Friday, April 24, 2009

Bay Talks Transformers 2 With TV Guide

TV Guide has posted a brief interview with Michael Bay where he discusses Transformers 2. Most of it is stuff we have heard before but I do believe this is the first time it has been stated that specifically three scenes are IMAX formatted. Thanks to Crisp for the link.


  1. woohoo!1st comment!i hope the fallen and devastator has some imax scenes

  2. First!! Suck it, donkeys!!

  3. son of a bitch!!

  4. MORONS...well the 3 scenes better be great

  5. dude said "Michael Bay also tells us things we will not see"

    So what exactly was that?

  6. "The dude said "Michael Bay also tells us things we will not see"
    We will NOT see it in 3-D-----attention span much????

  7. Here are the scenes most likely to be in Imax:

    1.The Sideways chase
    2.The Demolisher chase
    3.The Devastator VS Twins sequence

    Found this it includes some toy pictures, Display stands and posters and other stuff.

    The link is in japanese. I will translate it when the link is posted.

  8. After AVATAR is released, Bay will definitely switch to 3D.

  9. What Cameron movie is he talking about? Avatar?

  10. A link to Avatar is here:

    Also even if bay doesnt switch to 3D there is a new company which can change any 2D film into 3D. To be honest i wouldnt want to see TF2 in 3D because it would be a bit boring when we all know one of the scenes would have to be a yo yo or tape measure coming towards you. Also i would want to see TF1 in 3D first just to check it out.


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