Thursday, May 07, 2009

DS Transformers 2 Covers, Info

IGN UK has posted a fact sheet on the DS version of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video games which will be broken down into an Autobot and Decepticon version and gameplay similiar to the first movie's DS game. For a few screenshots, click here.

• Take On TRANSFORMERS from Around the Globe – Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allows players to help their side win the epic battle by engaging in global "AUTOBOT vs. DECEPTICON" competitions through downloadable challenge missions.
• Play as Your Own Personalized TRANSFORMERS Robot – For the first time, players can customize their own TRANSFORMERS robot with a modular body part system. Throughout the game, players will have the ability to scan objects to unlock new parts and upgrade their character by installing new unlockable parts in the Medical Bay as they progress through the game.
yep this is as big as it gets• Diverse Missions and Locales – Players will drive, fly and fight their way through over 25 single player levels across different world locations as they fight to decide the fate of the human race as the AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS.
• Battle With Friends – Players can challenge friends to intense, head-to-head battles through local wireless multiplayer in Deathmatch mode.

Thanks to Scorpio for the links and image info and RT for the screenshot link.


  1. optimus rime's face looks shitty

  2. wow i really cant wait for this game to come out now
    at first i thought,its just going to be like the first ones for the DS,i am glad to see i am wrong

    -the downloadable content/missions sound good but will it just be like the original DS games battle for the allspark or maybe something completely diffrent

    -the personalized transformer addition is my favourite, the original TF DS robots werent very customizeble,cept for their color and most of the vehicles were simply repaints,
    "scan objects to unlock new parts" so does mean,...i can scan a mountain dew dispenser and become dewbot :) i shall have alot of fun with this feature
    -hmm 25 missions? i dont remember how mant missions were in TFDS but 25 seems a reasonbly good amount,and with both versions that = 50 missions (not icluding DLC)

    overall i am defiently pre ordering this game(both versions) thanks scorpio for the info it is much appreciated

  3. oh man RY he got your name wrong.

  4. @mr lizard....nah it doesnt look quite right does it?? im not used to seein him with his mask on

  5. But Mr. Bay said that Megatron wasn't gonna be in this one?
    Darn it all!

    Hmmm, I'll probably not get myself a DS just for this/these games. Though I will buy it for PS3.

  6. Wow, cool. You can create your own transformer? AWESOME! I'm so getting that, hopefully the PS3 version has the same features.

  7. Kup said...
    @mr lizard....nah it doesnt look quite right does it?? im not used to seein him with his mask on
    To me, it looks like his eyes are too far apart.

  8. I must admit most of the figure look less detailed this time such as Sideswipe and Ratchet who have armor covering detailed part.

  9. the figures should be less complicated, especially the faces.
    its hard to read the transformers, like what am i seeing?

    after seeing the first transformer movie, you have to admit it was still hard to make out what megatron even looked like.

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