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Transformers Re-Release, Book, and Linkin Park

Nelson, the admin over at, has posted a brief news update regarding a possible Transformers "Visions" book signed by Bay, soundtrack work and Transformers I returning to some theatres.
Nelson here...

Back in the day when Michael directed Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, there were books that accompanied the released of both films. "Visions of Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor: The Movie and the Moment." I got the special hardcover edition of "Visions of Armageddon" which was shipped in a velvet-like slipcase. They are numbered, autographed by Bay & Bruckheimer and only 200 were printed.

So it was this in mind that I asked Michael the other day if he was planning on doing something similar. "Yes" was his response. He indicated that it might be available for this holiday season. So I’m looking forward to that.

In other news, Bay noted that Steve Jablonsky and Linkin Park are working on the score for "Revenge of the Fallen." He also mentioned that they will be re-releasing the first Transformers movie with the new “Revenge of the Fallen” trailer attached to it in about 25 markets in the US.
A "Visions of Transformers" would be a neat book as long as the focus is on the designs, planning and creation of them (both CGI, practically and possibly Hasbro's end of it). If it is just a bunch of info about how Bay directs and the usual "kiss the cast"-fest that most behind the scenes videos and books have become then I am not interested.

I am surprised to hear that a re-release is potentially in the works considering the crowded summer release schedule. In general, "markets" are centered on major US cities so if a re-release occurs they will be in major cities like LA, New York, Austin and so forth. Also such a release would be to a very limited number of theatres.


  1. Did he just mention Austin with LA and New York?

  2. Austin's actually becoming something of a film mecca. To list a few events from the past six weeks:

    - SXSW Film Festival
    - Exclusive screening of UP!
    - Co-world premiere of Star Trek

    And Austin (and the Alamo Drafthouse in particular) hosted one of the coolest Transformers opening-night extravaganzas back in 2007, complete with a live performance by Truckosaurus and G1 cartoon episodes playing onscreen ahead of the movie.

  3. Austin is one of the top ten markets.

  4. Glad to hear that Steve Jablonsky has begun work on the score... Here's hoping we won't have to resort to signing a petition to get his music released THIS time around... :)

  5. I can't wait. I loved the score for TF1 and mirror the remarks of Richard. Let's hope he doesn't get screwed over this time and the score is released. And a Re-Release would be awesome.

  6. Linkin Park? Bleurgh. Ah well, just as long as I don't gotta hear Mike Shinoda's irritating 'rap' things will be ok...ish.

  7. I'd watch it AGAIN in the theaters. NOTHING but NOTHING amounts to the experience and sound quality that you get from the ones I go to (Winchester Century 22/23 Theaters in San Jose). I want my movies loud and proud with the best sub-woofers available.

    I also have a Visions of Armegeddon book. It's sooo freakin' awesome, though I'm sure not quite as awesome as Nelson's.

  8. Seeing at at the Winchester in San Jose was nice, seeing agian a few months later at the IMAX in Dublin was AWESOME!!

  9. I totally agree, I saw it at the IMAX in San Francisco Metreon and it totally fulfilled my expectations! But maybe because you're paying a LOT more for clearly far more speakers and speaker output compared to your normal 1 or 2 "premiere" screens at your regular theaters.

    I've always found out that AMC Theaters SUCK. They don't sound loud enough or something. But watching The Dark Knight at Century was like BLISS. Holy freakin' awesome.

    I don't listen to loud music very often so I'm pretty sure my hearing is good. But when I want to see an action movie, I not only want to hear my movies, I also want to FEEL the BOOM BOOM BOOM explosions! haha

  10. Oh by the way, I was the one who watched Transformers 13 times in the theaters in 2007, including once in IMAX. And almost each time, was in a different city and different theater complex: Nuart, Cineplex, Century, AMC, etc spanning from San Diego, Los Angeles, Dublin, San Francisco, and Santa Clara areas. haha I know, I love my movies.

  11. even though i saw it a billion times in the theater and all the different dvds i have...i will go back to the theater and see tf1 again.

  12. Hi there,

    Great!!! Linkin Park & Steve Jablonsky are doing the score. I've read in a website that Stan Bush's The Touch will be included in Revenge of The Fallen. Unfortunately, I cant remember which website it is. Can someone please tell me, is it true that The Touch is included in the movie? Thank you.

    Greetings frm Malaysia. ;-)

  13. Maybe The Touch is the "familiar jingle" that the ice cream truck was playing in that book preview a few days ago.

    You got the touch... dun dun dun dun You got the powerrrrrrrr YEAH!

    I'm still partial to the rock version of the theme at the beginning of TF'86. Pure 80's butt rock!

  14. Totally offtopic, but did anyone see the fourth season premiere of Robot Chicken? Frank Welker did the voice of Megatron and Soundwave in a skit that was all about how ridiculous Soundwave's alt. mode is. Some humans pull out his 80s mix tape and rip it apart, only to have Soundwave transform and scream, "You're killing Rumble!" Fu8nny stuff.

  15. I dunno about alla you but in my mind, The Touch and Dare belong in the original TF 1986 movie. They were and still ARE great hits, but they truly belong in the respective movie because they only evoke memories of Hot Rod, Dinobots, Unicron, and everything that was rockin' 80's in that era of TF geekdom.

    But this is 2009. I believe we need a new influx of rock music, such as Linkin Park and others. To me, it was a breathe of fresh air rather than "more of the same". I really want NEW stuff!

    Sorry I just had to get that offa my mind. haha

  16. LUNKIM PURK?????


  17. "Great!!! Linkin Park & Steve Jablonsky are doing the score. I've read in a website that Stan Bush's The Touch will be included in Revenge of The Fallen."

    WOW,LINKIN PARK DOING ANOTHER SCORE?!?! This proves that they really like the previous movie,hope the scores will be as good as the previous ones,or even better!!!!

  18. what is the scores? sorry im stupid.:)

  19. YAY on Jablonsky. whateva on LP.

    Score = the instrumental-only parts of a film or tv show.

    Soundtracks are vocal-songs only or a mix of vocal tracks w/ instrumental only.

    TF1 had the "official" soundtrack - 10 songs of which only like 4 were IN the movie. Then people (including me) really wanted the music for Blackout's initial appearance & the Autobots' arrival (and others). A petition was signed & Sony(?) released it - and it promptly sold out immediately. I think it's going for $60-100US on eBay.

  20. Linkin Park's single What I'm Done was in first movie's soundtrack and same band has one track in this movie's soundtrack.

  21. Testing out a bit of German in this one:

    Das sein so gut, wenn es in Gro├čbritannien war.

    I really wanted the original score not the soundtrack yet i hate that it was sold out from the start. I had to copy a friends CD just to hear part of it . . . Well hopefully the next Score will be awesome :)

    Also for those who can read Japanese here is a link to a good new topic:

    If this becomes an actual new topic i will translate it all for anyone who needs help.


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