Monday, May 25, 2009

Toys R US Secret TF2 Toy? Supreme Arcee?

Toys R Us has started its pre-order page for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toys that will officially be released nationwide on May 30th and revealed they will have a "secret action toy.”
Toys "R" Us will have even more great Transformers™ 2 toys to buy in the coming weeks and months including the mighty Devastator - so remember to keep checking back from time to time. A secret action toy will be released to pre-order on 30th May 2009.
What toy could that be? I don't know but "therealeffingdeal" from the comments said "arcee supreme combiner...same category as said pic available may 28 so this must be huge." I guess we will find out in three to five days.

Now noticed I said officially as there have already been reports of stores selling the toys in some areas. My local Fry's for instance had a few. Personally I am just going to wait until the 30th so don't waste my time trying to hunt for specific ones and get the full group and can then budget accordingly. Thanks to Scorpio for the find.


  1. Good ol Scorp strikes again...good find

  2. cool.. Arcee combiner, power up primus combiner and devastator combiner.. kickin ass ar?

  3. I've seen Demolishor and ROTF Voyager Prime in toy store, here in Almaty, Kazakhstan about a month ago. Suprised me :)

  4. -Good ol Scorp strikes again...good find-
    Thanks :)

    I would rather like a better toy such as a actuall good looking large Devastator set. Hopefully they dont mess up this set by having a supreme class Arcee transformers with no individual robot forms. I really like the idea of a female Transformer and i hope they dont mess her up.

  5. "Yoboy"

    Now the only thing we need is a Sam/Mikaela combiner :P Hu hu hu :P

  6. That link is for Toys R Us in the UK. The US site has not started taking any pre-orders.

  7. Here is the pre-order page for the US, however there is not as much figures as the UK site yet

  8. Check this out, thought your readers would be interested in this

    Toys“R”Us Stores Offer “First Chance” to Buy Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Toys


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