Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bay's ShoWest Transformers 2 Montage Video (Update 4)

In what can only be a sneak of what the upcoming second Transformers 2 trailer will be, Michael Bay's site has posted the montage video for Revenge of the Fallen Bay showed at ShoWest a few weeks ago. It is freaking awesome with first looks at Devastator, Jetfire, Megatron kicking Optimus across a field, Sideways, Chromia, Megan looking incredibly foxy and lots more. The first part is a scene between Sam, Mikeala and Bumblebee in their garage before he leaves for college. Right off the bat you can see an improvement in the CGI work not only in the design but the movement and mannerisms of Bumblebee. From there it just gets better. If this montage doesn't get you excited for the movie, I don't think anything will. Thanks to Franco, Diego and Tony for the link.

In addition, he also posted the tribute video to his career that was played as part of the award ceremony when he accepted the Vanguard Award.

From the comments, links to download the ShoWest montage:
FLV(Higher Quality) - VLC to play
MP4(Lower Quality) - VLC or Quicktime to play
HD Download: MediaFire (Thanks to Alex for the links.)

Update: Added above download links and the below screenshots of the montage (hover over for comments) that Elis provided (thanks!).

Bumblebee Cries (groan)Chromia vs SidewaysJetfire complainsSideswipe flips-outScalpel (The Doctor) goes to work on SamWheelie picks a safe, but why would he need to?Optimus Prime vs Megatron's kneePrime gets airborne, Shia tries to not get squashed and possible Blackout? If so why the blades so small?Constructicon Rampage(I think) vs BumblebeeSkids and MudflapNo clue, can't tell if one or two TFsBumblebee and Twins at PetraOptimus Prime, Egypt (White Sands)Optimus and ? jump aroundDevastator thinks he is a catSince flowing flag, thinking Decepticon, some suggest Mixmaster

Update 2: From picture 6, someone noticed the blue look and wheel indicating the Transformer is Wheelie. Makes more sense as I imagine Scalpel, being a Decepticon, would simply just tear the safe apart. Thanks to HoosierAussie for the observation. Update 3: Sadly the video has been pulled from Vimeo and some locations on YouTube but did find an HD replacement embedded above. I also removed some of the download links that no longer worked.

Update 3: YouTube video stopped working, replaced that with embed from SlashFilm and Trailer Addict.

Update 4: Trailer Addict pulled the video so did an upload via blogger's interface which as you can see isn't so hot. Tried to make larger but the result looks like crap. Enjoy while you can.


  1. Yes I got credit in all honesty though I can't sleep because of its awesome.



  3. o.O No words.. Can't wait

  4. holy shit that was awesome!! cant wait for the trailer!!

  5. Oh My...I have no...that was insane!! Devastator...jetfire...I'll never get back to sleep now...

  6. The first Transformers was the first movie in ages where I was actually loving huge amounts of CGI, and this one looks even better. This is looking fantastic and I laughed at Jetfire :) Constructicons look great too.

    I have a feeling I'm gonna be watching this video many, many times before the movie's out.

  7. Its about 2:00 am and i have to be at work at 6:00 am. Hmmm. Oh well, im just going to have to call out now to view this clip over and over. Thanks guys. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous said...

    o.O No words.. Can't wait
    4/18/2009 4:34 AM


  9. By the way does anyone happen to know how to 'rip' a video from that site? My PC struggles to play the HD one and gets all choppy and I'd really like to view the video on my PlayStation3. I just need the higher res video itself as a file and I can probably convert it myself or PS3 Media Server can take a go at it.

  10. In the scene where Optimus get kicked by Megatron, you clearly see Blackout on the left of the screen. Never heard that he was returning in this movie before now. Maybe Brawl and Bonecrusher will make a comeback too?

  11. Did you guys see one of the transformers that looks just like Blackout in the grassy field? Looks just like him! Could it be maybe his brother or something? I really doubt it's actually Blackout.

  12. In the clip u can see Blackout is back(You can see him when Megatron kicks Optimus across the field) Starscream is also there. The Constructicons look great but looks like they all get fucked up. Jetfire is hilarious. Also it looks like skids is attacking Mudflap. If you look closely towards the end Megatron is fighting someone on top of a building (looks like Starscream). We hav;nt seen Sideswipe or Jolt yet and where is ratchet? Overall this movie is going to be an instant classic. And one more thing it looks like Optimus and BumbleBee tear shit up.

  13. idk it could be springer if he turned to the decepticons but highly doubtful but it could be Blackout returning but im sure he wont last Optimus i think will kill him where he stands

  14. Carnivac go here its the direct link to the vid in the bottom right corner click download quicktime version you have to sign up but thats quick and easy. Than just wait.

  15. Actually here are some direct links
    For the FLV- Quicker(Lower Quality)

    For MP4- Slower(Higher Quality)

  16. Cheers Franco. That'll do. I know for sure PS3MS can convert Mov files cos it did the last couple of TF trailers. Muchly appreciated buddy.

  17. when blackout and starscream are whooping primes ass, just as prime is flying you can see a person (probably sam) running towards him
    i hope that this isnt a crazy dream that sam is having and that the best transformer from the first film is really back and he does some damage on the autobots this time instead of getting crotch killed

    ps. blackout ftw!!!!!

  18. AWSOME omg i cant wait, bumblebee is pretty funny and so is jetfire, what was that on the bridge with the flag, that clearly looked like blackout in that field(glad im not the only one not to notice it), devastator looks awsome but very very sluggish and kinda wierd in the middle of an empty desert optimus gets owned(i know hell win) and im REALY interested in seeing how the brought back megatron and if so possibly blackout and any other "fallen" charecters that have once again risen like robotic zombies

  19. Here's a youtube link for anyone else who has vimeo problems

  20. Oh. My. God. That's definitely blackout in the field. Is that who the blog owner claimed was springer? don't think so. Also could that be soundwave on the bridge?

  21. Mixed em up FLV is high quality MP4 is lower "my bad".

  22. Anyone noticed that Blackout seems to be silvery gray this time around instead of black? I think the decepticons are sinking the carrier seen on the first trailer on the same spot that the destroyed decepticons were sunk in the first movie. This is in order to get new machinery down to the robots being resurrected. So Blackout becomes a silvery navy version of his own self!
    (You ca see a chopper sinking along with the planes and other debris in the first trailer).

  23. Download the Clip in HD here:

  24. in the scene where optimus is kicked there is a third robot off to the right, cant tell who though...

  25. 'We hav;nt seen Sideswipe or Jolt yet and where is ratchet?'

    Sideswipe briefly appears at about 2:22. He's upside down though :P

  26. I just died a little inside.

    Jetfires face, Jetfires voice, Sideswipes flip, Blackouts return, Devastator, Bumblebee putting his knee in Rampage's face, Chromia shooting and beating up Sideways, Optimus fighting Megatron, Starscream spitting at Sam.

    It's almost too much. *sobs*


  27. And here some screencaps

  28. @ anon 4/18/2009 6:18 AM:

    I'm thinking Soundwave, with the folded in wings/panels on his back.

  29. 'in the scene where optimus is kicked there is a third robot off to the right, cant tell who though...'

    I think the Decepticon on the right is Starscream.

  30. @Strandh

    thats what was thinking but wasn't sure, could that have been him on the bridge then?

    And optimus punches Megatron in the face...hard, in the very last clip. Cant watch those 9 frames enough :P

  31. Here is Blackout

  32. Download video:

  33. I figured out this...
    the one on the brigde is MIXMASTER .. look close.. 2 wheels @ each side and this tube..
    and the two TFs on the skyscraper - one is Meg.. the other one could be Starscream.. maybe they fight against eachother

  34. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG million times.
    no, wait trillion times..I want oxygen...
    (breathing heavily)

  35. On the building, the one standing is most likely Megs, the on the 'ground' has wheeled feet...and is a big as Megs, and from the first movie(not that they couldnt have changed some things) Starscream wasnt as tall as Megatron nor had wheeled feet

  36. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I wonder who that is underneath Optimus when he is jumping over the building.... It's MEGATRON!!!

    Don't think the scene between sam and bumblebee is corny either...

    Megs is at the very end of the trailer and he looks bad ass...

  37. i dont see wheels.. but i'm also not sure about Starscream..

  38. and i've noticed.. A BUG! Devastators right foot (Long Haul) is floating! it has no touch to the ground ! i can see the left foot underneath...

  39. The last bis shows optimus smashing megatron's face in, BADASS

  40. Yeap it sure does....

  41. 4 words sums up my emotions:


  42. Blackout or not, the robot to the left, after Optimus meets Megs foot/knee, starts swinging the chopper blades like a nunchuk just before optimus fills the screen...

  43. Holy shit.

    Jetfire sounds like a cranky british war veteran.


    I love the more human touches, like Prime spitting out a tooth.

    I'm going to hibernate until June.

  44. The skyscraper fight i guess the one who get pinned down is megs and the one standing is starscream

  45. Where's Stan Bush at these days? We need him on the soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  47. Man, Megatron is back...

    Megatron and Blackout somehow got resurected.

    Look at 2:21-2:23. Pause and Play till you can see faces. Megatron is back!

    Now the Autobots have two enemies. Megatron & Co. and The Fallen.

  48. megatron is kicking starscream ass at the top of a building.

  49. The Autobots are screwed

  50. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 9:13 AM

    1.does any 1 on no who that is fighting on the roof
    2.who does prime punch at the end
    3.who is that on the bridge it just me or duz it look like skidz is triying to attack mudflap that starscream with megatron and blackout in the jungle

  51. Blackout was thrown in the ocean with Megs maybe they revive him with him.
    You could also see Breackway jumping with those wings
    This movie is going to kick ass

  52. at the end Optimus punches Megs and then the scraps turn into the Decepticon sign but its really hard to see cuz it goes so fast

  53. 1.does any 1 on no who that is fighting on the roof
    2.who is that on the bridge it just me or duz it look like skidz is triying to attack mudflap that starscream with megatron and blackout in the jungle

  54. megan fox is lookin hotter than ever by the way .

  55. I dont see Breakaway anywhere...

    1. It's Megatron and someobdy...
    2. I think it's Soundwave...
    3. I think they're just starting a brotherly fight...I know from experience.. I have a twin bro...
    4. It looks like Starscream to me....

  56. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 9:53 AM

    is it me or is this film starting to look like the autobots are gonna get fukin owned by the decepticons cause its like 17 decpt vs 13 auto . and most autos are tiny 7 decept form some bad ass robot and 1 is the fallen. where is the autobots heavy artillery jetfire that rusty bot cant do shit to the decepticons. any1 rekon megs mite join the autobots cause i herd that neer the start off the film but i doubt that will happen . so how are the autobots gonna win

  57. You can tell its megatron b/c you can see his tank treads as his feet....And his long skinny arm...

  58. I think it could be a new Decepticon... not Blackout.

    Or it could be Incinerator, the V-22 Osprey.

    TF Live, the rooftop scene has 2 Transformers. Prime if Im not mistaken is the one getting pinned down.

    And the scene of Prime sumersaulting is him vs Megatron.

  59. How much of rotf is going to be in New York ? I saw Bay in Times Square earlier in the year and he said he was like scouting/taking pictures for rotf, but it didn't make sense because it seemed a little late in the production of the movie. Anyone heard anything about this?

  60. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 10:04 AM

    is it me or is this film starting to look like the autobots are gonna get fukin owned by the decepticons cause its like 17 decpt vs 13 auto . and most autos are tiny 7 decept form some bad ass robot and 1 is the fallen. where is the autobots heavy artillery jetfire that rusty bot cant do shit to the decepticons. any1 rekon megs mite join the autobots cause i herd that neer the start off the film but i doubt that will happen . so how are the autobots gonna win

  61. Luck and Prayers

  62. Selective Realism4/18/2009 10:10 AM

    The robot on the bridge is Mixmaster.

    The robot picking the safe is Wheelie not Scalpel.

  63. Apparently, only the MediaFire link seems to be working at this point...

  64. anybody got a link to the not crappy quicktime hd version? stupid video site limiting the number of times it can be downloaded is highly annoying

  65. ok this is final:

    starscream vs. megatron on the roof top. starscream getting pinned

    that is blackout with starscream and megatron, thats the scene after optimus rescues sam frm them

    the autobots wont exactly 'win'

    robot on the bridge is sounwave

  66. I'm loving it all Jetfire vs Starscream in the sky thats what I wanna see.

  67. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 10:39 AM

    i dont mean win or lose in that way i just think must of the autobots will die with the odds there up against .and that more decepticons will still be alive than autobots which mean they kind of win that battle


  69. It could be Blackout either way, because on Blackout's Die-Cast figure, he holds small, spinning blades in his hand like he does in the photo, which leads me to believe that is in fact Blackout.

    I'm relieved because BO's one of my favs. :]

  70. guys hold the mouse at the 2:22 mark u clearly see megatron

  71. HOLY CRAP x 10,000, 695 times!!!!!! :D

    Mind = blown

    a.) Nerd-gasm (over and over)
    b.) This definately deserves the VFX Academy Award.
    c.) I believe that it is Blackout in that one scene
    d.) Jetfire looks okay...nice to see him curse though, " ass!" (I think)
    e.) Starscream seems to have a salivary gland problem (he salivates profusely)
    f.) Megatron vs. Optimus Prime (again) = $150,000,000
    g.) Megatron vs. Starscream = $150,000,000
    h.) It looks like The Fallen is about to teleport AGAIN at the end of the shot

    June 24th can't come fast enough! ;D

  72. Skidz and Mudflap fighting/arguing is a great way to add the emotion to the robots. I do believe that the robot on top of the brooklyn bridge (that's the bridge in clip = I remember hearing that they wanted to shut it down at night do some filming) is mixmaster. The reason I say that instead of soundwave is because there are no blue orbs on him that we have seen in the toy picks and stuff and there aren't his panels that are visible. My theory is that if they can revive megs at the bottom of the sea, then why not revive blackout. There are plenty of choppers on the carrier that got dumped when the boat got it hit...He could rescan one of the choppers that was sunk. The tank treads for megs feet could be from brawl. They have said before that they were using parts of dead decepticons to rebuild him. I agree that the bot picking the lock is wheelie. The shot of Jetfire at the boneyard is awesome...I have one thing to point out about devastator. Yes he moves slow, but if you look at it scene you see him in you will notice that he almost floating. There are no shadows on the ground except when his right hand touches the ground. they need to finish finalizing that scene and neaten it up so it looks realistic. The bots do seem to move more fluidly than the first one. Overall great stuff though. I can wait for June!

  73. jeez-- if you closely as wat is probabley black out, you see that he has the same design look at it 1 more time you see he doors were his chest is, and he has the tail proppellar, i think its definetly black out and on the ROTF game web site theres a pix of the same dude and another dude that looks like brawl

  74. it doesnt look like it, he does teleport again, going frame by frame he disappears before the shot ends.

  75. It doesn't look like Starscream to me on the roof are you sure your not have wishful thoughts. I could be wrong though.

  76. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 11:03 AM

    wats this thing about devistator floating

  77. whoa, i always thought that was Dev punching Optimus, it was Megatron kicking him.

    enjoyed the starscream spit too!

    amazing update.

  78. At 2:23 you see a clear shot of megatron

  79. is that rampage at one of the shots in the desert with tht tracks, because on the toy he uses them to wip and that decepticon was wipping bb but i thought rampage was yellow?

  80. oh ya and when that car gets cut in half with that saw i think thats starscream bcuzright after that happens you see sam, 2 other charecters near a cut in half car with the same surronding as b4 either its starscream or a construction??

  81. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 11:17 AM

    wats that robot where optimus jumps down the middle of a squere building or summet like that

  82. it appears to be megatron, Sam.

    looks like its from the scene where megs, starscream capture sam.

  83. WHY IS RAMPAGE RED!!!!! if its not him who is it????

  84. That definitely looks like Mixmaster on the bridge in the 1280x720 video. Got the halfs of his concrete mixer barrel thing and the wheel bits on the arms.

  85. these pictures i always thought were fakes, but now appear to be legit.

    though you can't tell much from them.

  86. just noticed, it seems that megatron is ripping off starscream's arm in the fight atop the building. ouch.

    while its not certain its starscream, the body fits his shape the most.

  87. Definitely soundwave on the brooklyn bridge grabbing the american flag

  88. Just a theory that ' Silverbolt' will be in the movie...

    Look at Jetfire's scene where he walks amongst the transport planes. Silverbolt's new toy does look similar to those planes...

  89. That picture everyone thinks is blackout is obviously a Bi-Plane

    His blades are wayyy to small to be a helicopter.. so its pretty clear.. also, if you look at the picture, you can see the small thing the blades go on that would be at the front of the plane.. this is a new transformer all together

  90. OMFG freakin awesome

    .devs looks badass
    .chromia chasin sideways is way cool
    .jetfire, agree to an anonymous, sounds like an old british war veteren but looks cooler than i thought he would
    .bb is a drama queen lol
    .mix master on bridge or it looks like it
    .looks like fight between megs and starscream on the building
    .twins look slightly strange
    .wheres ratchet and jolt?

    anyway those are my deductions but how the F*** am i supposed to get to sleep now?


  91. Does Soundwave have wheels on his arms then?

    Definitely Mixmaster. Even has the stripes on the mixer bits.

  92. i think i just jizzed all over


    its my good luck trying to top that for a present

  93. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 12:04 PM

    sideswipe is also in the trailer u an see him doing some kind of flip at the sideways part of the clip

  94. Thought it was soundwaves wings/satellite folding together my bad... so is mix master going to fly with that mixer as wings?

  95. on the michael bay forums, and i quote:

    Originally Posted by nelson
    Download in Quicktime 1080p (600MB).

    Password: bluemojito

    The link expires in 5 days.

    get it while you can, i'm still downloading it, but at 600 megs it will certainly be higher quality than the above links.


  97. hey yeh the doctor cracking into the safe isnt the doctor its wheelie you can see the blue colour and a wheel. he actually looks moderately ok.

    just another copy of wall-e


  98. 100th
    devs looks liek crap i think the cgi is not finished yet

  99. Yeah, that´s Wheelie with the safe... :D

  100. Just more of my thoughts and ideas:

    -I think that someone in the film probably disses Jetfire (due to his age and physical disabilities), thus the whole "Itchy, rusted, ragged my @$$!" (or whatever he says) comment. I’m hoping that he can still fight good.

    -I think that it is definitely Megatron fighting someone on the top of the building. I see tank-tread feet. It could be either Starscream (sweet G1 references) or Jetfire fighting Megatron.

    -Devastator may appear to move 'slowly', but keep in mind that he's about 130 feet tall. He's probably moving over 60 kmh. (I really want to hear Megatron shout: "Constructicons, unite!")

    -My fear for the conversation between Sam and Bumblebee was that it would be too joking, and not serious. But, it turned out okay. (As long as Bumblebee has more serious points in the film)

    -That thing crawling into John Turturro's (?) mouth is gross!

    -I like the idea of the Twins fighting. It adds more character, personality and emotion to them.

    -I'm still a bit iffy on Optimus spitting out the tooth. (I'll probably end up loving it in the theatre, though)

    -Wheelie looks UGL-E! (reference to WALL-E)

    -The second shot of Optimus, (when he flips upside down in the air) it appears that he is reaching for something on his back. I’m guessing that it’s his gun.

    -Sam seems more…calm. Hopefully his acting is more stable. (None of this “No,no,no,no” thing)

    -I still think that it is Blackout, Megatron and Starscream fighting Optimus in the forest. (I love the idea of CGI Transformers crashing into trees)

    -This is the best visual effects ever, and they’re not even finished them yet!

    -Whoever is on the bridge, appears to either be holding the American flag, or ripping it off of the bridge. (Decepticon conquest!!!!)

    -Hopefully the ‘Mikaela undressing into the dress’ thing actually serves a purpose in the film, and isn’t just one of those ‘she’s hot so let’s have it in the film’ scenes. (I would like it to serve the story, but either way I’m good! ;) )

    -Michael Bay, you’ve got yourself AT LEAST $800,000,000 right here. Way to go!

  101. stop it ar 1:52 I think it is soundwave.

  102. I watched it once with pants on.

    I then had to watch it again sans pants.

    I want to provide Michael Bay's mid section with physical satisfaction in whatever way he sees fit.

    After seeing Blackout, Starscream, and Megs beating Optimus's ass in that field, I savaged myself.

  103. O M G

    I think i seriously need to change pants now. that was amazing and better than i ever thought it would be. i keep saying that star trek is what i'm most excited for but this just blew that away. omfg that was amazing.

    And the michal bay carrier clip was pretty damn awesome too.

  104. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 12:53 PM

    thers not much autobot back up optimus is alway on his lonesum getting owned by decepticon punk (in jazzes words) wheres ratchet,ironhide and jolt. how does optimus survive thes fights. and who is that robot with optimus in that building when prime falls towards him

  105. added some larger screen size images for those who haven't downloaded the higher quality

    actually my screen captures were larger but it appears Flickr has a dimension limit or something.

  106. Alltogether AMAZING! Although, From what I saw in that opne field it was 3 against one for Optimus. Didn't look too promising to me. Blackout, starscream and mega. I hope they don't get too crazy with the resurrecting thing though. Bring back this one , bring back that one. Kill em once and be thru with it. But again, that field fight may end sadly.....

  107. Not sure if this was mentioned or noticed but I love the way Jetfire had some short circuiting in his "arse" lol. Actually at his hip joints. Looks like he might be short circuiting throughout his body.....old fart :P

    This movie is definitely going to BLOW !!!.......

    the first movie away !!!! :D

  108. it cant end too badly in the field, we see prime in Egypt which is supposed to be at the end of the film.

  109. Heres a few robots i have spotted:
    2:03 - Mixmaster on a bridge!
    2:04 - Rampage
    2:06 - Devastator
    2:09 - Blackout,Megatron,Starscream,Optimus prime
    2:16 - The Fallen
    2:17 - Ravage
    2:18-2:20 -Bumblee,Skids,Mudflap,Scalpel, Insecticon, Optimus, Megatron,Jetfire

    I think the Bumblee bee scene could have been better and the robots crying is a good idea but a bit silly along with that line "You will always be my first car"

    Oh and the two robots in this link below are Megatron (On top) Prime (Underneath):

  110. My bad . . . Bumbleebee is one word!

  111. wow this looks freaking awesome! just makes the wait even harder to deal with.

    deceptifreak - thx for the pics. comes in clear and I can actually see a good amount of detail.

  112. Woohoo! I knew that Blackout was returning. I called it, bitches! ;)

    So I guess it's safe to assume that Springer will be in this movie.

  113. Alright this is what I think is in the video. Not saying its right or wrong, just pointing them out and posting my theories.

    -Optimus, obviously, looking into the horizon or something.
    -Demolisher/Scavenger/Contstructicon fighting helicopter.
    -Sam and Mikaela's car getting chopped by something, and Sam doing a Homer Simpson scream. (after further review, I don't think its Starscream, since when does a F-22 have a saw? Plus it looks like whoever sawed it pulled from another angle) Also, they must have added Starscream spitting at them.
    -Sam in the forest yelling 'Optimus!!!1'
    -Optimus either jumping or falling, then proceeding to somersault over what I believe is Megs.
    -Some kind of Transformer either shielding himself or landing or something.
    -One of the Arcee/Chromia bikes attacking Sideways, who then blindsides her and then jumps through the building we know so well.
    -Sam and Mikaela running.
    -Sam in, Egypt maybe?, finding some kind of drone/spy.
    -Jetfire complaining/ nagging to the rest of the cast/Autobots or something. I think he says 'itchy retched rusty my ass!'
    -From what evryone's saying, I think it's Mixmaster, I really don't know my Constructicons apart, and with good reason. You can kinda see the mixer thing and also why would an Autobot knock an American flag off?
    -Bumblebee kicking some concrete wall ass.
    -What looks like Scavenger/Demolishor but is probably Rampage or something getting his ass kicked by BB. (Jeez, Bumblebee is getting some major pwnage!)
    -Devastator, although I don't think he's floating, I think its just the sand, but that's just me. And I realize there are no shadows either.
    -Megatron or one of his counterparts kicking, not punching, Optimus. Then Optimus flies throught the air nearly landing on Sam, I believe, while Starscream and Blackout twin guy get ready to torture. BTW, it looks like Blackout twin is spinning his shorter rotors like a butterfly knife-cool.
    -The Fallen teleporting and teleporting again.
    -Ravage, and it looks as if they added water/spit to him.
    -Bumblebee and the Twins at the whatchamacallit.
    -Something, Scalpel most likely, orally raping Sam. Weirdo.
    -Jetfire head on.
    -Megan Fox looking hot.
    -Some kind of inter-Decepticon fight atop a building.
    -Sam and his dad, who in the trailer I think sounds like a black guy (no offense) when he says 'Were all going together!'
    -Ironhide going through flames looking badass.
    -Simmons on the radio.
    -The Twins either going at it, or playfully hitting each other.
    -Wheelie cracking a safe. Notice the surprised/cowardice look on his face.
    -Megatron, in awesome form.
    -Prime firing at Megs with his guns. I mean cannons.
    -Prime punching the living crap outta Megs.

    And there ya go, just my take.

  114. Forgot to add that at the end I think it's Sideways, again flying through the air, and not Sideswipe.

  115. ^ Its Sideswipe. You can see his scissors arm weapon as he flies thru the air.

  116. this movie is goin to be number one of the year bay gud job u will be rich like crazy n my 2 fav transformers r back megatron n blackout. i wonder who will die by dev i so can't wait for this movie n the game

  117. Anyone have a faster link for the 600MB 1080P version? The one from Nelson is slow as hell!

  118. @Punch

    Alrgihty then, you know Transformers better than I do, so you're probably right. (sarcasm unintended)

  119. if you watch the devastator walking clip frame by frame you can tell how bad or unfinished rather it is. a single frame doesn't capture it well. (again watch the HD version, the small versions are too blurry.)

    but what you do see frame by frame is the shadow of the front hand going under his foot, which would mean he is floating.

    other funny scene is when prime is jumping over megatron, the walls are clearly just texture maps.

    personally i like see the unfinished state, pretty interesting.

    two robots on roof, megatron and starcream, definetly not prime.
    frame by frame you can see the claw feet of starcream, and the fact that megs has ripped his arm off. not a prime arm at all.

    interesting also that megatron can appear to not have the cannon arm if he doesnt want to.

    really you don't want to fool around with movie megatron at all.

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  125. In the scene right after sam screams "Optimus" (where Prime looks like he is falling) he is actually jumping.

    The camera is below him and if you slow it down you can see it looks like an old airplane hangar.

    He is jumping away from the camera.

    In the scene where Arcee/Chromia is chasing sideways, you can actually see the pink bike in the background (behind Sideways)

    Jetfire is in a airplane retirement field. But i remember seeing him in a museum in previous screenshots...

    The twins and BB are at what looks like an egyptian temple of sorts. Man the twins are small, lol...

    Looks like that is starscream over Megs on top of the building.

    Finally Starscream gets his revenge!!!!

  126. blackout is back, brawl is in game, Bay could have been lying about Jazz like he did Megatron.

  127. @clubshift

    I think Jetfire is in the museum (Smithsonian) and he and the rest of the Autobots go there to find someone or something. And then I bet Scorponok attacks.

  128. Please look,when Meg kicks Optimus, Prime weels on legs, have no tires,without rubber

  129. some people were sayin how blackout(or whoever)had shorter blades but they were his tail blades probably

    it would be a cool idea if blackout was like the twin of springer or something.



    it could be that leo spitz charecter in the car with sam and mikeala whebn it gets cut in half by starscream or megatron.and not agent simmons.

    also the more u watch it the more it looks like skidz is giving mudflap a good hit. maybe like in the cartoon mudflap joins the decepticons or has thoughts about it and skidz doesnt like that


  131. look at megan foxs back where her tattoo is... is it just me or is it shockinly obviouse make up cover up!!!! this is when she is gettin undressed and you guys will all see it hope it gets sorted before the film!!!

    awsum cant wait it keeps looking better and better hopefully no1 will muck up like the wolverine film and let it loose before its 24th june date!!! as i for one wouldnt watch it

  132. its at 52 secionds and clear as fooook

    sorry for spelling!!!

  133. I`m beginning to think that the end of this montage could be a snippit from the trailer bieng released with Wolverine.

    The Devastator scene is not complete as this is just a montage they will probably add the shadow and more detail later although i think the face is okay :) I had rather hoped he would be stood up tall as with this look it is impossible to tell his size. Also why is he so slow (I know about showing wait) But he should still move fast like the original film.

    Blackout is using his blades as the spinning weapon at the time so he isnt wearing them on his back.

  134. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/18/2009 3:17 PM


    it could be that leo spitz charecter in the car with sam and mikeala whebn it gets cut in half by starscream or megatron.and not agent simmons.

    also the more u watch it the more it looks like skidz is giving mudflap a good hit. maybe like in the cartoon mudflap joins the decepticons or has thoughts about it and skidz doesnt like that


  135. Anonymous said...

    Alrgihty then, you know Transformers better than I do, so you're probably right. (sarcasm unintended)


    Of course I am right. Even the pic above has it labelled as ' Sideswipe flips out'.

  136. That Decepticon is BLACKOUT!!

    if anyone remembers the long blades folded down his back....

    he always had smaller blades on his hand because they were from the helicoptor's tail fin..

  137. and oh yea...

    everyone remember these pics?

    look at the picture with skids and mudflap..

    THE SAME!!

  138. -it could be that leo spitz charecter in the car with sam and mikeala whebn it gets cut in half by starscream or megatron.and not agent simmons.-

    Apparently it is the Leo spitz charecter he plays Sams roommate.

    -he always had smaller blades on his hand because they were from the helicoptor's tail fin..-

    Thanks i though Blackout used the normal helicopter blades thanks for clearing up what i thought was an error in the first film. (Where he is using the blade weapon while he has the blades on his back) :)

  139. @Punch.

    First of all, I don't see where it says Sideswipe flips out.
    Second, if its labeled it doesn't mean its right.

  140. Why is Megan Fox stripping in a scene that could have been emotional? Why is Sam calling Bumbleebee, bee? What is with the corny "you will always be my first car" line?

  141. -First of all, I don't see where it says Sideswipe flips out.
    Second, if its labeled it doesn't mean its right.-

    Wave your mouse over the image of a robot back flipping. Although it is not confirmed to be Sideswipe the long blades may proove that he is!

  142. Skids and Mudflap! I was really happy to see them for some reason. We still need to see the purple bike entirely and Jolt in any form other than his FAB toy.

    Springer has 3 ROTF toys: A Legends, Deluxe, Robot Heroes and a possible RPM. 3 is enough to assume that he is in the movie. That is most likely Blackout because the "Revenge of the Fallen" could also mean the dead Decepticons coming back for their revenge (this sadly doesnt apply for Jazz). I don't think that I like Jetfire's attitude :/ and the Starscream being roughed up by Megatron seems logical (remember G1 episode 3 or the end of episode one where Starscream challenged him and got shot down).

    Bay said that there are a ton of robots we are yet to see that he wants to introduce so that opens up Laserbeak possibilities :D and Landmine could be because he didn't die in the comics. For some reason, I want to see Scattershot in TF3.

    Oh well can't wait for this one.

  143. @ anonymous,

    bee is bumblebees nick name

  144. OMFG AND I AM SPEECHLESS. I need to take a break.

  145. Now that Blackout is back, will Jazz come back too? :)

  146. Skidmudswipe - Why you want Scattershot?

    Yes Computron is the smartest gestalt but I cant imagine what the alt mode for the Technobots would be on Earth?

  147. Replying to RY:

    Thanks but Bee still sounds really really lame. I hope this is changed when the film is released.

  148. Counterpunch4/18/2009 4:45 PM


    Megs comes back.

    Blackout comes back.

    Next thing you know Bonecrusher comes back & turns into a Constructicon.

    How the good guys gonna win like this...

  149. Absolutely Awesome !

  150. Replying to Punch and Skidmudswipe:
    Although not futuristic here are what could be alt modes for the Technobots if they make an appearance in a future film.

    Scattorshot: MLRS M270!
    The leader of the group. Although he is the slowest of the group his strength is matched only by his arogance. He is a trigger happy maniac who knows how to use weapons and loves to fire them even if not always on target.
    Strafe: B-1B lancer!
    A aerial expert. He gathers information and ground specs by scanning incoming radio signals. He is fast, quick and deadly.
    Lightspeed: Porsche Panamera!
    Prefering to stay back and find information in a more sublte way Lightspeed is normally slow however if searching for information there is no one who can match his speed.
    Afterburner: Thrust SSC!
    Fast and quick, Afterburner is a quick minded yet arrogant membet of the group. His ideas sometimes get his crew in trouble because they cannot match his speed in an emergency.
    Nosecone: Tunnel driller!
    Although he could be leader he feels he knows he is better off suited as the soldier of the group.

    Due to there size Nosecone would be the chest and body and head along with part of an arm along with Lightspeed. (Leader class). Scattorshot (Voyager) would be an arm along with Lightspeed (Deluxe). Afterbuner (Voyager) would be an leg along with Strafe (Voyager).

    Only theories :)

  151. If that's not Blackout it's his twin. Huge, identical body structure, and yes, the rotors match, both in position and size

    i just rewatched the first film and just as he is about to try and kill Prime in the final battle he gets out the same propeller thinginy from the trailer and smashes some cars for a bit of a "street cred" before he loses it all when he gets death by gun to crotch (i hope he gets to shoot the army guy in the crotch this time) so i hope this straitens things out.

    ps. i think sideswipe was a ballerina before the war

  153. Bumblebee with a Tiger Knee to Rampage! Too much Awesome.

  154. Reply to Counterpunch 4/18/2009 4:45 PM

    ...."With a little energon and a lot of luck"

  155. OH COME ON PEOPLE! The whole "you'll always be my first car" is not that hard to understand. The joke is it's as if he is breaking up with a girl and saying, "you'll always be my first love".

    Why doesn't anybody get that?

  156. Anyone else thinking there is too much water works? I understand BB's crying but starscream spitting?

  157. Yeah I agree. Starscream does seem to be related to a Saint Bernard. Maybe Starscream suffers from...

    Hypersalivation (medical condition): Excessive salivation or drooling. It is often caused by certain drugs such as anticonvulsants.

    ...but for robots! (Or Starscream could just be showing Sam what he thinks of the puny human. {Spits in disgust})

    Ha! Leo 'SPITZ'!! There's a whole lot of spittin' goin' on!

    In regards to the shots of Optimus leaping in the air over Megatron and reaching for his gun on his back, I think that might be a reference to the 1986 film when Prime transforms, leaps in the air and takes out like 4 Decepticons before he even lands. Sweet!

  158. please tell me sam/mikaela are preparing for prom? a wedding would be really stupid.

  159. the robot in the bridge seems MIXMASTER, i saw few pictures of the toy and probably is the same guy

  160. Anonymous said...
    Reply to Counterpunch 4/18/2009 4:45 PM

    ...."With a little energon and a lot of luck"

    4/18/2009 5:36 PM


    Aye! I'd drink to that...

  161. WAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a problem! The guy the looks like blackout cant be Springer because i remember the toys said AUTOBOT Springer. Why would Springer be on the opposite side of Optimus am i right?

  162. oops i meant 'WAIT' not 'WAI'

  163. God Dang that shit is so BAD ASS!!!!!

  164. How come nobodys mentioned that Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the cable guy are doing the voices for Skids & Mud?

    Is that not big news?

    C'mon blog dude, keep up on old news...

  165. Reply to those who relpied to me:

    I am a TV show fan more than a toy fan. I just liked him in Cybertron. When i thought of people for TF3 I thought of the 1986 movie characters + Scattershot for some reason. Don't know why, or maybe we are thinking of two different people.

  166. anonymous

    How come nobodys mentioned that Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the cable guy are doing the voices for Skids & Mud?

    4/18/2009 9:59 PM

    Where in the world did you hear that? And if that is true, even though I'm a fan of both, I am very uncomfortable with that news.

  167. only four letters can describe this, omfg.

    I need to wait 68 days for this (damn exams).

  168. So is it correct that John Turturro does the voice of Jetfire? Because I can't tell it's him in the video. Then again none of the transformer voices sounded like their human voice actors besides Optimus in the first film.

  169. i just read this on Scapel's box:


    i think its something to do with the creature going in sam's mouth.

  170. those decepticons truly hate us flesh creatures..just look at how starscream hucks a spit on sam after slicing the car in half

  171. i wanna know 2 things plz answer them--

    1.) is that mix master on the bridge in NY, i think it is but wat i wanna know is wat the hell is mixmaster doing on a freckin' bridge in NYC?????????

    2.) who ever said that jeff foxworthy, and larry the cable guy voice skids mudflaf, i wanna know where they found that out, and if they do, i thought that the twins were young (key word YOUNG) all do respect to cable guy+ jeff foxworthy but theyd sound like funny 40 year ols who look like imature teens

  172. RY,

    Yeah, that´s Mix Master... :D

    And... Well, my guess is that Starscream took him up there and now he´s trying to figure out how the heck he´s gonna go down... Jumping doesn´t look like a nice option for him... O.o

  173. but wat bout foxworthy n cable guy also why wud starscream put mix master on a bridge??? i thought they were on the same team

  174. So, you want me to keep posting non sense theories, huh...? You got it... :D

    I think Starscream took him up there so Mixmaster can learn to fly...

    Something like...

    Starscream - "Ok, now use those wing like arms you have and flyyyy..."

    Mixmaster - "B... But I´m a truck...!!"

    Starcream - "Sorry, can´t hear ya...!" (While flying away)

    How about it...!? O.o

  175. at 2:03, i think that's soundwave on top of the bridge!

  176. even though i can't recognise fully, but it's great to see blackout back in this sequel. from this still image:

    the chest area of Blackout is the nose/cabin of the MH-53 and matches the Blackout from TF1. although in TF2 i can't spot Blackout's rotor blades, which are folded behind him.

    i think it was quite clear that Starscream was the one sawing the car into half and that the scene of Sam getting pinned down is a continuation of this sawing scene. But is the decepticon punk (i miss you, Jazz) pinning sam down Megs or Starscream??

  177. i thing that was megs bcuz starscream doesnt have pointyfingers n in the clip ubove hold the mouse at 2:22 u clearly see megatron with pointy fingers

  178. Look like a leprechaun to me...all you gotta do is look up in the tree.


  179. i hope Devastator doesnt act like some animal walking on four lags most of the time. im sure Devastator will stand up in some point but i sense Devastator will be this giant dog taking orders like some beast from megs or some robot he fears.

  180. Mixmaster: i can't take this constant fighting anymore.

    Megatron: don't you dare jump. we need you for devastator.

    Mixmaster: thats all you care about, Devastator. no one likes me for me.

    Prime: Jump!

  181. Can someone tell me whats wrong with sams left eye at the scene where yells optimus???looks like its swollen,anyone else notice that??

  182. Holy Crap! Devi looks like a monster!

  183. Scrapper: Hey Mixy, looks like someone left a delicious can of oil on the top of that there bridge. If you can climb to the top, it's all yours.

    Mixmaster: You got it!

    (Mixmaster climbs to the top)

    Mixmaster: Wait a minute there's nothing up here but a flag! (Kicks it) I'll get you Scrapper! Just as soon as I figure out how to get down from here.

    Scrapper: (Laughing) The rest of us are going to go get some real oil. Catch ya later Mixy!

  184. It is SO obvious. Mixmaster has NO reason whatsoever to be on the bridge and as a joke to get all the sheep in a flock {which worked} you guys were messed with. I know for a fact that in the final render that will be Soundwave on top of the bridge. Why you ask???

    Soundwave sends Ravage to look for Sam---Ravage isn't coming out of the ocean he is coming out of water near........N Y C. Why you ask???

    Sam's college will be near a major body of water on the east coast making this swim from the Brooklyn Bridge to his destination that much easier.

    There you have it-----Ravage will NOT come out of the Pacific ocean but a subsidiary river on the east coast.

    A cement mixer on a bridge knocking down a flag---that was great the first time I saw it in Peter Jackson's King Kong--c'mon people.....I expected better theories from you guys/gals.

    P.S. Did any of you really think that wasn't Blackout in the woods??? WOW


  185. HOLY $H!T {sorry for the language but....I had to}

    I thought the 'Bee' was actually talking for a second when he said "what is your purpose Sam" & it hit me.....he wasn't....that is...

    the voice of FRODO from LOTR saying "SAM" :)


    p.s. if this was posted I'm VERY sorry but....I've been sick all day & these posts run together so I haven't been able to read them all.

  186. wow, i cant believe it but i think there are only POSITIVE, EXCITED comments about the footage that even possible ? not one whiny "looks like bionicle" comment ?? wow....and yes thats blackout in the woods with the crying bumblebee and prime spitting out a tooth..

  187. video on youtube

  188. where can i download the showest tribute to michael bay, i know there'a 1080p version on vimeo, but its to big, could someone post a smaller one??

  189. can someone please re-upload the 600mb 1080p footage? would be great!

  190. Seeing as how both Wheelie & Jetfire defects to the Autobots side it is plausible that " Springer " as a Decepticon ends up helping Prime & co.

  191. Pickleforthepeople4/19/2009 7:38 AM

    -Seeing as how both Wheelie & Jetfire defects to the Autobots side it is plausible that " Springer " as a Decepticon ends up helping Prime & co.-

    I thought it was the otherway round for Wheelie in that he starts as an autobot but then becomes a Decepticon because he was scared of them and was forced into doing it. He would then return to bieng an Autobot. If this is true why has wheelie got red eyes?


  193. for anyone who dosent know who or what is happening on the rooftop in picture 11 (2.20) in clip it is megatron fighting starscream, ive been pausing this for about an hour and have a clear indication that its megatron hitting starscream. you can tell its megatron by the tank treads on his feet and starscream with his pointy shoulders and round head and long claws on arms and feet plus starscream flies so maybe megatron jumped on him as prime did on megatron on first film to get up there. megarton gaining back leadership!

  194. Kup said...
    Can someone tell me whats wrong with sams left eye at the scene where yells optimus???looks like its swollen,anyone else notice that??

    Maybe its from the car accident that Shia got into, since he does have the bandage on his hand in that shot
    Between the real life injuries and having scalpel (if this is after) all up in his mouth, somethings bound to be screwed up, why not an eye? or maybe its something his face does when he's "intense"

  195. Here is a little theory. Megs is a tank but if you look at the concept art and what not of him he has what seems to me to be thrusters on his back. Maybe that’s how he got to the top of the roof with StarScreem. Maybe when in Robot mode they allow him to fly.

    And as for Blackout being in the movie how hard is it to really believe it’s him. I mean they brought back Megs why not Blackout.

    And as for that not being the fallen in the wall of the Jordan footage, well here is my input on that. You can clearly see in the older pictures of that set that you can see his arms and the spikes on the side of his face. And as for it not being him because he is in a different dimension, well maybe it’s not necessarily his body but his mind.

    Ok sorry for the long rant just some thoughts of my own.

  196. Just some theories, ideas and questions:

    -To Anonymous at 3:27am: I personally think that that the last word "Sam" is actually Bumblebee forcing out HIS OWN words. You can see him move his head, and more importantly, his mouth-parts. "What-is-your-purpose-" were just various words from his 'radio'. But "Sam" is actually Bumblebee SPEAKING HIMSELF. (I do hear it though, it does sound similar to Frodo)

    -In regards to Megatron fighting Starscream on the roof: I can see them fighting and Starscream tries to fly away but Megatron grabs a hold of him. (Just like Prime in the first film). Or, Megatron could've just clawed his way up the building.

    -For the quick shot of Mikaela with her hands to her mouth: This shot is different than the one in the previous trailer. In THIS footage, she's not crying and her eyes roll back (like she's going to faint, vomit, or...something else ;) ) I much prefer the footage of her crying and closing her eyes.

    -In regards to who is on the bridge: I think it does look like Mixmaster, but, HOW would he get up there? Why not just send a Decepticon who can fly?

    -I hope that this footage of Devastator is just at the start of his scenes. (For example): Megatron orders "Constructicons unite!" The Constructicons combine. Devastator is shown forming. He begins to lumber slowly in a quadreped-like movement. He stands tall on two-legs, showing his immense size and huge, clawed arms. He bellows deafeningly (this will injure people in the first two rows of the theatre). He then charges forward quickly and viciously kills some Autobot (one or both of the Twins?) just to show that he means business.

    Your thoughts?

  197. im sure thats mixmaster on the bridge as somewhere on this site he has 3 alt modes maybe that he can transform in to a plane or the truck and then a head (devestator). also what gets me is that devestator is from 6 or 7 contructicons, surely all that weight walking and smashing things with his hands they are still robots being smashed around and squashed. its just that this is real and not a cartoon. so all constructicons must feel pain when they transform back


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