Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second Trailer Gets Official Date

Only 60 days left until the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Director Michael Bay commemorated it by posting about watching a cut with Steven Spielberg and revealing the unexpected release of date of the second theatrical trailer.
Steven Spielberg sat next to me in a big 100 person theater at Sony today. There were 98 empty seats. The lights came up after we just watched my cut of Revenge of the Fallen. He turned to me and said "It's awesome". He felt this movie was better than the first - and probably my best, who knows - at this point in a movie you start to lose your objectivity. I just hope the fans like it. I'm going to start putting it in front of audiences in a few weeks - no you are not invited, yet.

We have 60 days left. Let me tell you it will be a race to finish. It's 12 at night and we are still working here in the edit room. Everyone at ILM and DD are killing themselves right now, they are doing a stellar job on the effects. We also just finished our trailer which is coming out with Wolverine. Talk to you soon.

I have to admit I am really surprised that Paramount is releasing the trailer with Fox's Wolverine rather than their own movie, Star Trek, just a week later. I don't mind though as it mean in two week we get a good look at more CGI Transformer goodness. Hopefully this time it will include a look at Devastator. For international blog readers, the main takeaway is that sometime during the weekend of May 1st, the trailer will be online for your enjoyment. Thanks to Ken (and Alex) for the link.


  1. i already knew when the trailer was coming out stilll kool to know

  2. Startrek already has a garenteed load of fans who are going to see it. Wolverine on the otherhand is a lame spin off film which is used to introduce more charecters. So if they do it on a less popular film then it might raise amounts. Besides many people want to see Wolverine (Except me) so why introduce it on Star trek.

    Devastator will probably be revealed in the long shot view that was shown in the clips from a while back where Optimus was seen fighting Devastator on the grass field. The Demolisher/Scavenger clip will mostlikely be shown again along with the Sideways and Aircraft carrier destruction clip. As for the rest it is probably just small action snippits and robots.

    I wouldnt be suprised if the trailer was leaked sooner. P.s. If you find the trailer dont tell us where just if you can upload it to Youtube as it is least likely to be deleted if it has many views.

  3. i dnt think devastator will be shown in a trailer mbye it will be like his leg hits the ground then it goes black, his arm smashes something then it goes black then it could show scavenger?demolisher,,, michael bay doesnt like to give away n-e- major details remember???

  4. I wasn't cedited with the link for this :(

    Alex W.

  5. well thats bcuz ur anonymous

  6. I have seen other anon's get credited and I put my name in the TWITTER thread that led to this one being added to the blog. Do your research next time RY :)

    Alex W.

  7. OK, You know Already! / / (. )( .) \ \


  8. ha ha you make me laugh ;)

  9. "I wasn't credited with this link"! Lol, who cares?

    I must see Wolverine now. I'll probably even stay after it's over through the credits and wait for the trailer to show again. haha

    No matter what any dopes say, this is the best Transformers blog in the galaxy!

  10. ^^ I care----as you can see the blog owner cares too ^^

    It saves him/her the trouble for looking if we provide links for the blog.

    P.S. thanks TFLive for the credit :) YOU ROCK!!!

    Alex W.

  11. wow...this movie rocks...just the other day me and some friends went to watch the fast and the furious n when i entered the cinema i saw a cardboard cut-out of the fallen and i just gazed at it for the time...when i went into the actual audotorium i couldnt stop thinking of how cool theis film will be...seriosuly what film is better than this one..this could be the greatest film ever created(comin from a 15 year olds point of view)thanks TFlive for providing all the info u have during the past two years :)(ben.k from london,england)

  12. hey i played the first Transformers game as optimus prime and i died. how come he is in new movie??

    can someones puhlease explain this to me??!?

    also i didn't finish the game, how can a part 2 movie come out if the original story still is not completed?

    it doesn't make sense.

  13. i agree man this movie will be the bast i mean THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. to anonymous about game dude the game didnt really make sense to me either if u played as prime and died thats u who died. in the 1st game if u play as decepticons and beat the game all the autobots die it was pritty stupid i beat it as both sides MANY,MANY times!!!!!!!

  15. Were the A's & D's supposed to be friends?---they had to kill each other to reach the ultimate goal!!! Did you ever play Mortal Kombat and kill a player with a head-removing "fatality" and then you find out their head was re-attached the next time you fight? That's just CRAZY!!!!

  16. i think some good points were brought up here about the transformers game and games in general.

    in the next transformers game i hope they follow the story better, so things like prime dying if you play the game as him won't happen.

    or maybe they can add life bars to the new movie so we can tell whats happening better in the battle scenes.

  17. WELL ITS ABOUT all i need is essex and scorp to come out with a lil teaser of what they think the plot is and have counterpunch critique about it...then im good til june.

  18. The plot? well it will be of the Autobots & NEST flying off to Shanghai & take out Demolishor. Simple.

  19. god, like i want to hear about their wet dreams of unicron some more.

  20. Nevermind the fact that Prime died way back in 1986 and he somehow managed to show up in a bunch more toys, comics, shows, and a movie! What the heck is going on in this crazy world of sentient living robots from another planet?!?!

  21. .. and when are we going to have some Transformers Zombies?

  22. Its that crazy Creation matrix that keeps and resurects Prime...thought u knew about that chief...dont hate on those two because we wont have s@#$ to talk about after rotf is released.We need something to talk about after a month or two of tf2

  23. -michael bay doesnt like to give away n-e- major details remember???-

    You right but i would really like to see the footage shown a while ago with the Devastator scenes.

    Replying to Kup:
    1. Autobots and N.E.S.T fly to Shang Hai and fight Demolisher/Scavenger.
    2. Megatron is brought back to life and goes after Sam and the Autobots.
    3. Sam experiences strange things due to the Allsparks effect on him.
    4. Megatron captures Sam and inserts a tracking chip into his neck. Sam is soon rescued by Prime who fights Megatron.
    5. Megatron goes to a N.E.S.T or Sector Seven base and finds an Allspark fragment.
    6. He steals the fragment and takes it to egypt. The autobots follow.
    7. Devastator appears and destroy pyramid revealing Allspark harvester. The Fallen is released from the alternate dimension he is trapped in. Megatron fights Jetfire and Optimus prime.

    Thats it in a nutshell however there are also the following plotlines:

    1. Sams new roommate
    2. A pretender who is getting in the way of Sams relationship with Mikela.
    3. Sam and Mikela`s relationship
    4. Sam and Bumbleebee`s relationship

    Replying to Anonymous at 8:22PM

    If you have any plot at all that would be better than Unicron tell us if not then shut up!

    P.s. TFLive please delete the Anonymous post at 8:22 PM

  24. Kup, I want you to know few things about the Matrix, The Matrix has been mentioned in Defiance issue 4. But, I'm not sure will it appear in ROTF movie. In other continuities Primus created a crystal and built the Matrix and locked the crystal inside. He ordered transformers to use it's power to defend theirselves, while Primus was sleeping. Comics told that in this continuity Matrix contains similar power than the Allspark. If Matrix won't appear in this movie, maybe it will be the artifact which for transformers are fighting in third movie.

  25. And Scorpio, Hugo Weaving (Megatron's voice actor) has mentioned that it's the Allspark fragment itself which brings Megatron back to life.

  26. I just hope the trailer shows up on apple trailers before May first or not too long after. Not that I don't want to see the Wolverine movie but I already made up my mind to save money and watch only one theater movie this summer.

  27. Excellent news. I'm definitely seeing Wolverine anyways and I have absolutely no interest in the new Star Trek movie whatsoever so this way I get to see the new TF trailer on the big screen. Can't wait.

  28. -And Scorpio, Hugo Weaving (Megatron's voice actor) has mentioned that it's the Allspark fragment itself which brings Megatron back to life.-

    Are you sure because i heard it was the power of the Allspark pieces which he had absorbed which helped him return to life then according to the toy bio he rebuilt and added extras to himself.

  29. ALL HAIL SAM WITWICKY4/16/2009 8:21 AM

    i am in the uk and wolverine comes out on the 29th of april does this mean the tf2 trailer coumes out then 4 us in the uk

  30. i am in the uk and wolverine comes out on the 29th of april does this mean the tf2 trailer coumes out then 4 us in the ukI'm in u bedroom, waching 4 u!

  31. TRANSFORMER g49-ii4/16/2009 9:59 AM

    yh it probably will come out with the wolverine movie...and if it doesnt..all we have to do is wait for the us to show it then the next week the uk gets it.

  32. Unicron is a character not a plot.

    that is your problem and why your writing is so bad, you confuse story and plot with cool robots you like.

    so basically what an adult reads in your posts are "pew pew pew, and then this happens, pew pew pew, kaboom!"

    so rationally for me to come up with a a tf3 plot, i would have to see what happens in 2.
    namely, where are the characters going (emotionally), and what major events happen to set the stage for action.

    my hopes for tf3 plot? resolution between prime and megatron. i'm a big fan of redemption so something along those lines would work well.

    we already have ultimate bad guy the Fallen in tf2, so i really don't look forward to some kind of ultimate ultimate repeat (ie Unicron) showing up in tf3.

  33. Third film plot points.

    The One is an extradimensional entity from before time, in whom Order and Chaos exist in perfect harmony. It's existence created endless amounts of energy that spread like ocean waves through the Multiverse. The One wanted to Create a son to help distribute the energy to the forming plantes in the Multiverse. That son was named Unicron. But Unicron wasn't steadfast in his work and became languid. So the One created another Son named Primus, This enraged Unicron, as Primus was unwavering in his work for The One.
    Unicron And Primus both worked for millinea to help their father create thousands of planets.

    The One was pleased with his sons and went into the deepest slumber, but before doing so He gave the two brothers gifts to unlock new potential life.(Sentient Life) The two gifts were the Allspark, witch was given to Unicron, and The Matrix, witch was given to Primus.

    The two brothers decided to create 12 Beings with the new gifts(6 each) to be intrusted with the everyday workings of the Universe, The twelve beings were created and each entrusted with a special ability. But Unicron was not satisfied. He created one more being to do his personal bidding if ever need be. This being was known as The Fallen.

    Unicron and Primus decided to rest and put the gifts on a an undeveloped planet. But senseing Unicron's greed, Primus took the gifts and hid them within himself. He then began his slumber, witch caused him to become lethargic and immovable like a planet itself. Unicron went to look for the gifts after his brother went to sleep and found nothing. Unicron searched for years but could find nothing. knowing what Primus has done in a rage, Unicron locked himself into slumber for when Primus awakens. he will take back what is his. And then some.

    Meanwhile while Primus sleeps, The Matrix and Allspark react to one another and sentient life is formed on the face of the new sleeping planet.

  34. That's some really great writing there, however, isn't that more of just a flashback than plot points for a third movie? Although, they could finish up this story trilogy that takes place in present day and then go back and do a prequel. That would be cool. Then we don't have to deal with all the annoying human interaction and just get nothing but robot goodness.

  35. How many times did I have to listen to people say that Unicron and the Dinobots and whomever else definitely had to be in the 2nd movie to find out that they weren't, and that they are using a character named "The Fallen" which dozens of people tried to argue until they were blue in the face that the fallen was Megatron and wasn't going to be an individual character. What makes you think they are going to come even close to what you guys want for the 3rd movie when they weren't even close to what you expected for the 2nd?

    For once people, just logically think about it and tear yourselves away from your fantasies. Unicron would be nearly impossible to do on both a visual effects scale and a story scale. These movies have been about the human perspective and having a movie about Unicron would take away from that. The only way the original cartoon was able to do it was to bring the timeline into the future where humans were at a point of space travel. That doesn't seem to be a direction Bay or the producers care to go.

    Essex, your post above is all Transformers driven and basically we all had to accept the fact a long time ago that these movies are human perspective driven, not Transformer perspective. I just don't see how a human driven story involving Unicron or Primus is feasible.

  36. OMG, chad. do i hear reason??
    do i hear a call for thinking about what the new movies are about rather than rehashing old stories?

    i think you posted to the wrong blog.

  37. My idea:

    Trailer will Premier with wolverine because FOX wants some help to boost first weekend sales. Not to mention paramount probably could use the extra cash fox would of paid them for it.

    It will also be with star trek as well since that is paramount's movie as well.

    As far as devastator goes. I'm thinking we'll see devastator roar or something in like the VERY last seconds of the trailer or even after they show the name as a little shock clip. but that will be it.

    IMO that would be the best way to show him.

    Though this is assuming that they even have all the work on him done yet lol.

  38. My plot points don't have to be acted out. This can and should probably be told to Optimus by Vector Prime. But it helps to flesh things out.

    And I am not saying this is gonna happen. But it is fun to do. Real TF fans have opinion as to how the movie should be. and since their is no one set continuity, what is the harm?

  39. definately. tf2 is going with wolverine to encourage people to go see it; seeing as a near complete version (workprint) was released and 1million+ people watched it. its good business. (famous last words) i'm guessing some people will watch the preview and then walk out.

  40. I have no problem with people posting their ideas and theories, I just wanted to offer some of my own logical reasoning. I think it can go both ways.

    Essex, perhaps starting your point with "My ideas or theories about....." and not with "Third film plot points." as if that's what is going to happen may help people understand you are just having fun. Not everyone assumes or thinks the same. :-)

    deceptiFreak, I've been following this blog for over a year now, so no, I'm not at the wrong blog. I believe I'm just as entitled to my opinion as anyone else. Unless they hire a new director and Bob and Alex don't come back as writers, there's no reason to believe that the styles and formulas for the first 2 movies won't be the same in the 3rd. They all (well, mostly Bob) have already stated that Dinobots and Unicron would be very difficult to incorporate into these movies. But hey, if new writers come in and have a good way to realistically incorporate them without it being cheezy or campy, bring it on.

  41. First, there's absolutely nothing that's been stated anywhere that either confirms or denies that Unicron makes an appearance (in any form: flashback, narration, shadow drifting across Mars), so just randomly stating that he doesn't show up is just as much speculation as saying that he might be in there.

    Second, the purpose of this blog is to give us info and then encourage discussion, which by default will include speculating about what may or may not happen, which also by default means that some fan fic and fan ideas for plot might pop up. If you don't like reading what these people are writing, then why are you here?

    Third, the most asinine thing that someone can say is that some sort of concept in a movie like Unicron is too technologically advanced to produce by way of visual effects. It's all just polygons, shaders, textures, light, and animation. ANYTHING can be done if an imagination can come up with it. I'd say Unicron would be easier to do than Devastator because he'll be completely in space and so no 'camera angles' need to be shot whereas Devastator is limited to real ground, real cameras, real cars flying through the air and real explosions - all far more complicated than just making an outer space backdrop with a planet being eaten.

    Where I agree with you, Chad, is your statement about the movies being driven from the human perspective which would admittedly make a concept like Unicron be a little out there.

    Sorry about the long post.

  42. was some sarcasm Chad, due to the fact your post was well laid out and reasonable amongst a tide of people want to show off their transformer trivia. or worse become the voice of righteousness and tell everyone how things should be done, because they of course, are the one true fan.

    comes with being a kid. but props to Essex for saying he is only trying to have fun.

  43. "Third, the most asinine thing that someone can say is that some sort of concept in a movie like Unicron is too technologically advanced to produce by way of visual effects. It's all just polygons, shaders, textures, light, and animation. ANYTHING can be done if an imagination can come up with it. I'd say Unicron would be easier to do than Devastator because he'll be completely in space and so no 'camera angles' need to be shot whereas Devastator is limited to real ground, real cameras, real cars flying through the air and real explosions - all far more complicated than just making an outer space backdrop with a planet being eaten."

    I won't disagree that with the way technology advances that it may be feasible in 3 years to do Unicron, but if you remember, Bay stated that his idea of a transforming aircraft carrier in the first movie just couldn't be done with the budget they were on. I don't disagree that the sky's the limit on imagination, but the sky is definitely not the limit on budget and technology. Bay states that Devastator is the biggest and toughest thing ILM has done to date, so time will tell if Unicron will be doable in 3 years time. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether Unicron can fit into a good story and if any writers are willing to tackle it.

  44. This topic is about a trailer & we have countless summaries of the whole movie.

    Fking take a chill pill dudes...

  45. Fair enough......

    So.....Bay states 60 days when the movie comes out in 70 (as of his post). Do you think he's factoring in premieres?

  46. Heres a ROTF display stand to make everyone here more excited about the film (If possible) :)

  47. DeceptiFreak4/16/2009 4:23 PM

    @Punch, and don't forget TF3 speculation.

  48. to scorpio @ 5:06

    "i heard" that is the famous scorpio line.

    you didn't hear anything---you read it.........and incorrectly i might add. this is the actual quote from hugo {can be found on movie web}

    "I think in the last one, doesn't Optimus Prime pick up a little bit of, a little shard of the cube, or the thing that's left, and he takes it with him. Maybe there's something there... but I don't know,"

    i strongly urge people on this blog to stop reading "theory update" posts from scorpio because he is not only giving you info that was previously reported but it is spun incorrectly.

  49. Ok thats not what i meant if you read the post i said that the power of the Allspark that courses through him helped him return and i quoted the wrong thing it was actually from the toy bio. Also may i note almost all the stuff on here is Theory post. Look at Essex`s plot for TF3 or The Chad`s ideas. Why are you intent on trying to get me to stop doing my ideas when everyone else has there ideas too.

  50. Oh my god its that guy from the last topic thing isnt it. Dont listen to him Scorpy your ideas r da coolest man. If i was to have a m8 like u then that would be swell. Hopefully u r still here in the three year gap between TF2 and TF3 as i love speculation.

    Also Anonymous guy above Scorp:

    Lighten up man y u acting like a idiot. If u have a single piece of news half as good as Scorps then tell me. If Scorpy wasnt here we wouldnt have anything to talk about and most of the things he says are true although sometimes a bit misled.

  51. @scorpio, noo, thats not what you do. you consistently spin things wrong.

    remember your post about thundercracker and skywarp appearing in the video game? you stated that as fact when it wasn't true at all.

    read all the posts above, anon @ 5:20 is essentially breaking down the complaints to the core of its getting hard to get good information in the comments.

    but repeating what Punch said, this is a post about the trailer. or at least good ROTF info.

  52. I'll just say it......Scorpio sucks

    Everyone's thinking it {well besides essex, RY & Punch}

  53. hey, i dont think scorpio sucks!

    just kidding, scorpio totally sucks

  54. Scorpy your ideas r da coolest man. If i was to have a m8 like u then that would be swellthey could make a movie about it and call it Dumb and Dumber

  55. ^^^ LOL ^^^

    "Dumb" would be played by Scorpio

    "Dumber" would be played by his followers

    I like that one 'sp'

  56. i love this thread.

  57. Counterpunch4/17/2009 4:37 AM

    DeceptiFreak said...

    @Punch, and don't forget TF3 speculation. <--------- Im already having a headache with the overload of BS that goes around in this blog & you want me to talk about Part 3??!

  58. -remember your post about thundercracker and skywarp appearing in the video game? you stated that as fact when it wasn't true at all.-

    Actually i saw the game concept art and saw three flying Decepticons that all looked like starscream i then said they were either Thundercracker and Skywarp or drones. Also Snortpocket why are you bieng so rude. I havent been rude to you in atleast a year. There is no need for us to start that quarell again. Also look at most of the people who supply links for news even if you have read the news on other websites surely i am neccesary to help out.

  59. Every here shut the fuck up. Yes i know the admin said not to swear. All you guys are taking it too far. This is a post about the trailer not a post about who likes or hates Scorpio. Dont listen to them Scorpio most of them are Anonymous twats. And dont even bother to listen to Snortposket he is a complete twat aswell he just needs to go home and fuck his transformers toys again. He probably hasnt even got over the fact that you are good. He is just a jealous git.

  60. ^^^^^^^
    "He probably hasnt even got over the fact that you are good"

    at what??? mis-information, bathing with his unicron & dinobot toys or being a kid who has no real perspective on life unless it's that of a sentient being

    while most of us are asleep {normal people do that} this a.d.d. kid stays up day & night searching for the first bit of news to post here like he runs the blog. then he creates a story {that noone truly cares about---if they say they do you are just being humored} that anyone could have made with any tf knowledge. just plain sad

  61. ^^^^^^^^^
    Oh shut up u dick you havent posted anything and you cant prove you ever had because you havent even got any nickname. Even you cock sucking twat should know that. Even his information is better than some idiot like you following him around every site waiting for him to post then taking the piss out of him. Hopefully now the owner bans comments so we dont have people like you ruining this blog for everyone who is trying to just talk about this film. Every comment on this blog has went bad since you started this silly word war with Scorpio.

  62. You know Anonymous at 7:25AM you are a real sod. You come on here and be rude to everyone on this board, then you bitch about Scorpio then you start bieng a twat by saying he has somekind of mental disorder. If you think thats the right way to behave on this blog then you need to go back to Primary school if you arent already in it!

    Micheal ray

  63. ^^^^^^^ 8:01
    "Even his information is better"

    he doesn't have information---he only takes a piece of what someone else actually found and he thinks about a way to add his 2 cents before he posts it.

    you are the one who buys into it. he would be more appreciated if he went out and found info {i haven't but i also don't pretend to have a plot-line either} instead of rolling around on the floor with his toys and hugging and kissing his grimlock figure.

    "me scorpio have not a clue what plot is really". that's what he should be writing and in the same way he talks to his other dinobot toys.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 8:04
    "You come on here and be rude to everyone on this board"

    everyone--hmm......i believe it was geared towards one person

  64. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Well lets see you posts have ruined the blog. Nobody is talking to each other. Speculation is running wild. The blog was definenty much better before you came here. Scorpio does provide good links just you seem to dumb to recognize that he was the one who posted the nes about that TF standee which you started moaning at him about. You have completely ruined this blog by starting rumors about people bieng gay insulting people who have illness`s and starting a war between members of this blog over whether they like Scorpio. I really hope that the owner bans comments so we dont have to listen to all this. Even when Scorpio stopped replying to your posts on this topic you still insult him. Why do you get so much pleasure from bieng a dick.

    A pretend plot every now and again based on Misinformation kept this blog alive while waiting for updates. Everybody was peacefull until you turned up then all of a sudden we have people like Lionboogy, Snortpocket and who knows who coming onto here to annoy people.

    Also it seems to escape you that half the stuff released at the moment is a load of BS.

    I say the blog owner should either ban comment or ban you. (Hopefully you as Scorps post were better)

    Micheal ray!

  65. ^^^ my head hurts from reading that incoherent dribble---r u also scorpio ^^^

  66. Replying to Micheal ray and Anonymous at 8:14AM:

    Can we all just stop this. Micheal ray i know you are trying to help but things are too downhill now and they have already started a petition to Ban comments in this blog in the next topic.

    Anonymous. I know for some reason you dont like me but can we put our differences aside and just go about as normal before the entire blog is ruined.

  67. See he blames everything on you, Scorpio. I am signing that petition so we dont have to listen to him anymore. Hopefully then the blog may one day return to what it was before all this shit!

    Micheal ray!

  68. He probably hasnt even got over the fact that you are good.Good at what, exactly? Baseless conjecture? "Hay guyz there's a tree in the trailer that doesn't look quite right so I did some research and it turns out that Unicron took a dump in the Grand Canyon which turned into the Dinobots and also Huffer. To prove my theory here is a link to CNN!"

    And Scorpio, if I wasn't rude to you, I wouldn't get little gems like this:

    Also Snortpocket why are you bieng so rude. I havent been rude to you in atleast a year.LOL

  69. Replying to Snortpocket:

    There is no need to be such a dick. The strange idiot who mistook the tree for a transformer is not Scorpio. Scorpio doesnt own a youtube account as he said a few months ago. Besides i dont see you posting facts or anything you only come online to annoy Scorp then go back to fucking your own transformers toys.

    Also i like how you enjoy tormenting people when it is obvious you are a dick. What he probably meant is that he hasnt done anything to you for ages so there is no need to be such a cock sucking twat.

    Micheal ray!

  70. Pickleforthepeople4/17/2009 10:35 AM

    -Scorpy your ideas r da coolest man. If i was to have a m8 like u then that would be swellthey could make a movie about it and call it Dumb and Dumber-

    So your saying Scorp would be Dumb and you would be Dumber or are you saying your a twat LOL

    Your posts are so funny they are even more garbled and full of utter shit than anyone elses on this blog. Compared to you Scorpio is god.

  71. Compared to you Scorpio is god.On the SIXTH day, God created man.
    On the SEVENTH day, he bored man to tears with his ridiculous TF3 plotline theories

  72. God is all knowing. If you do not repent god will send you to hell!

    So repent Snortpocket before you actions cause the distruction of the garden (This blog) and you will be cast out the Garden by god (The Blog owner)

    Now in normal terms stop bieng such a rude ass and get back to your own boring theories. I`m sure it was you who said Megatron will not be returning in TF2 despite what Scorpio told you over and over again. Even when the toy was released and Bay said Megatron was appearing for flashback scenes you still believed Bay was lying right up until a few weeks ago. You also said the Fallen was Jetfire. Also i dont see you moaning at Essex when he write his plots or anyone else. So either shut up or just go away because nobody really cares for what you have to say!

  73. I didn't say any of that, retard

  74. Why are you only bieng rude this blog was ment as a way to talk freely about our opinions and you are ruining that.

    P.s. Yes i am a girl who likes transformers. My favourite is Arcee or Soundwave.


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