Sunday, May 24, 2009

Comments Disabled (Update 2)

Sadly I had to disable all comments (which has the side effect of hiding existing ones). This is due to someone creating a macro that posted dozens of "Block Anonymous Comments" messages on the bootleg trailer post. When I disabled comments for that post, they moved on the Supreme Devastator post. The end result is had no choice but to cut them off entirely as I am not going to have my blog (or email) held hostage by children. I may re-enable them later. If I choose to disable anonymous comments is will because I decide it’s the best course of action, not because an idiot decides to create a macro to harass me into it.

In the meantime, please use the "Email" links on the left and right hand columns if you have any comments, tips, etc for the blog. I apologize for any problems. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for the Retro Reboot forums to discuss Transformers news.

Update: I am going to enable comments for a trial period. The reason I allow anonymous comments is most ease of use and log in on blogger is unrealiable. I know when I want to post a comments on sites I find it very annoying to have to go through hoops to do it so trying to avoid dong something I myself don't like. Why people take it personally that someone doesn't agree with them on minor story points is beyond my understanding. The idea is a mini community for people to discuss Transformers. So just do that.

Update 2: Well that didn't last long. Guess forced to give moderation a go. No idea how often comments will be posted but at least can start blocking "anti scorpio" (how childish can you be?) and others. This means I am enforcing a PG-13 rating on the comments now so even if good content but I judge it "R" rated then will reject. For most that probably will not be an issue since the excessive cussing and like came from the same folks forcing the moderation.


  1. Why can't we be friends? =D5/25/2009 1:03 AM

    Amen to that brother!!!

  2. Thankyou for repairing comments. Hopefully there isnt any more spam :)

  3. Anti Scorpio5/25/2009 4:05 AM

    ^and I thot he'd LEAVE!!!!!!!!!

  4. I personally think you should just get rid of comments once and for all - people can't help being childish (see directly above)

    the petty arguements are a blot on an otherwise brilliant blog.

  5. @^4:27 if you dont like comments why are you reading them you idiot?

  6. Um, unfortunately for that one I agree with Anon 4:47. If you don't like comments, then no reason to click on the comment selection, just read the story posted.

    I on the other hand like the comments as I feel a blog is for just that. A blog should have comments as it allows others to be able to share info, ideas, knowledge, excitement, of a topic, that others may not know (the posted story included). If no comments, then it is just reading articals and we have magazines for that.

    I say if anything, make it password enabled. Those of us that wish to comment will still be able to do so and those who wish to play around can be blocked.

  7. My two cents’ worth is that blogs provide content faster and more frequently than any dead-tree item ever could. This blog is therefore purposeful as a source of movie-related Transformers news, whether or not it features comments.

    I for one will not miss the childishness which has been allowed to sully an otherwise exceptional news blog. A community wherein people may share and discuss information pertaining to the new film is a noble idea, although I believe only a moderated community would work.


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