Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Toys News

Various new toys news is out.

TFW2005 has posted clear views of the bios for various Deluxe class toys. Three of them have been revealed before (Chromia, Wheelie, Skids) but Desert Brawl (highly unlikely a movie character).

Desert Brawl Bio
Hidden deep in the driest desert on Earth, Decepticon Brawl wanted for a new Decepticon leader to emerge. Though the Autobots searched for him, they never even came close to finding him. It enraged him that he was forced to hide in defeat. Now that Megatron has returned, he is ready to do battle again and determined this time to destroy as many Autobots as he can.
Speaking of new toys, Wal-Mart computers indicate some minor editions to the movie toy line. Arcee is getting a Deluxe and Legends class figures, Cyber Slammers have been renamed to Battle Chargers and Mixmaster is part of the RPM line. The full list is here.

TFW2005 has posted images of the Robot Heroes Game for Transformers 2. The images indicate the game is set in the Egyptian desert and images include the instruction manual. Rather odd little versus game.

Voice Changing Helmets is making a return, this time Optimus Prime is joined by Bumblebee. No details yet, but hopefully this time there will be only one version of Optimus Prime being voiced by Peter Cullen versus the first movie were there were two. Images of the helmets in packaging can be found here.

Last is an image of the AllSpark Rubik's Cube. Not bad looking, no idea of the price. I think there was a similar version released with the first movie.

Thanks to Scorpio and others for the links.


  1. wat if brawl was in this movie???

  2. Good point RY:

    What if he does return. There is no confirmation that he will stay dead and the TF2 game shows that he is in it along with Blackout. Maybe Megatron brought them back to life along with him. Although without a new mold or good explanation the chances of a return are slim.

  3. exactley, but mabye somehow he gets the allspark shard or some other device and uses it to revive some of the dead decepticons Just a theory thow,, and if that even happened i think they would die rather quick because there are new charecters and they have to have the spotlight now

  4. True but i really hope we have some of the old charecters return if only to die in a larger fight at the end of the film. I really want to see Blackout return because he died rather quickly in the first film (Bieng killed by military and all) he should have been killed by an autobot instead.

    Plus old charecters could explain the 20 on each side bay estimated a while ago for the number of robots.

  5. Nothing is mentioned about a Deluxe ROTF Arcee. It only says she gets a Legends and FAB.

    Also, we know about Battle Chargers being the new Cyber Slammers since February's Toy Fair coverage.

  6. who else thinks they should have a soundwave voice changer helmet? I think it would be awesome.

  7. replying to Scorpio-

    i think it was also stupid that Black Out was killed by military and not an autobot i was dissiponted that Iron Hide didnt kill any body. in the second movie i think everyone on both sides will kill something, whether its an insection or devastator EVERYONES GOING TO KIL SOMETHING!!!!

  8. So when are the toys supposed to come out? I'm buying a bunch of them the day they are out. Then I'll have my birthday and Christmas shopping done for my son months early.

  9. Replying to RY

    Hopefully that does happen but i only forsee the autobots loosing this time. They will defeat the Fallen and weaken Megatron but in the end they should loose so there is a 50/50 chance of them winning in the next film. Also if they win this film it will be obvious they win the next film.

    -So when are the toys supposed to come out? I'm buying a bunch of them the day they are out. Then I'll have my birthday and Christmas-shopping done for my son months early.

    Acording to IESB in the link below it says the TOYS ARE RELEASED ON MAY 29th:

    They also say the same at Show Hype:

    Also if you are buying toys for your son please not that (Depending on the age of course) he might buy the toys himself or get given the toys. I would say do the Birthday shopping when they are released but leave the christmas shopping till later (If possible) That way you can buy any expensive toys your son likes but cant afford or get now and leave the small toys that he can get till later.

  10. I never did manage to find me the Cullen Prime helmet the first time round. Hope I can get one this time.

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