Saturday, May 16, 2009

Transformers 2 Game Voice Cast Video has posted a video that introduces various members of the voice cast for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game that Activision confirmed would be in the game. The video seems to confirm that James Arnold Taylor is the voice of The Fallen so its not a small leap to assume the same for John Di Maggio as Sideways. Thanks to v1p3rS for the link.


  1. I know it isnt wise or nice to advertise other peoples blogs but scorp here has provided a few screenshots he made.

    I wonder who will play The Fallen in the film :)

    The Fallen admires Optimus primes work :P

  2. If you look at Scorpios pix

    This one in particular with the fallen, you can see the pyramid in the background if you look to the right of his right knee cap, facing us, probably another spoiler, and probably one of those cut scenes in the movie of what he was doing on earth

  3. I hope they go a lot farther in the dvd special features because the first one focused a lot on where the idea came from and the journey from cartoon to movie. I hope rotf dvd is all behind the scenes and voice acting and the score , this will be another best buy camp out for me, ugh

  4. new blog with info

  5. One thing i cant figure though is what are all those metal things surrounding the fallen. They look like Megatrons fingers or spears.

    Also if the leaked plot we read is true doesnt that mean that the Fallen could return with his master in the third film O o

  6. Revenge of the Fallen is a real action game has become, at the beginning of the game choose a side - the Autobots or the Decepticons - and then you can using the various locations from the film via location-based missions to play. The gameplay remains somewhat constant in the game. The missions you do are mostly saving people, Decepticons / Autobots or destroy a kind of time bound by race portals doing. Yet it is not time for me to bore you often display similar missions play. The game is just action packed and you live to the moments that you get a boss fight before you get to choose. I do not really give away anything, but the fight against Devastator in Cairo has made it very cool. See the video here -


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