film??

    Alex W.

  16. oops--I meant DeMolishor not DeNolishor :)


  17. Scorpio who????? Never heard of him...

    just kidding, you know I love your posts.

  18. When Blackout attacked no human knew what a Transformer was. He went in undercover (so to speak) and had a motive to retrieve information. When that plan was breached, he decided to kill everyone and leave no evidence.

    Demolisher is doing the opposite....he is hiding, not hunting, because the world now knows Transformers exist.

    The only similarity is that Bay will start both movies with action.

  19. ya thats wat i mean but dnt you think wat u just said sed about demolisher makes him sound like a coward dnt take it the rong way

  20. "ya thats wat i mean but dnt you think wat u just said sed about demolisher makes him sound like a coward dnt take it the rong way"

    Wat dmn language r u speekn?


    Demolishor isn't very bright, but he knows when to fight, and when to run and hide. Arriving on Earth to find Megatron destroyed, hiding seemed like the best option. Since then, he's taken a few smaller Decepticons under his protection, and built quite a little community. It hasn't been easy hiding among the humans that creep like a disease over this planet, but he and his companions are content until a new Decepticon leader emerges to guide them back to glory.


    He is NOT a coward just an oppurtunist waiting for his moment that the flesh-lings ruin for him.

    Alex W.

  22. I never said he was a coward, just that he was hiding per his toy bio.

  23. watever but doest a few mean 2 decepticons?? that means hes protecting Side Ways but whos the other Decepticon??

  24. a few means 5. it would stand to reason they are the other constructicons.
    stupid hearsay has people saying he is protecting Sideways.

    also as far as i know the film begins with sam starting college, i've never heard it starts with an attack on Deomlishor in china.

  25. well a 'few' refers to more than 2 as that would be a 'couple' so it appears based on that bio maybe there are two other D's along with Sideways and Demolishor.

  26. ya thats wat i said and im 99% percent sure it starts with the Shangai seen and then Sam going to college, but its similar to Transformers because it will start with action then quiet down to Sam at his house because he tells bb that he can t come to college with him and i think thats when the pretender strikes

  27. ^^^ 99% of films use this same formuala---what is your point? ^^^

  28. my point is the movies will be a bit similar

  29. Well by that logic.....Prime, Hide, BB, Ratchet, Megs, Screamer, Scorps & Cade return along with all the main humans except Voigt and there will be destructive and power hungry D-Cons and the A-Bots try to stop them.

    This isn't new info you are providing---it's April already and you are comapring the opening scenes when you have a guy like Scorpio who may have the whole plot figured out minus the actors lines.

    Alex W.

  30. If you are "just saying" make it interesting. Tell me Ravage's special skill or who revives Megs or how Cade's disappearance will be explained.

    I don't want to read how the opening sequences may be similar because......we all know they will be----BAY-SPLOSIONS in the opening scene is a MUST!!!

    Would you rather see Bumblebee crying in a garage or see $h!t get blown up once you start picking at your popcorn bucket?

    Alex W.

  31. id rather see shit get blown up!!!! i cant belief were arguing over something so stupid!!! stop arguing!!!! and apparently ravages weapons are razor sharp teeth some kind og gas that kills living things

  32. Counterpunch4/15/2009 8:09 PM

    RY & Alex W - are you both a couple?

  33. I give major props to ILM, Bay and co for all their hard work. I can't wait to see the final product of that is "Revenge of the Fallen"!

  34. "The Fallen shouldnt be your best bad guy. Your Micheal bay king of the action, lord of the explosions. For your next Transformers film you should have Unicron. He is the real ultimate bad guy of transformers."

    Sorry to disagree, actually I'm not sorry but the best bad guy should be the next bad guy. Never wait for the next film, give the best to each film and top it next time if you can, never limit yourself in a film. Oh the next villain has to be better, worry about that if and when you get there or you limit yourself as a filmmaker.

  35. -theres a jurrasic park 4 being made?????????-

    Its been in development hell since 2002. Heres a link:

    Replying to AiC Hokie:

    I see your point but how are they going to top Devastator in this film unless they bring in Unicron in the next film or a huge battle like a Transformers style "300" film.

    -This isn't new info you are providing---it's April already and you are comapring the opening scenes when you have a guy like Scorpio who may have the whole plot figured out minus the actors lines. Alex W.-

    You want new information heres new information:

    Ravage uses biological weaponry such as his beast form. His special skill is a running jump that can propell him vast distances in which he uses his body like a missile making him capable of shattering through objects. His claws are sharp steel which can tear through almost any object. His tail can be used in a similar way to Scorponoks and can also be used to produce a toxic or sleep inducing Gas.

    Megatron is supposedly going to rebuild himself according to the toy bio however he may have help from Sounwave who destroys an aircraft carrier and uses the spare pieces to help rebuild Megatron.

    Barricades disappearance will not be explained but more hinted at (Offical words from Bay) However it is most likely he saw what happened to Bonechrusher and retreated to find reinforcements.

    -Demolishor {who is NOT scavenger} is being hunted by the A-Bots & N.E.S.T.----he isn't out to destroy Shanghai he is just being cornered {just so happens an overpass is in his way}-

    The name is not confirmed! Also he was out to destroy everything on earth until he crash landed and lost touch with the other Decepticons so he now is the protector of the Constructicons. Also Demolisher (As you call him) Does start off destroying Shang hai in the movie prequel. So stop annoying everyone and let us speculate besides he wasnt saying that they were similar before you started pestering him about the film.

    -No prob Scorpio your like the best Blogger on this blog-

    Thanks again although i really cant take all the credit. You are a good help on here aswell :)
    Its nice to at least speculate about the film plot.

    To Counterpunch,
    How come you dont do any film plots or post that often? :(

  36. Scorpio
    "The name is not confirmed"

    The toy has been on this blog like a hundred times already its called Demolisher, the bio also shows its the same transformer as in the trailer

  37. to scorpio

    what cant the other constructicons take care of themselves

  38. i want the last 3 minutes of my life back for reading that scorpio.

    you are attacking a dude {alex} who actually complimented you on the fact you have the movie somewhat figured out--that's harsh....are you protecting the other guy {ry} for some reason?

    i used to read your posts with some intrigue and now i've lost all faith:

    ravage is a self-propelled rocket?? that is awful. the picture is obviously of him being "ejected" from papa soundwave. if you say he can do all of those special things why would we need any other decepticons if ravage can do everything they can't?

    demolishor's name has been confirmed and of course the comic shows him in china in his robot mode but i bet you that he hasn't destroyed a single thing until they approach him like alex said.

    barricade's disappearance won't be hinted at???---he was a huge main character in the first and they are just gonna hint at what---he called in some decepticons because the freeway fight didn't go so well? sounds like a crappy send-off to a great character

    who are all these people saying that you are so smart?? i think if every user put their mind to it {instead of waiting for you to feed them scraps from already released material} they could have the plot figured out as well.

    you should see the ideas people come up with on the big boards like tfw2005, michael bay's site & even imdb {well sometimes imdb} those guys and some girls have come up with way better theories without reading the comics and following the blogs which is what you do and then relay that same info to people here and they eat it up like candy.

    people stop praising this guy and think about what you want to see instead of unicron, superion & the dinobots being shoved in your face every other scorpio post

  39. To the guy above me, can you reply with some links to websites I want to read some of those theories. Not to hassle you in any way but I like to get into what people know so far.

  40. Replying to Anonymous at 5:06AM:

    Well there goes 5 minutes of my life wasted on reading your post. Didnt you read anything i said!

    Why be so rude i didnt insult anyone (Except those who insult people on this board) i am sorry for offending you and others.

    Bay offically stated that they were moving on from the Barricade plot.

    Demolishers film name isnt confirmed as seen here the toy equiped with the supreme class Devastator is called Scavenger while the other is called Demolisher:

    If you have seen the picture showing Ravage doing a missile style jump towards a wall you will see that the idea is correct.

    As i have said a million times before if you have a plot even if it isnt real post it. Me, Essex, Ry, Counterpunch and Mcat used to post the facts about plots however recently its been reduced to only Me, Essex and Ry.

    Also some people on this blog dont go around checking TFW2005, Allspark, Seibertron and other TF websites so if we find new we post it here. Also if someone asks a question i will do my best to find the answer even if it has already been posted a long time ago.

    Also if you dont like my posts dont read them it is as simple as that :)

    Replying to Anonymous at 4:59 AM:

    I dont know it just says it on the back of the toy box. Most likely they are weaker and cant fight well when not combined.

    "Sorry for bieng such an idiot Alex W"

  41. Group Hug.
    There that's better.

  42. "Demolishers film name isnt confirmed as seen here the toy equiped with the supreme class Devastator is called Scavenger while the other is called Demolisher:"

    WTH?!?! You are referencing a freakin' unofficial blog site (that was written 2 months ago I might add) as your source for information???? What a joke! The info on that site is all derived from information from other news sites. They call the exact same character two different things in two different pictures and you state is as a fact that we don't know Demolisher's official name? As if the pictures from Hasbro's official toy means nothing? All because some nub mislabeled a picture on his blog site. You are a piece of work Scorpio.

    And you wonder why people attack you.

    Anon @ 5:06am, I couldn't have put it better. Stop hailing Scorpio as the king of this blog trying to tell admins to delete posts he doesn't agree with.

  43. This was the offical image from the toy i just couldnt bother seaching for all the links to it. What i am saying is they misprinted the name onto the Demolisher model. I also only started refering to him as Demolisher/Scavenger when the TFLive blog owner posted a thread concerning the toys as i wasnt sure what to believe was the real name. Why is everyone making a fuss over this. If you want proof of why i am confused here are the links:

    May i also not both The supreme class Devastator toy labelled Demolisher as Scavenger and the voyager class toy labelled him as Demolisher. That is all i was confused no need to go nuts and start shouting abuse :)

    I know about the date mix up so quit bugging me about it. The only reason i labelled him as that was so i didnt have comments saying "no its not Demolisher its Scavenger" or visa versa. I dont remember telling the admin to delete anything except for a masterbation joke on another topic. I only said to one person that the Admin deletes rude post. I never said i was the king or even a leader of the blog thats the owners job :)

    I have also appologized for the prior incident so there is no need for us to continue this arguement. Okay?

  44. Hopefully i dont get moaned at about this as well but heres an offical ROTF Display stand:

  45. Scorpio said... To Counterpunch,
    How come you dont do any film plots or post that often? :(


    Why? my POV aint matter.....

    my only film plot is having the Aerialbots in the movie.

    that's all.

  46. Scorpio----For the LAST time!!!

    Hasbro & Bay are not making that DEV/Brawl mistake from last year this time around. If you are so smart you would be able to figure out that Demolishor is NOT part of DEV.

    The Supreme toy will be Scavenger as this name will be the torso and the Voyager toy is Demolishor b/c he is.......a STAND-ALONE character. Anyone who said your theories are bogus are absolutely right.

    Stop telling others to "not read" your posts but....think twice about posting it b/c noone cares if you can take info from one blog to the other and spin it incorrectly like someone else said. Some people here don't read the others and you obviously do b/c I always see your name linking stuff from the other sources.

  47. -Why? my POV aint matter.....
    my only film plot is having the Aerialbots in the movie.
    that's all.-

    Still it would be nice to hear your opinions seeing as we have not much new news and it would be good to talk about something :)

    Replying to Anonymous at 5:18 PM:

    I just said in my last post that they were seperate charecters but since some Anonymous person a while back called Demolisher Scavenger i got confused. There is no need for all this rudeness i have appologized for what i said to Alex W. I only suggested that you dont read my posts so that you dont have to waist your time if you already know what i am going to say.

    I know a lot of people on this blog read what i have to say especially people here:

    And this list of people:
    Counterpunch (Also known as Punch)
    Transgore (Although he only pops in when mentioned)

    And alot of others. So can we please stop this insane quarrel as the film isnt out yet so niether you nor me have any proof as to whether Demolisher and Scavenger are the same or different (And that doesnt mean i want a ton of facts or links)

    P.s. Look at who helped suply the links for the new news over the last few days . . . Me and others so it seems mine and there opinions do count.

  48. Finally i`ve been mentioned LOL

    Ok dudes seriously you all need to chill Scorpy here has the right idea so lets all just discuss TF like normal people because in truth none of us know **** about the film. Let them have there speculation as soon the film will be released. Scorps post are actually pretty good as i dont have to search all those other websites and waste time if he helps add new information.

    Also his theorys and posts (Although sometimes long) are quiet good indeed. I heard he was doing a third film plot with Essex or something along those lines cant wait for your ideas Scorp and Essex keep em coming! :>

  49. I guess the guy who bitches alot is that BROCK AKA BRETT AKA EMILY.

    Scorpio is the PR MAN OF THIS SITE. The kid's got balls to put up with every BROCK that comes along.

  50. Counterpunch4/16/2009 6:18 PM

    Scorp, my POV for this movie's plot is this.

    China, take out Demolishor. Bee finds the dumb fugly twins & Jolt. All reunite in the States. More Bots arrive, more Deceps arrive. Sam gets whacked etc. In the end all fly to Egypt for final showdown.


  51. Wow, the twins made it to "one of Bay's favorites list.... impressive :)

  52. Woooo Bay likes Bumbblebee!

  53. Good points Counterpunch/Punch:

    Although it could be Brock or one of his other names it is most just random people who come on here to try and release there anger onto someone. The plot is basicly that simple it seems just like the basic Boy and his car plot from the first film.

    -Wow, the twins made it to "one of Bay's favorites list.... impressive :)-

    Though why Bay likes the immature twins is anyones guess? :)

  54. ^^^^^^^^^ Bay is a "kid-at-heart" :) ^^^^^^^^^

  55. ^^^^^^^^^^^- Arent we all ;)-^^^^^^^^^^^^

  56. This blog used to be cool! But now its just bitches bitchin!Im going to seibertron!!!

  57. when i read robots and more emotions, i can´t help but think this could be a problem..they shouldn´t act like humans, they are robots! but maybe thats just me..


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