Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Ravage, Blackout Toy Pictures

The toy information (and thus potential movie info) continues to get doled out slowly from regarding Ravage and Blackout with the single image of each below. The alt mode Deluxe Ravage remains a mystery and Voyager Blackout is apparently in the works only now his paint job is white (as seen in the trailer)...does that mean he gets renamed Whiteout?


  1. 1st!

    maybe 2nd we'll see...

    Can't wait to see Ravage's alt mode.

    Also, I wonder if somebody with HBO will do a TV Rip of TF2 ROTF.. and Upload it as a Torrent!

    I'd get to see it earlier then the 24th
    and I wouldn't have to go see it in the theater!

  2. WOW...cant believe the admin is still let um post. Dont think ravage transforms,whatcha think counterpunch??

  3. I dont know if Ravage even has an alt mode. He cant be a cassette player, so idk. I will probably say just leave him as a cat and that's it.

    Anon @ 9:45 PIRATE! PIRATE! I hope the FBI sees you saying that and you get arrested or something.... Why would you do that? I know we all want to see this or we may die, but do it legally gosh!

    Blackout => Whiteout what?!?!?!? : /

    Second post woot!

  4. ^ Oops... what a fail :` (

  5. Hahaha!!! C'mon you really think i'd pass up a chance to see TF2 on the Big Screen?

    Give me a break...

  6. haha, FBI won't care if you download an hbo commercial for transformers.

    i like how ravage comes in a box like a free kitten.

  7. TF08!! Show us JETFIRE combined with PRIME!!! You showed us Jetfire in a box weeks ago!!

  8. Counterpunch5/03/2009 10:46 PM

    Kup said...

    WOW...cant believe the admin is still let um post. Dont think ravage transforms,whatcha think counterpunch??


    He's gona be like Scorponok, Kup. Just that way.

  9. soundwave possibly? showest footage @ 1:51-:52

    soundwave toy :

  10. Whoa Anon @ 10:57... Could that be Demolisher exploding??

  11. TF08!! Show us JETFIRE combined with PRIME!!! You showed us Jetfire in a box weeks ago!!

  12. Soundwave toy looks so damn cool. I love the design and how he does not follow the regular 'bug-like' design of most of the decepticons. FYI, soundwave defenitly has three compartment on his chest. frenzy, rumble, lazerbeak? :)

    to 9:45pm post:
    You would honestly watch a crap cam quality version of a completely CGI movie before seeing it in the theaters first? Why would you waste waiting 2+ years to see a bootlegged copy? Yesh...

  13. Look at the back legs, they are obviously normal legs only backwards. The only problem with thinking there is a robot mode is that the writers mentioned they wanted to keep bots with animal qualities (like scorponok) to not be able to talk. So i would guess that also mean no robot mode either.

  14. Why Ravage toy is black? He isn't black in movie. And if Blackout's ROTF toy's FAB is named Grindor, that might mean that Grindor is just rebuilt version of Blackout. Megatron has new armor but not new name. But who knows? Galvatron might appear in third film.

  15. maybe ravages alt mode is(whether this true or not) alice.there seems to be a rumor that alice is ravage so maybe thats it?


  16. anonymous @ 10:57

    I wanna know what's that too

  17. Scorpinok was an engine,

  18. "Why Ravage toy is black? He isn't black in movie."

    Like Hasbro ever cared for colour accuracy...:P

    "Galvatron might appear in third film."

    I hope not.

  19. they already said he does not have an alt mode.


  21. this may not seem significant but i was re-listning to the transformers score and i have discovered that track 10 scorpinok is the song that is heard half way through the trailer

    i feel this may be significant,but it may not seem that way to you,
    and also im probaly just saying info you already know,
    if so,sorry

    now onto the toys,

    i guess being in the ocean for 2 years must of meant blackouts paint has faded away

    hence his skelletone whitenes
    megatrons paint would not of faded because he didnt have a earth form , so cybertronian silver would not fade away

    ravage looks pretty neat and i cant wait to see what his robot mode looks
    i predict something ninja'esque because he is supposed to be stealthy

    i think the reason this toy is black is because
    all the pics we have seen of ravage is mainly because of the lighting conditions we have seen him in,so he may be black in the film


  22. ravage's alt mode is a no...a small sub,,,since he came out from the water...or maybe a stealth boat....or maybe he could be a jet ski

  23. When do the toys come out anyway?

  24. also blog owner i have found this picture of jetfire/optimus combined,
    it looks pretty decent and accurate of the keychain picture we saw
    of course im not implying that this is the real thing, but it looks good and something to look forward too seeing in the film

  25. @ 10:15 AM

    the toyline are being released later this month hopefully

    (i apologise for double post)

  26. got any more old news dinoraw or are you finished going through the archives?

  27. lol wat a noobfag

  28. im sorry for posting old info, i wasnt sure if it had been said or not, no need to insult me

  29. Dinoraw your probably the last person to notice that scorpinok was playing in the trailer, everyone else already noticed and thats why no one said anything: it was obvious.

  30. Anonymous 5:13: Scorpinok was an engine,
    I thought that also (first combiner?), but then thought if that was true, then how would Blackout fly with out Scorpinok? Sends Scorpinok out to go after the soldiers, but then has to walk back cause he loast his engine.

  31. to Kasumi

    I wondered that same thing myself. DvD extras tell that scorpinok is made from parts of blackouts alternate mode. I wonder if they will explain that in ROTF

  32. this might explain the symbitotic relationship between blackout and scorpinock

    and explain why scorpinock is still alive
    (because of the apparent death of his partner)

    but if blackout does die in the forest (personaly i think he does because of the loss of a arm)
    then how is scorpio seen lunging at jetfire in the desert

  33. Replying to Kasumi:

    If that was said in the Dvd what was he made from because he was almost as large as Blackout. Also i am sure there would be some size problems as he seems to change size when released from blackout and when he attacks.

    Probably repaint Ravages spines to silver, Makes him more movie accurate.

    The only Altmode that comes to mind is if you could flip the legs to face the tail then push them in to make the body a streemlined missile. I guess he wont Transform though or atleast not in the film. Hopefully he doesnt have a robot mode like Scorponoks toy form had.

    I wonder whether "Whiteout?" has a small Scorponok figure. I wonder if Blackout may carry Ravage in this film if Scorponok is hiding in the desert.

  34. Replying to dinoraw:

    The Symbiotic relationship could be something like Soundwaves where Scorponok feeds Blackout information he see`s and Blackout replies. The only thing Scorponok seemed to rely on Blackout was for transportation.

  35. Jeez, bad spelling on my part up above.

    Read on the TF Wiki, that it was originally going to be Soundwave and Ravage at the begining of TF1 instead of Black out and Scorp. That it change cause the setting changed from a jungle to a desert.

    I can see that opening with SW and Ravage in my head and would have loved to have seen it. Oh well... Wonder if the Ravage design is a Concept from TF one thart was never used do to the scene change.

  36. Anyone see the Dinobot in this picture on the right handside jsut above Sam? Looks like Grimlock chasing him.

  37. lol yes i noticed that before,but it is definetly starscream,

    it is a trick of the camera angle and light

    i didnt see grimlock BUT i did see ripjaw from ben 10

  38. What's up people.
    Blackout should have stayed dead. Why is he back?
    What's up Scorp.
    What's up Punch

  39. anyone figure out how blackout gets revived? Who gives up the spark for blackout? I dont get it, once they are dead, they should be dead for GOOD!!!

  40. I just figured it out. They took it from Jazz.
    They took Jazz's spark to make sure he ain't coming back.
    What do you think?

  41. Counterpunch5/04/2009 1:57 PM

    Im good, Essex. Just aint posting no more atm... lotsa dumb stupid posts that defies logic.

    I shall wait in the dark.


  42. Anonymous 5:13: Scorpinok was an engine, thought that also (first combiner?), but then thought if that was true, then how would Blackout fly with out Scorpinok? Sends Scorpinok out to go after the soldiers, but then has to walk back cause he loast his engine.

    its just a movie, he isnt real. They just animated him flying and they thought no one would notice or something, trust me it was one of the lesser mistakes in that film, but the fact of the matter is scorpinoks scorpion mode is made out of blackouts engine

  43. You know, I had a kind of scary thought... What if Soundwave doesn't make an appearence in robot mode in ROTF and the robot mode is made specifically for the tiy only? This is unlikely bur possible especially if he doesn't end up coming to Earth?

  44. To Scorp:Wasn't me that said about the DVD or that he was the engine. ^.^

    I just thought he was part of the engine when I first saw Scorponok, do to what his inside looked like (the spinning gears or fans of a turbine engine).

  45. Why do people keep saying they dont get how things happen in TF2 when they havent seen the movie just little clips. They automatically assume something just because they cant think of a reason for it like when some retards thought that "the fallen" wasnt going to be in the film, or even more retarded when they thought jetfire and "the fallen" were the same the latter because it made it easier for them to understand the title. This was mainly because they knew megatron was in they couldnt get thier heads on how there could be two villains in a film, they took that shitty logic of megatron being the one fallen over the fact that "the fallen" they SAW the fallen toy, his face is on the poster and even later in the trailer (there is a whole post where people were trying to prove 'the fallen' isnt in the film, i think its was one of the march posts) even after seeing this evidence. Like Blackout comming back they assume that it cant be blackout even though they can clearly see that it is. They try to prove that it isnt him just because they cant think of how it happend "who gives his spark up" "maybe its grindor, Blackout died so he cant come back". The writers arent as dumb as you they can think of a thousand ways it happend and dont try to say that they cant think of a way he came back because obviously they can otherwise you wouldnt have seen him with your own eyes in the trailer, and just because a trailer is cut a certain way it doesnt mean it happend in that order. So please people if you see something with YOUR OWN EYES like blackout, dont try and say its grindor or another decepticon, or even a place holder for soundwave (lol) just because YOU dont know how he came back doesnt mean he didnt come back, in this instance YOU are not supposed to know until the movie or a later trailer comes out. People If you see something with your own eyes, like "the fallen" like Blackout but havent seen how or why dont worry about that until you have actual evidence (evidence doesnt mean crappy grindor toys or a lack of understanding of how micheal bay transformers come back to life)that kind of evidence can never be better than what youve just seen. The how or why is already there its just that it hasnt been revealed to you in that instance.

    Oh yeah and scorpio, you might want to watch the first movie again, Scorpinok is never nearly the same size as Blackout. Plus they fuck up the sizes alot in that film, the robots were different sizes at different times doesnt mean they were supposed to be that size just means they fucked up in a certain scene. So assuming scorpinok was as big as blackout (which he was no where near to being), doesnt mean that he wasnt Blackouts engine just means they fucked the size up in that scene, which would be apparent seeing as you agree that he was normal size when fighting the soldiers.

    and people dont replying saying that you arent one of the people who denied blackout or the fallen I obviously wasnt talking to you, somepeople did and they know who they are. oh yeh and take the comment for what its supposed to be addressing dont nit pick.

  46. I might have writen to much there, my bad. Dont bother reading it, but if you do read the whole thing dont just pickout stuff and quote it out of context. Basically i was trying to say, that if you see a transformer in the trailer with your own eyes dont worry about what someone says or what a toy says or what you think you know about transformers, the fact is that you saw it with your own eyes and when the movie comes out the rest will be explained.

  47. Soundwave is going to be in the movie in robot mode, the writers just told us that, just because YOU dont know at what point or how, doesnt mean that he isnt in it.

  48. gaw damn, who wrote the Declaration of Independence there at 3:32?

  49. ^ aaahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahah! fuckin good response that one!

  50. Replying to Kasumi:

    Sorry, i qouted the wrong person because they said to Kasumi. :) Sorry about that.

    P.s. Ravage changes into a submersable thing kind of like a submarine or a missile.

  51. thats not blackout it is grinder i have blackout and hes blue

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