Thursday, April 30, 2009

Megan Fox Talks With USA Weekend

As part of USA Weekend's Summer Movie Preview cover picture with Seth Rogen, Transformers' Megan Fox discussed her career, kissing Shia LaBeouf and working on Revenge of the Fallen. The full interview is here.
Before landing high-profile movies and magazine covers, you were [a] TV sitcom sidekick. Did you ever doubt you'd wind up where you are now?
Megan: ...I started acting as a way to make money and avoid college. I sort of fell into it having no idea what I was doing ... in "Transformers" as well.

Is it true that you didn't know you were the female lead in "Transformers" until the end of filming?
Megan: Yes. Everything was on lockdown. The script wasn't released to anyone. The director, Michael Bay, was the only one who'd seen it.

Megan, you and "Transformers" co-star Shia LaBeouf are good friends. Were your make-out scenes uncomfortable?
Megan: It's always weird. That's not something that's ever romantic or sexy. Doing an on-set kiss is just strange, and knowing Shia so well makes it even more strange.

OK, but the ladies want to know: How is he?
Megan: [Laughs.] Very good.

In "Revenge," you flee evil Decepticons for just about the entire movie. At least your male co-stars hauled butt in comfy sneakers -- you were in heels!
Megan: Stilettos -- and for the last part of the film, motorcycle boots. I had major shinsplints and threw out my back a couple times. Beyond that, Michael likes everyone freakishly tan, so we were painted maroon, like in the old Westerns when they hired Caucasians to play Native Americans. I had on fake eyelashes, running through the desert with sand stuck in them, and I'm sweating off all the makeup. It looked like we were making a tragedy.

For many young actors, Megan, being in "Revenge" would be like the pinnacle of their career. But you've hinted that, in the end, movies about shape-shifting robots are nothing to write home about. How do you define success?
Megan: I'd like to develop my skills to where I can be recognized as a good actress. That's my end goal. It has nothing to do with the box office. It's about peer recognition and critical acclaim, even on a small level. I mean, I'm not trying to take Cate Blanchett down. I just want to improve.


  1. nothing to do with this post but....
    i went to watch wolvie for a glimpse of the tf trailer and didnt get to see it but....
    if nobody knows who im talking about then oh well and u can insult all u want for this useless post


  2. she looks like she is wearing a wedding dress. maybe the one when her and I get married.

  3. damn she is so pretty!

    Its almost like God himself decided to make the most perfect looking girl ever and then well you know he did and created Megan Fox for rewarding all of us loyal TF fans for being believers of the just and the riteous.

    I'm sort of an athiest and Megan alone has the power to make me beleive in a God, cuz who else would have the power to create something so perfect and splendid!

  4. To the 1st poster: I know who Deadpool is. Such a travesty... I'm just glad these same people didn't do 'Spider-Man'...otherwise you would see Peter Parker swinging around NYC in the suit but not the mask. :|

  5. What the fuck is wrong with everyone she is actually a he!

  6. To Anonymous at 11:56 AM

    Dude, why would she marry you? I dopt you even plan to meet her. All these guys say that Megan Fox is theirs when they don't try to even get in to acting or anything. I'm going in to acting and I'm gonna meet her I don't care if she's 5 years older then me!

  7. A chick who simply wanted to avoid college so she started acting?

    Wow, she sounds like a real winner. If she had any sense of value about herself, she would have been using her money to get an education or do something positive. She just wants a little bit of peer adoration.

    Huh. Sad case.

  8. "I started acting as a way to make money and avoid college."

    Wow... just wow...
    If it's for money reasons then I can understand that though.

    "I'd like to develop my skills to where I can be recognized as a good actress."

    Unless you blame the editing for picking the worst cuts, you've got a long long road ahead of you.


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