Thursday, April 02, 2009

More Toy Galleries, Another Review (Updated)

Many more toy galleries are online including a possible Deluxe version of Megatron, Ultimate Bumblebee and some Fast Action Battlers. Also Peaugh is back with a video review of FAB Jetfire.

Voyager Megatron - Turns out he might be real as the new gallery (some pics below) shows.
Ultimate Bumblebee 2.0 - He's back with modified transformation and body to reflect his new 2010 model.
FAB Sideswipe - Via eBay, I believe the first look at this version
FAB Ratchet - In his desert green colors, still no clue if this reflects his look in the movie.
FAB Megatron - Still ugly, still better looking than the jet.
FAB Starscream - Still butt ugly too.
Bruticus Maximus - A look at the re-issue from Transformers: Energon line to go with the Superion repaint. (Forgot to add includes pics of vehicle mode of Voyager Starscream and Ratchet).
Deluxe Sideswipe - Large gallery of the toy.
Deluxe Sideways - Another large gallery.
FAB Jetfire Review - Of note is it appears the FAB Jetfire and Optimus do not combine, contary to previous rumors for this version.

Update: Turns out the Megatron pic was real. Updated his link to the new, better gallery and added a few sample pictures.



  2. Sideswipe, Ratchet, Megatron, and Starscream aren't FABs, they're all Legends.

  3. In that link which showed Bruticus toy, was also one image of Starscream and image that gave first looking at Ratchet Voyager class toy.

  4. The Voyager class megatrons tank mode looks better than the leader Class. I may skip the leader class version and buy this version!

    Sideways still looks to be the best Deluxe class version ever. Hopefully the joints work though :)

  5. You're buying those toys? What is your age?

  6. Don't we all buy the toys?
    I'm 28

  7. Thems Legends not FABs...

    That Voyager Megatron is pretty nice. Was gonna pass on Voyager Megs and Prime cos I'm getting the Leader ones (and voyager Prime is just a repaint anyways) but that Voyager Megatron has something about it I like more than the Leader one.

  8. You're buying those toys? What is your age?

    22, so what?

  9. I'm 31 and I don't buy the toys,but I do buy the voice changer helmets,they rock!! I lmost bought the electronis busts,glad I didn't,they are almost the same as the helmets but with less functions and cost 4 times the cost of a helmet.It blowed that the big exclusive speaking Bumblebee didn't had the voice/sounds from the movie.

  10. iS this class bigger than the LEADER class, anyone know??

  11. -You're buying those toys? What is your age?-

    Anywhere between too young to afford toys and too old to know what they are. :)

    Besides most people on here buy toys because they are collectors or repainters or even modelist who take TF`s appart and remake them with new functions such as the Bulkhead figure with two hands which sold on Ebay for over £200.

    Hopefully they will release a Leader class The Fallen figure. Although i suppose he is too weedy to have as a Leader Class.


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